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How often should adults get a physical examination? It’s a common question and one that many people cringe to think about. Most believe it’s important to get an annual physical. The problem is that part of them actually do. Some of this is a result of people being unsure as to how often they should get a physical examination. 

If you tend to see your doctor only when you’re sick, you may be shortchanging your health. Annual wellness visits can help spot potential problems before they get serious. Plus, it’s important to keep track of key measurements over time.



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What should people of different age groups check additionally? Check it out here.


Aged 20-30

You begin to concern about body mass index(BMI), defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height. It is universally expressed in units of kg/m2.

It indicates that you are overweight if the result is over 24, and obese if the result is greater than 28. People who are obese, stressed or busy at social engagements should check their blood pressure, blood sugar and blood fat routinely.



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Women should have gynecological checkup every year, including cervical cancer screening that entails pap smear and HPV tests. Pap smear should be done every three years at least. As for the HPV test, if the initial test result shows negative, women who have had sexual intercourse are recommended to do it three to five years later.


Aged 30-40

You will have a successful career at this stage. But you may experience health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood fat, fatty liver because of overeating and a lack of exercise. 

Paying more attention to your blood pressure and blood sugar.



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Men are advised to do prostate exam every one or two years after the age of 35. Meanwhile women need to pay additional attention to their breasts.

If there is a history of cancers in your family, you need to be on guard against nodules and tumors and do health screening early. 

Take gastroenteric tumor for example, if you are in high-risk group or there is a family medical history, you should have reexamination three to five years after the first exam which shows no anabrosis and tumour in your stomach and no polyps in the large intestine. However, if there are anabrosis or polyps, you should check annually.


Aged 40-50

Bone mineral density(BMD) and heart and cerebral vessels should be the first priority at this stage, especially for the post-menopausal women who tend to have high risk of osteoporosis. Thus, BMD should be a routine physical examination.



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People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease should do ECG, carotid artery ultrasound, coronary arteriography, etc.. Those who do not have such diseases are recommended to do carotid artery ultrasound after 45 and those who have high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat should undergoing carotid artery ultrasound  when they are 40.

Cancer begin to emerge at this period. Women should concern about their breasts and gynecopathy. And men should watch out gastrointestinal issues as they have more social engagements than women, which brings damage to intestines and stomach.


Aged 50-60

Focusing more on brain, heart, intestine and stomach. People with heart and cerebral vessels diseases should consider doing echocardiography.



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If there is tumor, block or bleeding, you should have spiral CT or MRI every two or three years.

Being alert to atrophic gastritis, intestinal polyp, chronic gastric ulcer because they might develop into cancers. Paying more attention to hepatic and renal function as well.

If you do or have smoked, get an ultrasound to screen for abdominal aortic aneurysms.


Aged over 60

People with high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood fat are liable to have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, so they need to go through coronary artery CT, brain CT, etc..



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Male should undergoing prostate ultrasound and PSA test especially.

Women, in addition to the examinations for cervix, uterine adnexa, mammary gland and bone mineral density, should check thyroid function and do thyroid ultrasound.

Both men and women should pay attention to their eyes and ears to prevent lesions. 



About US:

Renai hospital is the first private hospital, established in Shanghai in 2001. Renai pioneered the introduction of personalized care to healthcare service sector. In an era when quality health care services had been in inaccessible for most, Renai hospital made revolutionary changes that guaranteed the access to quality health service for every income group in Shanghai.


Health Hotline: (8621) 5489 3781

Address: No.127, Caoxi Rd. Xuhui District. Shanghai 


For business please contact


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It’s another Wednesday,

which means another giveaway!

If you are one of the countless people who work hard to stay fit and eat healthy and are plagued by fatty deposits in your midsection, a new solution is at hand.

After much researching, DVA Boutique Spa is finally introducing the latest technology in body shaping that the market has to offer.

Just a single truSculpt 3D treatment can help you finally achieve the defined, trim, athletic look you envision.

Developed by Cutera, truSculpt 3D uses radio frequency to decrease waist circumference and reduce fat, without the need for invasive surgery or liposuction.

dva2 dva3 dva4

The system is FDA-approved for cosmetic body sculpting, this groundbreaking fat reduction system has become one of the most popular methods by which members can reduce fatty deposits at the waist and lower back.

Advantages of the system include the speed with which treatment is performed, no recovery time, and the impressive reduction of fat – along with skin tightening – that can be achieved in a single appointment.

It works by heating fat cells using monopolar radiofrequency until they die off and can be naturally eliminated by your body.

dva5 dva6 dva7 dva8   

The benefits of this innovative treatment include:

• Most members require only one treatment to achieve the slimming effect.

• The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical.

• There is no downtime, and no side effects other than a slight tenderness in the area treated.

• truSculpt 3D is safe for all skin types.

• Hard-to-reach fatty deposits can be targeted and treated with ease.

• Skin tone and texture is often enhanced as a side benefit of treatment.

• The treatment requires only about one hour to complete.

It is proven an average of 24% fat reduction after just one treatment. Results will be visible right away, with the full impact of the treatment showing by the 12-week mark.

 dva9 dva10 dva11 dva12  

Worried about recovery from liposuction or surgery?

You have nothing to worry about when fatty deposits at the waist and flanks are treated with the truSculpt 3D system. Once your treatment is complete, you are free to return to your usual activities immediately.


Many healthy people struggle with lingering fatty zones at the mid-section of the abdomen. No matter how many crunches you perform or how dedicated you are to regular exercise, it can be almost impossible to achieve a truly trim waist, resolve love handles, or reduce fatty deposits on the lower back.

Candidates for this procedure include:

>> BMI at 30 or lower.

>> Lingering fat at waist or lower back.

>> Treatment is appropriate for any skin type.

>> Your body contour needs to be trimmed at the waist.

>> You do not want liposuction or other invasive fat removal treatment.

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At DVA Boutique Spa, we pride ourselves in being an organic, natural and eco-friendly spa that creates a relaxing atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life stresses.

Whether you are coming in for a personalised deep cleansing facial, a whole-body wellness session for his and her (massage, body sculpting treatment etc.), a wax/laser treatment for personal care, or a manicure to prepare for an evening out, our environmentally friendly products that are vegan, gluten free, and chemical free will have you leaving feeling fresh and rejuvenated.


We have flexible membership and VIP packages to suit all budgets and needs and are able to customise for celebrations and special occasions.

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DVA Boutique Spa (Xuhui Location)

 No. 11 Lane 186 South Shaanxi Road, Xuhui


021 5465 7007


DVA Boutique Spa (Songjiang Location)

No. 812, Lane 900 Sanxin Bei Lu near Haisi Da Jie

三新北路900弄812号, 近海斯大街

021 5761 8678

Customer Service

WECHAT ID: Divalife15618940723

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For business please contact


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It’s another Wednesday,

which means another giveaway! 


About Floatasian– 

 Floating   |  Relaxing  |  Refreshing 

Our bodies have to endure the pressure of Earth´s gravity force every day. In addition, we are constantly bombarded with stimulus – smartphones, computers and tablets, combined with the constant bustle of Shanghai.


Floatasian – ”Float” from the service we provide “Floatation” and “Asian” for where in the world our center is located – simply a play with words. 


Floatasian, is a Floatation center that offers our guests relaxation through floating. Our goal is to create an environment free from distracting sensory stimulations.


Floatation means lying down in a mix of Epsom salt and water. When floating, the body, salt water, and air inside the tank all rest at around 35℃.


Inside the tank your mind will probably go from highly awake (beta brain waves), down to daydreaming (alpha), down to a meditative state (theta) and maybe all the way down to deep sleep (delta brain waves) .

There is no light (if you chose), no sound, just you alone, floating peacefully on your back. Some say it feels like being back in your mother’s womb, others describe it as floating around in space. What most people agree on is that it is very comfortable and relaxing.


Find Us:

Unit A, 2nd Floor, Building 5, 288 Dagu Road, Huangpu District

上海市黄浦区大沽路288号, 大沽庭5号楼2层A室

Call Us:

English: 021-63855189

Chinese: 021-63855188

Lucky Gifts 

3 of free 60 minutes long float session gift cards and you can use it within a year. 


For your chance to win , simply scan the following QR code to visit Sherpa’s official WeChat account and leave a comment telling us what’s your way of dealing with stress and anxiety.  

* More important than the free gifts , your words might be helpful to someone who’s struggling with negative emotions now .


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