#Episode 2 Incredible Sherpa: The Mountain Guides.

During this year’s May Day holiday, #Mount Everest is still congested at 2am# topped the trending list. Although the description may be exaggerated, the long queues of climbers waiting to ascend Mount Everest have still gathered curiosity and emotions among the public.


This year marks the 70th anniversary of the first human ascent of Mount Everest, and it has been 20 years since Chinese mountaineers began climbing the mountain. May is the start of the annual climbing season for Mount Everest, and an increasing number of people are attempting to climb the mountain every year. This endeavor is not only a physical fitness challenge, it’s also become an industry.
At the beginning of the mountaineering season, Sherpa porters start to go to Everest Base Camp at an altitude of 5,300 meters to deliver supplies for climbers. At the same time, they clean up the gravel and ice on the platform of the base camp before the arrival of customers, so as to facilitate the construction of camps and tents.



In addition, Sherpas have to be responsible for everything climbers need – including building toilets and shelters for eating.


After the client reaches the base camp, the Sherpas will take the client for about 20 days of adaptive training, and also pave the way to the summit.‍


Sherpas are renowned for their ability to carry huge loads on behalf of Western climbing teams.
Paving the road before climbing to the summit is not an easy task – it’s more like a battle squad in a war. Paving the road involves solving dangers for the main force in advance, building bridges when encountering pits, laying safety ropes, and looking for all risks in advance.


Sherpa, shown after scaling Everest for the 23rd time, completed a record 24th climb.
Next, let’s look at the conditions of each section. This mountaineer can climb up to 2 times during their stay, while the Sherpa may have to do the same ascent 20-30 times. 



On the summit of Mount Everest, the Sherpas have sacrificed so much, but why should they bear it?


Most Sherpas have no other livelihood activities, and mountaineering is the most profitable activity in the region. At the same time, mountaineering is also an important part of Nepal’s economy. Mountaineering companies hope to charge guests who want to climb to the top $100,000, while Sherpa guides only earn $5,000 for a two-month expedition, but this is already a remote area and that payment is ten times the average annual salary. Many Sherpas who climbed the mountain said: “I climbed the mountain so that my children would not have to climb the mountain in the future.” It is great to climb the peak bravely for the sake of dreams, but its more noble to live it with all your might.


However, the New York Times cited data from the Himalayan Database showing that from 1905 to the spring of 2022, 315 climbers died on Mount Everest, nearly one-third of whom were Sherpas. They need to be recognized for their heroic work and sacrifices. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

但是《纽约时报》援引Himalayan Database的数据显示,从 1905 年到 2022 年春季有315名攀登者葬身珠峰,其中近三分之一是夏尔巴协作。获得同等的荣誉。同样是攀登珠峰。让我们不得不佩服。

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Globally Inspired Burgers 世界各地令人振奋的汉堡

Take a beef patty, slap on some lettuce and cheese, and you’re done, right?



Via giphy 图片来自giphy

Not so fast.



Via giphy 图片来自giphy

Thanks to our increasingly connected, globalized world, we’ve got a wonderful selection of flavours and ingredients from around the world to put on our burgers now.


Say it with us, ‘No more boring burgers!’ Let’s check out some of these awesome flavours from around the world.


Korean Kimchi Burger



Via bhg 图片来自bhg

There’s no better way to spice up a burger than with spicy kimchi. This fiery hot fermented Korean cabbage not only adds a wonderful kick, but the crunchy kimchi also imparts a nice textural flair.


French Foie Gras Burger



Via dartagnan 图片来自dartagnan

The word ‘gourmet’ comes from French. Why did the English language adopt a French word to describe food of high quality and people who like said good food? Cuz the French frickin’ invented the concept of culinary awesomeness. Give your burger a touch of haute cuisine with some foie gras – if you’re balling, add some on black truffles for the perfect final touch.


Chinese Roujiamo Burger



Via thewoksoflife 图片来自thewoksoflife

Oh snap. The Chinese already have their own burger! Whoa, it could possibly date back to the year 200BC, which predates the earliest known mention that historians have found for hamburgers in the Western world by nearly 2000 years. Bam, the Chinese actually invented burgers. Now excuse us while we go buy one of these awesome spiced minced pork morsels of joy.


Indian Aloo Tikka Burger

印度Aloo Tikka汉堡


Via Julia Gartland @ pinterest 图片来自pinterest

Well to start things off, the cow is sacred in India and beef isn’t very common on the menu. In order to localize and adapt to the country, McDonalds launched with a series of Indian-style vegetarian burgers. They featured an ‘aloo tikka’ patty made of boiled potatoes and peas seasoned with garlic, spices, and ginger and served it with a variety of chutneys.

好吧,开始吧, 牛在印度是神圣的,所以牛肉在菜单上并不常见。为了本地化和适应这个国家,麦当劳推出了一系列印度风格的素食汉堡。他们以煮烂的土豆和豌豆做的“aloo tikka”饼为特色,配以大蒜、香料和生姜,配上各种辣椒酱。

How about our readers? Do you have any interesting takes on the humble burger? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out all the great deals we’re running right now for our special Sherpa’s burger fest!



Thanks to our love of burgers, we celebrate these wonderful foods with promotions and polls! Plus many of our partner restaurants are helping you wash those beefy burgers down with deals on good beer. Cheers!



To find a list of deals in your city just open the Sherpa’s App and tap the deals icon, for all our other events going on during Burger Fest just click the banner on the homepage of the Sherpa’s App!

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Also, we’d love to hear from you. What are your favourite burgers? Let us know in the comments below. 



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Join us in celebrating the humble burger this May & June. Enjoy!

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Incredible Sherpas: The Great Mountain Guides-Himalayan Heros


Recently, we‘’ve heard so many people talking and dreaming about summiting Mount Everest. While many people are applauding the heroes who climbed to the top of the mountain, how many people know about the Sherpas who silently paved the way with their lives? 



-The Sherpa people, whose name in Tibetan means “people from the east,” live on both sides of the Himalayan Mountains, but primarily in Nepal, with a minority scattered throughout China, India, and Bhutan. Their language is Sherpa, but they also use Tibetan script.


#Who is Sherpa?


Nowadays, Sherpa has two meanings. One refers to the ethnic group, and the other specifically refers to the Sherpa people who work for mountaineering teams in high-altitude climbing in the Himalayan region. 
In 1953, New Zealand climber Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay climbed Mount Everest, standing on top of the world for the first time in human history. Later, more and more climbers came to Nepal to climb Mount Everest and hired local people to transport supplies. They discovered that Sherpa people were not only very strong and polite but also very reliable. Since then, they have been willing to hire Sherpas as companions every time they climb Mount Everest. “I think that’s the moment when Sherpa people became Sherpas. It can be said that it was Mount Everest that made the world know about Sherpas. 
Sherpas have unique physical qualities, amazing lung capacity, and have achieved three “mosts”: the most successful summit of Mount Everest, the most number of anaerobic ascents, and also the most number of casualties on the mountain. It can be said that without Sherpa people, there would be no climbing of Mount Everest.
Nowadays, many Sherpa people make a living by helping explorers and wealthy people fulfill their dreams of climbing Mount Everest. Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, with an altitude of 8,844.43 meters, is known as a sacred place in the hearts of countless people and the pursuit of many explorers. However, according to data, the ones constantly breaking records of reaching the summit of Mt. Everest are not explorers, but rather Sherpa people. 
The fastest person to reach the summit of Mount Everest was a Sherpa, taking only 8 hours and 10 minutes, while a professional climber needs three to four days for the same route. The person who has reached the summit of Mount Everest the most times is also a Sherpa, aged 52, who has summited 26 times.
In the eyes of Sherpas, Mount Everest is not a challenge but rather a job. They are the true conquerors of Mount Everest. Understanding the climbing patterns and routes of commercial mountaineering teams can give more insight into the collaborative role of Sherpa people in them. Please look forward to the next story, which will focus on the collaborative role of Sherpas in commercial mountaineering teams!




27 Awesome Upcoming Events in Shanghai


Mterials Below From That’s Shanghai

Ladies Rock: Lady Gaga Taylor Swift & Pink @ The Pearl


A night of Ladies Rock with Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Pink, with doors at 9pm and the show starting at 9.30pm.
Click the poster above to get your tickets now
Thu June 1, 6pm doors, 8.30pm show; RMB120 presale.
The Pearl 471 Zhapu Lu, by Wujin Lu 乍浦路471号, 近武进路.


Avril Lavigne & Ladies Rock @ The Pearl


Avril Lavigne & Ladies Rock, featuring the music of Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morrisette, Joan Jett, Pink, No Doubt, Evanescence, the Cranberries and the late, great Tina Turner!
Click the poster above to get your tickets now
Fri June 2, 9pm doors, 9.30pm shows; RMB150 presale.
The Pearl 471 Zhapu Lu, by Wujin Lu 乍浦路471号, 近武进路.Image

Friday & Saturday

Art for Hearts @ Shanghai Centre


The first annual Art for Hearts art show was held in 2018. That show and each of the subsequent shows called for all types of artists (emerging/established/domestic/foreign) to donate their artwork to exhibit and sell for a great cause – heart surgeries for Chinese children who were born with congenital heart disease and their family can’t afford the surgery.
The 2023 Art for Hearts show will exhibit similar artists, with 100% of the proceeds going towards providing heart surgery; in the past, the Art for Hearts art shows raised enough money for 46 Chinese children to have heart surgery.  
The Art for Hearts art shows are gala events with drinks (wine, beer and soft) and snacks donated by companies who support the effort.
As with the previous two events, the 2023 show will be held in the spectacular 4th floor Shanghai Centre atrium which is donated for the show’s use. There is no charge to get into the show and all are invited.  
During the 2023 Art for Hearts show, the hope is to raise funds to help more children. Please do head along, see the amazing artwork and purchase a piece to help sponsor more children for heart surgery.
Fri June 2, 7-10pm & Sat June 3, 10am-6pm; Free.
Shanghai Centre1376 Nanjing Xi Li, by Xikang Lu 南京西路1376号上海商城, 近西康路.

The Grand Hotel @ The Pearl


The Dark Circus / La Lune team is back at The Pearl with some new original shows. The once-famous Grand Hotel, now a shadow of its former self, has a reputation for changing people’s behavior and revealing unpredictable sides to their personalities. The guests who arrive with the hope of a peaceful weekend are in for a surprise…
Click the poster above to get your tickets now
Fri & Sat June 2 & 3, 6pm doors, 7-8.45pm show; RMB200 presale.
The Pearl 471 Zhapu Lu, by Wujin Lu 乍浦路471号, 近武进路.

La Dolce Vita @ La Suite


Celebrate the anniversary of the Italian Republic this weekend at La Suite. The night promises tons of fun, great music and cocktails!
Free entry, drinks and canapes before 11pm, so make sure you arrive on time. RMB100 after 11pm, which includes one drink.
Fri & Sat June 2 & 3, 9.30pm-Late; Free before 11pm, RMB100 after, includes one drink.
La Suite1111 Wuding Lu, by Yanping Lu 武定路1111号, 近延平路.Image


TEC 助福 | Seeds of Compassion: Children’s Day Blessing Luncheon @  AZUL Italiano


In commemoration of Children’s Day, The Expatriate Center (TEC), supported by Shanghai Yicai Flying Foundation BLESS Foundation, invites you to the Seeds of Compassion: Children’s Day Blessing charity luncheon.
Join them for a day of fun with Children’s Character Workshop, TEC WǒMén Decluttering Workshop and an AZUL italiano’s buffet lunch while supporting education in the rural provinces of Pu’er and other parts of China. Let’s make a difference together!
Sat June 3, 10am-2pm; RMB100-200.
AZUL Italiano (North Bund)588 Dongchangzhi Lu, Sinar Mars Plaza, 3/F, L3-A-01-03 虹口区东长治路588号白玉兰广场3楼L3-A-01-03.

Brunch & Raffles for Rescues @ Abbey Road


Abbey Road hosts a dog-friendly brunch and lucky draws for Second Chance Animal Aid rescues. 
RSVP to get a free event raffle for pet insurance. Last chance to enter SCAA anniversary Bali villa stay drawn at brunch. First 20 RSVP get a drink ticket. 
Sat June 3, 11am-2pm.
Abbey Road3 Taojiang Lu, by Fenyang Lu 桃江路3号, 近汾阳路.Image

Bark, Brews & BBQ @ Bubba’s Food Co.


Head on down to Bubba’s Food Co. Saturday afternoon for more dog-based fun, and maybe even adopt a furry friend of your own.
Sat, June 3, 1-5pm
Bubba’s Food Co.808 Shaanxi Bei Lu, Bld 18, #103 陕西北路808号陕康里18幢103室.

Matthias Meyer – Bellagio 5th Anniversary Rooftop Celebration @ Bellagio by MGM Shanghai


On the Saturday, celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Bellagio by MGM Shanghai!
Get ready to soak up the sun and dance to the rhythm of the music with a spectacular view of the Shanghai skyline as your backdrop until the shining night.
For the city’s most exclusive rooftop party experience, Space Panda invites a well-known house music artist from Europe that needs no big introduction for true music lovers: Matthias Meyer – DJ, Producer and Watergate / Liebe*Detail key artist from Berlin.
For table booking and more info, please contact WeChat ID: Emilboo.
Sat June 3, 3-10pm, RMB158 presale, RMB188 on the door, includes one drink.
Bellagio by MGM Shanghai188 Bei Suzhou Lu, by Zhapu Lu 北苏州路188号, 近乍浦路.

After Dark – Space Panda Bellagio After Party @ Playground


Playground hopes to promote youth community culture and promote inclusiveness, creativity, fashion, and anti consumerism.
Encouraging people to express themselves, identify with themselves, and grow together. They will bring high-quality DJs and free music to create the best sound field and play atmosphere in China.
For more info please contact WeChat ID: Emilboo.
Sat June 3, 9pm-Late; free entry with Space Panda bracelet from Bellagio rooftop party (see above) otherwise RMB100.
Playground6/F, INS, 109 Yandang Road 雁荡路109号.Image

Dream of Californication: A Tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers @ The Pearl


A tribute to the band that combined funk and punk rock to create a new musical style!
Plus the music of Green Day, The Offspring, Blink-182 and more.
Click the poster above to get your tickets now
Sat June 3, 9pm; RMB180 presale.
The Pearl 471 Zhapu Lu, by Wujin Lu 乍浦路471号, 近武进路.Image

Pulsar Rave @ La Barra


Head along to La Barra for Pulsar Rave, an unforgettable night of non-stop dancing and mind-bending music. A thrilling and immersive experience with techno and minimal from DJs Roni and Tom William that can transport you to a futuristic and otherworldly realm of sound and motion.
Scan the QR on the poster above for tickets, or add LaBarraShanghai on WeChat for VIP Table booking.
Sat June 3, 10pm-Late; RMB120 presale, includes three drinks; RMB150 on the door, includes one drink.
La BarraBldg 5, Lane 273 Jiaozhou Lu, by Xinzha Lu 胶州路273弄60号5幢2楼,近新闸路.Image

GALLiVANTER x MET @ The Shanghai Edition 


GALLiVANTER Burning Man DJ landing in Shanghai. Echo from Agartha, Ondalinda, Fabric London – the hottest festival performances. And rumor has it he played for Pasha, Google Founders private parties…..
GALLiVANTER has an infectious energy that will make you dance all night like a festival. MET House warming party at Edition Hotel Club Room, in this art deco luxurious members club space, expect a great house party vibe.
Sat June 3, from 10pm-2.30am; RMB88-148.
Club Room The Shanghai EDITION5/F, 199 Nanjing Dong Lu, by Jiangxi Zhong Lu 南京东路199号, 近江西中路.

Let’s Dance @ Yugo Bar & Grill


The Saturday night party at Yugo Bar is Let’s Dance: Latin beats all the way with DJ Deepsy. Party starts at 10.30pm, with drink deals until midnight: house pours, wine and prosecco all RMB120 for three.
Sat June 3, 10.30pm-Late; Free Entry.
Yugo Bar & Grill365 Kangding Lu, by Shaanxi Bei Lu 康定路365号,近陕西北路.Image

Saturday & Sunday

Maker Faire Shanghai 2023 @ The Central


Maker Faire Shanghai is the city’s biggest family-friendly festival of invention and creativity, celebrating science, technology, engineering, arts, crafts & the do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit.
An immersive festival for the whole family, it offers unlimited fun and opportunities to take part in interactive workshops and DIY activities covering topics such as 3D printing, robotics, science experiments, AR/VR/AI, drones, hands-on activities like wood-working, pottery and many more…
To make the event even more fun this year, they have added exciting science shows, fun entertainment and a food market.
READ MORE: Maker Faire Shanghai is Back and It’s Gonna Be Epic!
Sat & Sun Jun 3 & 4, 10am-6pm; Adults RMB80, Kids RMB70.
The Central123-139 Nanjing Dong Lu, by Sichuan Zhong Lu 南京东路123-139号, 近四川中路.

LatinLand Summer Festival @ Laowaijie


Are you ready for a weekend full of Latin American culture, food, and entertainment?
Look no further than the LatinLand Festival in Shanghai, the biggest Latin American festival in the city. This family-friendly and pet-friendly event is sure to be a hit for everyone.
Food and beverage vendors will be on hand, offering authentic Latin American cuisine and refreshing beverages. Crafts and service vendors will also be present, showcasing unique items and services.
But the real highlight of the festival is the full entertainment lineup. The best Latin American DJs in China will be spinning tunes all day, while a live band from South America will perform for the crowds.
A Mega Zumba class will get everyone moving, and Samba shows from Brazil will bring the carnival spirit to Shanghai. Mexican and Colombian folklore dance will also be featured, highlighting the diverse cultures of Latin America.
For the little ones, there is a dedicated kids area with clowns and a big bouncy castle. Parents can relax and enjoy the festival while their children have a blast!
Sat & Sun June 3 & 4, 2-8pm.
Laowaijie3338 Hongmei Lu 虹梅路3338弄.

MET Garden Festival – Chef & Music @ Portman Ritz Carlton


Event organizers MET have put together a line-up of eight chefs and 11 musicians and DJs for a weekend of food and music at Terrace 8, Portman Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai.
The stellar chef lineup include Hardeep Somal (KLAY), Juan Campos (RAW, Sakaba Malabar), Eduardo Vargas (Azul Group), Issac Ye & Sergio Moreno (La Siesta), Vivian Chang (Miss Green, Carrot & Cleaver), Victor Vieira (Tomatito), Lucky Lasagna (Bambino) and Kamil Jiang (So Mezze).
GALLiVANTER is the superstar on the decks, while there will be live performances of bass by Giulio Perinello and violin by Skylove.
READ MORE: MET Garden Food & Music Festival This Weekend!


Sat June 3, 12-9.30pm, Sun June 4, 12-8pm; RMB118-700.
The Portman Ritz-Carlton, ShanghaiShanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Li, by Xikang Lu 南京西路1376号上海商城, 近西康路.


Beacon of Love Children’s Day Charity Fun Fair @ Grand Millennium Shanghai Hongqiao


A day dedicated to children, with a cause – healthy children helping children needing medical help. Set in the garden pavilion of the Grand Millennium Shanghai Hongqiao, Beacon Of Love organizes a children’s day charity fun fair to promote awareness on children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease to receive heart surgeries.  
Since 2002, as volunteers of Shanghai Children’s Health Foundation, Beacon Of Love raises awareness on the plight of children with Congenital Heart Disease, and, helping in the financing of heart surgeries for hundreds of children with medical needs across China. So far, 536 children and families benefitted and have a happier future.
June 4, 11am-5pm; Free Admission; Kiddie DIY Dessert Corner RMB68/class; Children’s Workshops RMB99/class; Lunch Buffet RMB188/adult ; RMB98/kid.
Grand Millennium Shanghai Hongqiao2588 Yan’an Xi Lu, by Gubei Lu 延安西路2588号, 近古北路.Image

Balinese Chicken ‘Betutu’ Brunch @ Gin & Juice


Back by popular demand, Chef Ivanne will be serving all things chicken this Sunday, with a Balinese Chicken ‘Betutu’ Brunch at Gin & Juice this Sunday. Free flow packages will be available, and a special Balinese Frangipani flower hair clip for ladies!
Sun June 4, 11.30am-4.30pm; RMB118/platter.
Gin & Juice358 Kangding Lu, Bldg 3, Unit 106, by Shaanxi Bei Lu 康定路358号3幢106室.Image

Yuko Jazz Duo @ Cotton’s


Head along to Cotton’s, where you can take in the Yuko Jazz Duo, and also have brunch in the beautiful villa garden; enjoy three hours beer free flow for RMB168, or go classy with wine, Aperol or sparkling for RMB268.
Sun June 4, brunch 11am-4pm, Music 1-4pm; Free Entry.
Cotton’s Xinhua Lu294 Xinhua Lu, by Panyu Lu 新华路294 号, 近番禺路.


MKW Championship Supercard @ Mao Livehouse


The MKW Championship Supercard from Shanghai premium live event will feature a stellar lineup of eight pro wrestling matches, including seven official championship matches that add a must-win element to every match on the card.
MKW has been the premier pro wrestling organization in China since 2015, and are excited to showcase exactly why this is still true at this event.
Don’t miss your chance to join the Chinese pro wrestling revolution and get your tickets now for MKW Championship Supercard from Shanghai by scanning the QR on the poster above!
Tue June 6, from 7pm; RMB198.
Mao Livehouse3F, 308 Chongqing Nan Lu, by Jianguo Zhong Lu 重庆南路308号3楼, 近建国中路.

We Love Geography Quiz @ El Santo


This weeks’ themed quiz at El Santo is a We Love Geography Quiz. Entry is absolutely free, and there will be great prizes on offer.
If all that excitement is not enough for you, it is Taco Tuesday, with tacos – and Corona, and house wine, and frozen margaritas – all just RMB20!
The quiz starts at 7pm and is done by about 9.30pm, so everyone can all be fresh for work the next day.
These ones fill up fast though, so scan the QR on the poster above to reserve a spot.
Tue June 6, 7pm; Free.
El SantoB/1, Found 158, 158 Julu Lu, by Ruijin Yi Lu 巨鹿路158号B1层, 近瑞金一路.

Movie Night: 2046 @ Yugo Bar & Grill


Tuesday is Shishah & Movie Night at Yugo Grill, with premium imported tobacco available in three strengths, as well as buy-one-get-one on highballs and selected cocktails.
This week’s film is Wong Kar Wai’s 2046, starting at 8pm.
Tue Apr 6, from 8pm.
Yugo Bar & Grill365 Kangding Lu, by Shaanxi Bei Lu 康定路365号,近陕西北路.

Looking Ahead

June 8-11: Shanghai Affordable Art Fair @ Shanghai Exhibition Centre


27 Awesome Upcoming Events in Shanghai

London originated brand Affordable Art Fair has finally come to Shanghai, after successfully opening in 10 art cities around the world, including London, New York, Amsterdam.
Expect 47 domestic and overseas galleries bringing a wide variety of art. There will also be inspiring special projects with young and established artists, talks, and guided tours to sign up to.
READ MORE: WIN! Affordable Art Fair Lands in Shanghai for 1st Time!
The fair aims to allow more people to discover the joy of collecting art at affordable prices!
  • Collector Preview: June 8, 2-8pm
  • VIP Preview: June 9, 12-8pm
  • Public Viewing: June 10, 12-8pm
  • Public Viewing: June 11, 12-6pm
Collector Preview 4-Days Pass RMB200; VIP Preview 3-Days Pass RMB150; Public Day Single Day Pass RMB100; Early Bird Public Day Single Day Pass RMB85.
June 8-11; RMB85-200.
Shanghai Exhibition Center1000 Yan’an Zhong Lu, by Tongren Lu 延安中路1000号, 近铜仁路.Image

June 18: My Dear Father: Soprana Linxiao Zhang’s Ode to Father’s Day @ Shanghai Symphony Hall


If “Music is the Science of the Soul,” as Yo-Yo Ma once said, then vocal music should be the most direct way of performing music that can strike the heart.
Linxiao Zhang, a young Soprano and the leading vocal artist of this concert, will bring us an ‘Ode to Father’s Day,’ touching the heart of attendees with her wonderful voice.
Click the poster above to get your tickets now
Sun, June 18, 7.15pm; RMB89-989.
Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall1380 Fuxing Zhong Lu, by Baoqing Lu 复兴中路1380号, 近宝庆路.