raw plus

2018, Thu



For your chance to win: Tell us about an unforgivable brunch faux pas.

Scan the QR Code below to visit our WeChat page and leave your comment on the post. We’ll choose 4 lucky winners on Friday noon to each receive a ¥100 voucher good for dine-in at Raw Plus!

qr code winning wednesday


PS: The voucher can also be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner, but we have a certain affection towards brunch and Raw’s organic poached eggs 🍳

raw plus

Raw Plus, tucked away at 35 Shaanxi Nan Lu, is a fairly new institution in Shanghai’s line-up of healthy eateries. While keeping the prices affordable, Raw uses only the best quality ingredients that are either organic or ecological. And this isn’t just a marketing stunt – the dishes boast flavours that dance in your mouth!

raw plug interior 1

raw plus interior 2

Aside from progressively delish dishes, the menu also  features long time favourites such as; the carefully presented chicken tacos (¥78) a reliable, yet lovely green kale salad (¥68) and seafood pizza ((¥78) that will have you reconsidering your go-to pizza joint.

raw plus pizza

raw plus tacosraw plus salad

This cozy restaurant is an ideal place for brunch, especially when the windows and doors are cracked wide open, allowing the sunlight to spill right in.


Happy Hour

Daily 3:00 – 8:00PM

BOGO on selected wines 🍷

Are you ready to for some weekend indulgence? All you have to do is share some sage brunch wisdom – tell us about an unforgivable brunch faux pas – before 12PM on Friday and you might get to enjoy a lovely meal at Raw Plus. Good luck!

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greenwave logo

2018, Thu



For your chance to win: How do you keep your environment clean and safe?

Head to our WeChat account by scanning the below QR Code to submit your answer.

qr code generator

We’ll be announcing the winner of Greenwave’s ClearFall shower filter (worth ¥998) on Friday afternoon.

greenwave logo

Let’s be honest. If you look past the abundance of cool new restaurants and things to do every week, Shanghai has a fair share of problems that could make living here very stressful. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the environment. “Do I need to wear a mask today?” has become a routine thought in the beginning of each day.

it isn't fair

*Sorry, Beijingers*

We are all aware of the lihai air pollution, but did you know that China’s rapid industrialization and urbanization has also had serious effects on the quality of water? A quick research online points out to problems like high heavy metal concentration in the local water supply that runs through largely outdated pipelines. This results in undrinkable tap water, and there’s a consensus yet to be reached if boiling the H2O makes it okay to consume or not. 

greenwave info

To help put your mind at ease, it’s highly recommended to use filtering systems that ensure the safety of water use. Already celebrating their 8th anniversary, Greenwave is one of the most established companies on the market. Greenwave is also our partner for this week’s Winning Wednesday. Yay!


This third generation shower filter, combing the features of the previous shower filters run by Greenwave, removes chlorine effectively in both cold and hot water, reduces sediments, water rust and part of the metals, and makes water softer for better shower experiences. Showering in the filtered water, your skin and hair will feel so much better. Say bye to brittle hair, itchy skin or red eyes.

pocketful of sunshine

Unlike most common shower filters affecting the water pressure with one spray mode, the new ClearFall is thoughtfully designed. It will not just improve the water quality, but also intensifies the water pressure. With all these features, the product will help bring a more enjoyable experience than any other filter.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Answer the question – how do you keep your environment clean and safe – before Friday to win. Because you deserve better. Good luck!

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move sh

2018, Wed



For your chance to win: What is your favourite post-workout meal?

peanut butter

Leave your answer on our WeChat post by scanning the QR Code below!

qr code generator

Click “Write a comment” at the bottom right-hand corner of this post to submit your answer. The chances are super good this time – we have 25 gym & swim packages up for grabs! Keep your muscles flexed until Friday afternoon when we announce the winners. 加油!

I PRIZE – 5 winners: 2 x 3-trial package (6 workouts in total)

II PRIZE – 15 winners: 3-trial package (3 workouts in total)

move shMove Shanghai is the leading premium fitness membership in Shanghai. By purchasing a monthly subscription, Movemembers can enjoy unlimited access to the best fitness and health venues in the city including 5-star hotels such as InterContinental, exclusive group classes at Z&B Fitness and Space Cycle, or enjoy sports like tennis and squash. A total of 700+ options at 70+ venues are currently included.

To give you a better sense of this platform, Move has recently launched a 3-trial package that sets you back only ¥99.

move trial

How does Move’s 3-trial package work?

You can try 3 premium gyms or studios close to you in Shanghai for only ¥99 (free for our winners, of course)! This time, Move has expanded your access to over 60 gyms and studios in over 5 areas, so you’re sure to find a workout that’s convenient.

Winners, please note: This package gives you access to workouts between March 12 and May 31. You can select your trial classes in the following areas:

package 1

Package 1: Jing’an & Putuo – 26 locations (booking available from March 12),including Golden Gloves, Pilates ProWorks, Z&B Fitness and more.

package 2Package 2: Xuhui & Huangpu – 25 locations (booking available from March 12),including CrossFit BodyInMotion, FeelGood Fitness, LeRoyal Meridien and more.

package 3

Package 3: Pudong – 11 locations (booking available from March 12), including Emperor CrossFit, RESIZE, Running Cat and more.

package 4

Package 4: Zhongshan Park – coming soon (booking available from March 26).

package 5

Package 5: Hongqiao & Gubei – coming soon (booking available from March 26).

Can’t decide which area you want to try? With this deal, you can buy multiple packages for different areas – but remember that you can visit each studio just once.

3 workout

Booking Policies 

·     Use your 3 workouts within 30 days after activation. Last day to use is 2018-05-31.

·     Workouts need to be redeemed at 3 separate studios where you are not a current member.

·     Venues are only available to book if it is a first-time visit through Move Shanghai.

·     All bookings need to be done through Move’s website or APP and are subject to availability.

With so many available activities, how do you know which one to try first? Move Shanghai has a personal Service Consultant available from 9AM-6PM every day to help you decide. Scan the QR code below and then click the “chat客服” button to get immediate service.

qr code

Are you ready to pump with Move and Sherpa’s? All you have to do is submit an answer to our Winning Wednesday question – what is your favourite post-workout meal – before 12PM on Friday and you might be in for 3 amazingly sweaty sessions. Good luck!

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tb emoji

2018, Thu



For your chance to win: What is your go-to late night meal?

Leave a comment by heading to this post on our WeChat account and tap the ‘Write a comment’ button on the bottom right hand corner of the post.


Scan to visit the WeChat post.

We’ll pick two lucky entrants to each receive a ¥88 dine-in meal including a crunchy taco supreme, chicken quesadilla, choice of shrimp avocado burrito or sesame chicken burrito, snack platter, and 2 free refills from Taco Bell.

Needing little introduction for expats from the U.S. and Canada, Taco Bell’s roots stretch all the back to the early 1950s in California, and they’ve been serving up tasty Tex-Mex under the official Taco Bell name since 1962.

tb emoji

They’ve saved countless numbers of people with their late night drive-thrus and affordable, munchie-satisfying treats over the years.


After a brief venture in China from 2003-2008 (any Shanghai expats remember Taco Bell Grande?), Taco Bell relaunched in Shanghai in early 2016 to the delight of homesick expats across the city; and improving on the hometown Ohio Taco Bell of our youths, they now serve up awesome cocktails.

taco bell exterior 1

Whether you’ve never known the earthly pleasures of this great chain or you’ve been ticking off the days since your last bean burrito, you’re in for a treat.

The brand’s fun, tasty, and special DNA is the same, meaning they’re offering great tastes just like back home, but with a beautiful selection of completely new flavours. The entire menu has been revamped and tweaked for a unique (and delicious) China only experience. You can’t get these bad boys back in The States. Don’t miss out on this exclusive feast.

Check out their core ‘Hero Products’ line-up that’s ready to impress your taste buds.

Crunchy Taco Supreme

crunch taco

This glorious, crispy golden taco shell is stuffed with tender beef, diced tomato, crisp lettuce, savoury cheese sauce, yogurt sauce, and fresh tomato salsa. It’s a wonderful blend of flavours that’ll get you jumping for joy.

Shrimp Avocado Burrito

shrimp burrito

Stuffed with jumbo shrimp, fresh guacamole, lettuce, onion, tomato salsa, and tangy wasabi-mayo, this mega burrito is a delight for the senses.

Chicken Quesadilla


This grilled soft flour tortilla is stuffed to perfection with juicy chicken, mozzarella, nacho cheddar sauce, and spicy salsa. The crispy outside juxtaposes perfectly with the gooey, melted interior.

Premium Nachosnachos

One of our favourite Tex-Mex dishes, these crispy golden tortilla chips are topped with fresh guacamole, tomato salsa, nacho cheddar sauce, and sour cream. Yum.

Snack Platter


Can’t decide what to get? No problem! Enjoy all the snacks in this killer 3-in-1 snack platter. The crispy fried chicken, tortilla chips, and and french fries will get your appetite ready to go!

Freeze Cocktails


Put down that Pepsi, Taco Bell is grown up now with a series of signature cocktails including their tequila sunrise, pinky gin, mojito, and green margaritas! Cheers.


No matter if you hit up any of their three great locations…

281 Maoming Bei Lu, Fengsheng Li Complex

600 Handan Lu, Wanda Shopping Complex Wujiaochang

55 Shiji Dadao, Lujiazui



…or just get your meal delivered right to the comforts of your own coach…

seinfeld couch

…you know it’s gonna be good.

Now say it with us.

yo quiero

                                                                                    Good luck!

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