All Scooter Riders Require Helmets from June 1

Gone are the reckless days of weaving in and out of traffic with the wind blowing through your luscious hair. Starting from June 1, new traffic policy will require all electric scooter riders in China to wear a helmet.



Although motorcyclists are already required to wear helmets in China, e-bike riders haven’t had the same policy applied.


If you’re en e-bike rider, then you’re probably aware of the tighter scooter regulations that have been taking place in the past few years. Which already includes stricter traffic laws and proper registration and licensing for e-bikes.

With news blowing in the wind, helmet prices are expected to soar and have already increased over 100% since April. So, you might want to get on Taobao today and order your scooter helmet.


Although there is no national standard for electric scooter helmet safety; and you’d likely get away with wearing a horse riding helmet – we highly recommend that you buy a heavy duty helmet from a registered or reputable outlet.



A Special Date For 520


wǒ ài nǐ

5.20, May the 20th. For most of us it’s just another “normal” day, but for others, especially in China (and especially for those in a loving relationship) it holds a lot of meaning. 520 is a Chinese love word and a celebration of love, much like Valentine’s day.


But why 5.20?

The answer is simple. The pronunciation of the numbers in the date May the 20th (5.20) in Mandarin is 五二零 (wǔ èr líng), which sounds quite similar to我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ). In case your Chinese level is HSK -1, wǒ ài nǐ translates to ‘I Love You’ in English.


Perhaps not quite the mythical Chinese love story you were hoping for, but who needs a romantic story to celebrate love, eh? All you need is three magic numbers and a special date planned!

Wait! You do have a special date planned, don’t you?!



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Happy 520!




【中】低至4折! 和THE CUT一起叩响春天

食派士 – 不止是外卖



cutcn1 cutcn2 cutcn3





cutcn4 cutcn5 cutcn6 cutcn7 cutcn8 cutcn9

打卡过THE CUT了吗?在美丽露台感受法兰西式浪漫!


Winning Wednesday: ¥100 Off Your Next Sherpa’s Order 食派士100元优惠券

It’s another Wednesday, which means another giveaway! Once again we’re helping you beat this extreme heat with 100RMB off your next Sherpa’s delivery. So, stay cool and comfortable at home and let us deliver your favourite restaurant to you! we are giving away a 100RMB coupon to three lucky winners that can be used with your next Sherpa’s order!



 Image via Unsplash

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Competition Details 竞赛细则

  • Ends this Friday at 6 PM
  • 本期活动截止至本周五下午6点
  • Winners will be contacted before 6 PM on Monday
  • 我们将于下周一下午6点前通知获奖者
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