Could This Be Every American’s Dream Job?

It’s not the usual job people would apply for, but earlier this week, casino review site BonusFinder launched a contest/job opening to find an “MLB Professional Food Tester”.

人们通常不会申请这份工作,但是本周早些时候,赌场评论网站BonusFinder发出了竞赛/职位空缺,寻找“ MLB专业美食测评家”。


The successful candidate will be paid $500 to taste hot dogs and watch baseball games at MLB stadiums across the USA, it will also include a budget for food and travel.



Let’s not forget it’s still a job! The tester will have to review hot dogs at each stadium based on a number of factors, including presentation, flavour, quality of ingredients, sauces, toppings, and value for money.



Photo by Jessica Loaiza via Unsplash

As well as other foods served at the stadium like burgers, ice cream, candy and pumpkin pie, they will also have to review the games and stadium atmosphere.



Photo by Joshua Peacock via Unsplash

The contest page is looking for “baseball and hot dog superfans” who are 21 or older, and we’re under the assumption that it’s only open to American citizens.


If you just can’t make it back to the USA then fear not, although Sherpa’s isn’t currently looking for food testers or offering $500 to eat hot dogs, we can still satisfy your cravings with home delivery!


Have a nice weekend!


Find Out the Winners of Sherpa’s 2021 Pizza Fest Battle!

The Pizza Fest Votes Are In!


The votes have been counted, and the results are in! It was a fierce battle with plenty of spilled tomato sauce, blasts of heat from the pizza ovens, and lots of fantastic pizza pie, but the flour has settled, and the people have spoken!

In total, 9,724 unique users cast a vote!



Are you ready to find out the winners of Sherpa’s 2021 Pizza Fest battle?

Here we go!

1. Best Pepperoni Pizza: New York Style Pizza  纽约风味匹萨  1,174 votes

Pepperoni Pizza is the best-selling pizza in the entire world, making this a top honor! Congrats to New York Style Pizza.

2. Best Margherita Pizza:  Il Milione Italian Restaurant 苏马意大利餐厅  929 votes

Of course, an Italian restaurant must take home the gold for the category. Margherita pizza is the quintessential Italian pizza pie with cheese, tomato sauce, and basil representing the flag of Italy.

3. Best Vegetarian Pizza: Veggie Bar 兔蔬馆  1,312 votes

Who woulda thought that an eatery specializing in vegetarian options would win The Best Vegetarian Pizza? If you’re looking for a slice of the good life sans meat, you know where to go!

4. Most Creative Pizza: The Camel Sports Bar & Gastro Pub 骆驼酒吧  1,260 votes

Chef Hardeep has always driven himself to craft innovative and creative gourmet dishes. Congrats to him and The Camel for winning Most Creative Pizza!

5. Most Authentic Italian Pizza: Mammamia  1,371 votes

Something would definitely be wrong in the world if an Italian restaurant didn’t win most Authentic Italian Pizza! A big round of applause for Mammamia!

6. Best Dine-in Pizza Restaurant: Mammamia  1,054 votes
Wow. Mammamia did a fantastic job in this year’s Pizza Fest awards! With two medals in Shanghai and two right here in Suzhou, Mammamia won the most prizes of any restaurant this year.

7. Best Delivery Pizza Restaurant: Il Milione Italian Restaurant 苏马意大利餐厅  1,095 votes

Way to go, Il Milione! They’ve been crowned the best delivery pizza restaurant. When you’re craving a great pizza on the couch, hit up Sherpa’s and Il Milione.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this year’s Pizza Fest!


We love hearing from you and finding out what your favourite pizzas are. We had a blast, and we’re looking forward to doing it again next year.


Ciao, for now!


Are You Ready for Sherpa’s Brew? Craft Beer Coming Soon!

We’ve got some exciting news for all you craft beer aficionados out there! Not content to merely deliver craft and import beer from our Beverage Store and tasty craft options from our partner restaurants like Great Leap Brewing, Boxing Cat Brewery, and Slow Boat Brewery, we’ve decided to team up with an American contract brewery to set up very own production site in China and brew a line up of Chinese-themed beers.


Introducing – Sherpa’s Brew!



We’re planning to highlight natural Chinese ingredients and flavours to complement the hops, malt, and yeast of beer. Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming core lineup.


Osmanthus Lager



Also known as fragrant olive, osmanthus fragrans is a smallish tree or shrub with an absolutely amazing smelling flower. This Asian native plant is the city flower of Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Guilin. It’s popular to use the white, pale yellow, and yellow flowers for tea infusions, so we figured why not a beer? The sweet flower notes will go great over a light lager base.


If you’d like to try a similiar beer before our brew is ready, we highly recommend Master Gao’s Baby Osmanthus Pale Ale from Nanjing.



Longjing Pale Ale



It’s hard to find an ingredient that screams ‘China’ more than tea. Longjing or ‘Dragon Well’ Tea is a pan-roast green tea grown around Hangzhou. It’s mostly harvested and processed by hand and is renowned for its super high quality. We were inspired to create this brew by our love of great tea. What would be better to combine the great flavours of tea with the nice buzz of beer? Sounds like a win-win to us.


If you’d like a preview, we recommend checking out Great Leap Brewing’s Silver Needle White Ale – a delicious beer made with another kind of killer tea.



Sichuan Chili Peppercorn Hotpot Stout



Ok, ok, enough of the flowers and tea leaves. It’s time to give things a little kick! Chili beers pack a punch and have gained a cult-like following with some American craft beer fans. However, we all know the true masters of heat come from Sichuan. That’s why we’re combining the intense flavours of ‘ma’ and ‘la’ along with a roasty chocolate and malt stout base. We’re even bringing in a hotpot master for consulation to get all the spices just right. It’s all the flavour of hotpot inside a bottle.


Our friends over at Jing-A Brewing have made a similiar-style brew but with a different twist – smoked chili from Guizhou. Definitely try it out for a preview of our soon-to-be fiery beer.



Peking Duck Sauce Porter



Yum. There’s nothing like the sweet, savoury, and ridiculously rich flavours of Peking duck sauce. Made from soybean paste, garlic, chili, spices, sugar, and vinegar, it’s the perfect pairing for tender duck. We took inspiration to make a brew from these ingredients based on many a fond memory of eating away an evening in a lovely local Beijing hutong restaurant. We hope to be able to simmer down and reduce this beer so that we can use it as our very own roast duck sauce.


As far as we can tell, no other brewery in the world has made a beer quite like this – you’ll have to wait for Sherpa’s Brew to try!


CTM Barleywine



Feeling a little under the weather? Our CTM Barleywine will pack a one-two punch that will have you feeling right as rain and a little bit tipsy. This very strong and intense beer style features some of the highest alcohol percentages of any style along with prominent bitter, boozy, sweet, and fruity notes. Take a powerful base like that and combine it with a freshly ground potent Chinese Traditional Medicine mix including schizandra, kudzu, astragalus, and ginkgo biloba, and you’re in for lots of fun and a super strong Qi.


Again, we’re going to be pioneers on the cutting edge here. You’ll just have to wait to try a brew as crazy as this.


Sweet & Sour Pork Pils



Mmmm. This might be our most ambitious idea yet! We’re going to distill all the goodness from sweet & sour pork, including the tangy sauce, sweet peppers, fruity pineapple, and aromatic pork, all into a bottle of pure goodness. This one won’t be filtered – so you can look forward to savouring on little bits of chewy pork while sipping your brew. It’s like a built in bar snack. How awesome is that?


Are you guys looking forward to the launch of Sherpa’s Brew? Leave some of your own Chinese ingredient themed beer ideas in the comments below.


We predict you’ll be able to try the first bottles of Sherpa’s Brew by APRIL FOOLS 2022.