Want to be a Sherpa’s Restaurant Taste Tester? 想成为食派士的试吃员吗?

Do you like to eat? Can you tell the difference between Tajine and Teppanyaki?


tanner pasta small

 Come eat food for us! We’re looking for 4 knowledgeable Restaurant Taste Testers in Shanghai (2 in Puxi and 2 in Pudong) to help us improve our delivery offerings by separating the wheat from the chaff. No salary will be provided for this, but restaurant and transportation costs will be covered.


get in my belly

 Please send an email to marketing@sherpa.com.cn answering the following four questions.

  •        Where do you live in Shanghai?
  • What three cuisines are you most familiar with?
  • What are your favourite three restaurants in town?
  • What are your top three favourite dishes of all time?


  • 你在上海住哪里?
  • 你最熟悉哪三大菜系?
  • 你最喜欢市区里哪三家餐厅?
  • 一直以来你最喜欢的三个菜是什么?


We prefer candidates who are familiar with the food scene in town, have a good command of English, and who can clearly articulate their findings. Ideally, the taste tester has a keen interest in food and doesn’t have any allergies.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you!




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burger phone

iPhone X or Food? Your Call.

Wowza! The recent unveiling of the iPhone X was shocking in many ways, including the hefty starting price of 8,388rmb in China.

surprise small

How much?!?

As much as we’d like that gorgeous phone to take pictures of everything we eat, we got to thinking of just how much food we could eat instead of upgrading.

Gracie’s Ice Cream: 93.2 pints of Ice Cream


You could load up your freezer with almost enough gourmet ice cream to last you a pint a week for 2 years.

PizzaMarzano: 65.5 13-Inch Roman Pizzas

pizza marzano

Not just any ole’ pizza, you could score 65.5 of PizzaMarzano’s most expensive Roman Pizzas. Black Truffle or La Regina Pizza, anyone?

Blue Frog: 71.1 Mile High Burgers

blue frog

These massive burgers feature two beef patties, bacon, cheddar, and spicy mayo. That’s 142 beef patties you could chow down on instead of just 1 iPhone.

El Luchador: 209.7 Tacos al Pastor

al pastor

Dios Mio! You could go to Mexico or just stay right here in town and devour tons of Mexican food, 209.7 juicy Tacos al Pastor to be exact.

Lotus Land: 466 Plain Nan

lotus land

We love Indian food, but we’re always running out of Nan Bread to soak up all that glorious curry sauce. With 466 pieces of soft and tender bread, we can probably make it at least 1 whole week without beckoning over the fuwuyuan.

elEfante Happy Restaurant: 23 Premium Wagyu Beef Tenderloins


Treat yourself or, more specifically, treat yourself and 22 friends to a Wagyu Steak feast on the gorgeous outdoor patio at elEfante. Having the love and adoration of close friends is better than staring at a screen, alone, in your room.

Sherpa’s: 60.8 6-Packs of Goose Island IPA

goose island

That’s a whopping 364.8 bottles of great American craft beer. Andre the Giant once drank 119 beers in a 6 hour period. If he maintained that pace, he could finish them in about 18 hours. But we imagine you’d probably drink them, you know, like a normal person. We once heard that a 6-pack a day keeps the doctor away.

So what’s it gonna be? A feast for the ages or munching on street food fried rice alongside your shiny new phone?

tough small

Although, we think we know which one Arya Stark is going for…

arya phone


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blue jeans

Top 8 Strangest Things Banned Around The World

Sure, go ahead… Block all VPNs, forbid us from using Pokemon Go, and prohibit Brad Pitt from entering the country… But please leave our cheese alone!

As you’ve probably heard by now, China has banned the importation of certain types of cheese products such as Camembert, Brie, Roquefort, blue cheese, and goat’s cheese. Needless to say that we’re devastated by the news and would like to extend our sincere condolences to cheese lovers all over the country.

But as much as we’d like to rant and express our profound bewilderment over the government’s ruling, we’ve instead been inspired by this bizarre decision to go on the lookout for similar crazy bans around the world. Here are our top 8!

1) West Dorset – Slapping Someone with a Dead Eel


We’re not implying that people should be allowed to slap each other with dead eels, but surely some things go without saying, right? It turns out “conger cuddling”, in which teams stand on wooden blocks and take turns to knock their opponents off by swinging a 1.5m dead eel on a rope at them, had been a favoured old tradition in West Dorset for decades.

It was banned in 2006 after an animal rights activist lodged a complaint claiming the sport was disrespectful to dead animals.

 2) North Korea – Blue Jeans

blue jeans

Ah, good old North Korea… They really don’t like us now do they? As if executing people who watch South Korean TV or listen to Western music wasn’t bonkers enough, North Korea has also banned blue jeans! Why? Well, because they symbolize American imperialism apparently.

 3) Somalia – Samosas


 When we first heard that samosas were banned in Somalia, we couldn’t help but think that it had something to do with their name. Perhaps samosa means something else in Somalia we thought. Well, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Samosas are banned in Somalia because an extremist Islamic group by the name of Al-Shabaab deemed that the three sides of a samosa may remind people of the Christian Holy Trinity. For real!

 4) Burundi – Jogging


Forbidding people from accessing certain products or resources is one thing, but telling people how they can and cannot exercise is something else entirely. Jogging groups have been banned from Burundi’s capital since 2014 because the president believes opposition parties are using them as an excuse to organize uprisings.

Paranoid much?

 5) China – Brokeback Mountain


 No surprises here then. Seeing as depicting gay relationships on TV is forbidden in China, Brokeback Mountain was banned from cinemas. Since then, China has gone on to release new regulations banning the display of what they call “abnormal sexual behaviours” on the internet.

But hey, before you start thinking that things couldn’t possibly get worse, try to imagine that The Simpsons movie was banned in Burma for containing too much yellow and red.

 6) NSA – Furbies


This has to be our favourite. Quite simply because furbies are awesome and if this ban hadn’t been implemented, they could’ve gone on to dominate the world. Why Netflix haven’t yet decided to turn this story into a show is beyond us.

Rumour has it that the U.S National Security Agency once banned Furbies because it feared they could pose a threat to national security. That’s right, furbies are terrorists! Nah, just kidding. Basically they were just afraid that furbies would potentially listen in on classified conversations and could be taught to spy. If only.

 7) Romania – Scrabble


While we’re not too sure if the ban is still in place, scrabble was banned in Romania during the 1980’s by the president of the time, Nicolae Ceausescu, for being “overly intellectual” and a “subversive evil”. Sounds like something a certain American oompa-loompa might do.

 8) Biritiba-Mirim (São Paulo) – Dying


No, you didn’t read that incorrectly and we’re not high on nutmeg. The mayor of this Brazilian municipality filed a public bill in 2005 to make it ILLEGAL for the people living in the town to die. But wait, that’s not all! He also said he planned on targeting relatives of people who die with fines and even jail if necessary to get more space for tombstones. Similar bans have been implemented in France, Spain, and Japan.

 So, you see, it’s not all that bad! While we’re also having a hard time coming to terms with China’s stance on cheese imports, we can’t help but feel lucky for having the right to gobble up samosas while watching The Simpsons in blue jeans.

 Enjoy your weekend!


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Thai Food: More than just Pad Thai & Green Curry!泰国美食不仅是炒粉和绿咖喱

When most people talk about Thai food, the first things that come to their minds are usually either Pad Thai or Thai Green Curry. But did you know that Thai people don’t actually limit themselves to those two dishes?


Let’s find out what other dishes Thais like to eat with this selection of Thailand’s top 8 dishes, as selected by our Thai editor.


 pad krapow

1.     Pad Kaprow

Supposedly the most ordered dish in Thailand, Thai people like to enjoy Pad Kaprow whenever and wherever, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


The kind of dish that Thais will typically order when they don’t know what to choose, Pad Kaprow can be made with various types of meat (pork, chicken, beef, or seafood) and is particularly yummy when topped with fried egg!


thai omelette

 2.      Thai Omelette

Granted, an omelette might not sound all that exotic at first but don’t knock it before you try it, you’ll be in for a surprise. Thai people use traditional cooking techniques that make their omelette golden and crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside.


You can also order Thai Omelette with meat, seafood, and vegetables, but don’t forget to top it all off with a lashing of Sriracha Chili Sauce or Prik Nam Pla!

Som Tum

你也可以在泰式煎蛋卷上面加上肉,海鲜和蔬菜,但是不要忘了放上拉差辣椒酱或Prik Nam Pla!

 3.      Som Tum (Papaya Salad)

One of Thai people’s all-time favourite dishes, especially in the North-Eastern part of the country, Som Tum is a flavourful salad that’s refreshing and low in calories! The ideal dish if you’re looking to lose weight, Som Tum can also be served with sticky rice and deep fried or grilled chicken.


Tom Yum Soup

 4.      Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup, also referred to as Thai hot and sour soup, is a traditional dish made with shrimp. Its name, “Tom Yum”, actually derives from two Thai words: Tom, which refers to the boiling process, and Yum, meaning spicy salad. That makes sense seeing as how Tom Yum Soup is seasoned to embody the taste of spicy salad.


Apart from prawns, Thais also like Tom Yum with pork, mushroom, and chicken (as well as chicken feet) and like most Thai dishes, Tom Yum Soup is usually served with steamed rice.


 Moo Ping

5.     Moo Ping

Moo Ping or Grilled Pork Skewer is a popular type of street food in Thailand and can be found pretty much everywhere you go. Street vendors usually marinate their pork skewers overnight with soy sauce, sugar, garlic, black pepper, coriander root, and sometimes fresh milk to make sure that their pork skewers are aromatic, juicy, and tasty.

Moo Ping或烤猪排串是泰国流行的街头食品,可以在各处找到。街头摊贩通常用酱油,糖,大蒜,黑胡椒,香菜根,有时是新鲜的牛奶将他们的猪排腌制过夜,以确保他们的猪肉串是芳香的,多汁的和美味的。

Thai people usually eat Moo Ping with sticky rice and it is one of the country’s most popular choices for breakfast.

泰国人通常用糯米搭配Moo Ping,是全国最受欢迎的早餐选择之一。

Guay Tiew

 6.     Guay Tiew Nam

Guay Tiew Nam or Thai Style Noodle-Soup was initially invented in the southern part of China and the words “Guay Tiew” are actually taken from Fujian dialect (“guǒtiáo” or 粿条).

Guay Tiew Nam或泰式面汤最初是在中国南部发明的,“Guay Tiew”一词实际上是从福建方言(“guǒtiáo”或“粿条”)中获得的。

When it comes to Thais, Guay Tiew covers all types of noodles, from vermicelli noodles to glass noodles, and everything in between.

当它传到泰国后,Guay Tiew涵盖了各种面条,从面粉到粉丝,以及其间的一切。

Guay Tiew Nam comes in many different broths, such as clear broth, Tom Yum, dark or even curry broth, and with many toppings including meat or seafood.

Guay Tiew Nam有许多不同的汤,如清汤,冬阴功汤,甚至是黑咖喱汤,以及许多浇头,包括肉类或海鲜。

Kanom Chin

 7.     Kanom Chin

Kanom Chin is a dish of thin, fresh rice noodles that originated from the Mon people who inhabited the region which is now central Thailand. Thai people normally eat Kanom Chin with different types of sauces and toppings, depending on the region they live in.

Kanom Chin是一种细细的米粉,起源于孟族,他们之前占领的地区是现在泰国的中心。泰国人民吃Kanom Chin时喜欢搭配不同类型的酱汁和配料,这取决于他们所在的地区。

For example, people from Central Thailand tend to enjoy Kanom Chin with green curry and fresh vegetables while Southerners prefer to get it with sweet chili sauce and Thai fish cakes.


Noodles are also very similar to Yunnan’s 米线.



 8.     Namprik

Namprik or Chili Paste can be dated back to the 16th Century when Thai people preferred to eat seafood over all other types of meat. Namprik was created to enrich the taste and cover the unpleasant smell of fish.


Like Guay Tiew Nam or Kanum Chin, Namprik comes in many forms and colours depending on the cooking techniques used, but all of them have the same 3 core ingredients: chili, garlic, and shallots.

像Guay Tiew Nam或Kanum Chin一样,Namprik有很多形式和颜色,取决于所用的烹饪技术,但都具有相同的3个核心成分:辣椒,大蒜和青葱。

Thai people usually eat Namprik with steamed rice, fresh vegetables and sometimes meat. Naprik can also be used to cook other Thai dishes such as Namprik Fried Rice or different types of soup e.g. Tom Yum Soup.

泰国人通常用蒸米饭,新鲜蔬菜,有时是肉搭配吃Namprik。 Naprik也可以用来烹饪其他泰国菜肴,如Namprik Fried Rice或不同类型的汤,例如冬阴功汤。

Which one of these dishes would you most like to try? Any others you believe deserve a mention?



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