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It’s another Wednesday,

which means another giveaway!





To keep ANY lasting change,

it has to come within you:

for you;

for your health;

for your life ;

for your soul;

that’s when the magic happens.

In ForMe, our mission is to teach how fitness can become a lifestyle when we make these changes because we love ourselves, no matter the size or gender.

The first step is discovering that we would want the change not because we don’t like what we see but for the excitement of how can we improve.

Everyone should feel good when it comes to adapting fitness lifestyle and the fact is what we wear could have impact how we feel. It could help us to start, to continue, to set new goals, to set new challenges. 

We combine this healthy lifestyle with fashion, a product that gives people the courage to start and continue.

FORME product is a reminder of why we start, and why we continue, it’s a reminder that YOU ARE IMPORTANT.


Its not only about how we feel outside but how we feel inside and that’s the name of the brand stands for. We encourage everyone to take a step for themselves, focus on what they want to achieve when it comes to fitness and be able to help others in their journey while looking AMAZING IN FORME ACTIVE WEAR. 

Establishing the unique design, which is combination of elegance and functionality when it comes to Active wear, ForMe is taking fabric to the other level as we believe an active wear not only should feel comfortable during performance and exercise, but it should look fabulous for other daily activities, which means say good-bye to spending too much on cute dress for brunch, you can just wear your ForMe design that we make sure you Love.

 This Wednesday, 

   We’ll give away 2 gifts from FORME, 

 For your chance to win, simply scan the following QR Code to visit Sherpa’s official WeChat account and then leave a comment!


One Gym Bag

forme4 forme5 forme6 forme7

Material: Faux leather

Tote straps, top handles and shoulder straps.

The top handles are ideal for hand or shoulder carry, while a removable strap offers the option of cross-body wear.

LYAN bag comes with 2 pouches, Gray-Ash color and square shape represent the unisex spirit.

Shanghai free shipping

This is THE gym bag that you are looking for. Designed with adjustable handles, slip pockets, front pockets and delicate interior lining so you can easily pack for the day ahead and still leave room for adventure.

Tie-dye wash FORME jumper

forme8 forme9


60% Cotton 

40% Polyester 

Machine Washable

Please note due to the fabric being used, color may transfer and blend.

Shanghai FREE shipping

They create this jumper in a way that it is comfortable yet stylish.

In fabrics so plush and comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re dressed in sweats, but look like you’re dressed to kill.

Due to the unique treatment of this garment, it is typical to see color and shade differences. This is an international feature of the style and no two garments are alike.

Good luck!

Don’t be sad if you are not among the lucky winners. Follow FORME on WeChat  to know more!



For business or sponsorship please contact


wechat: 15901609553

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2020, Wed



Need a new dentist? No need to go far!


For over 20 years now the international team of DDS Dental Care dentists has been a reliable partner to foreign and local Shanghai residents.



DDS Dental Care clinics are conveniently located, family-friendly facilities which offer the full range of dental services. From a first check-up for the little ones up to surgery, implantology, orthodontics or aesthetic dentistry – DDS dentists are the specialists you can rely on. DDS dentists are trained according to American standards.



Dr. William Xu, founder of DDS Dental Care, is specialized in modern computer-aided implantology

Five clinics all over Shanghai meet the latest standards in modern stomatology and guarantee a 7 days per week availability.



Waiting room with children’s corner in DDS Hongqiao Clinic

Three DDS clinics are close to international schools (in Huacao, Hongqiao and Qingpu), the central one is located in Huai Hai Zhong Lu and another one in Pudong.



DDS Huacao Clinic next to SAS American School Puxi


dds6 dds7

For Sherpa’s friends and followers, DDS Dental Care has put together two attractive packages to start into the hopefully more and more “mask-free” summer months with a confident smile.



Each of the two packages contains:

  • one checkup
  • one teeth cleaning
  • fluoride
  • sterilization and material

       (worth 1070RMB)

For your chance to win, scan the QR code to visit Sherpa’s official WeChat account and leave a comment or question about anything connected to dental health. Good luck!


Don’t be sad if you are not among the lucky winners. Follow DDS Dental Care on WeChat and check the “coupon” section, there is another option to obtain first class dental services at a trial price!



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2020, Wed



Wednesday is here again !

We got a surprise giveaway for you this time —— Food tour with Lost Plate (worth 450rmb)

For your chance to win , simply scan the QR code below to visit Sherpa’s official WeChat account, leave a comment there, and tap the “wow” icon .


Lost Plate is a food adventure! Lost Plate’s top-rated food tours get you off the beaten path, away from the tourists, to eat where the locals eat.


Discover small, family-run restaurants that prepare their food like they have for generations on this intimate walking tour through the French Concession.

Enjoy a 10% discount when you book this food tour with us today! Private tours with minimum 2 pax can be accommodated at no additional charge. 


Watch the City’s Best Soup Dumplings Made Fresh Just for Us

➤ Time         

Daily at 6:30PM, Duration 3.5 Hours

➤ Transport  

Approx 2km Walking

➤ Includes

Unlimited Food & Beer/Drinks, Local Guide


Adults: CNY 414, Children 4-15: CNY 324


♨ Off the Beaten Path

 Local Guide

 Family Friendly

♥ Vegetarian Friendly

⚑ Small Groups (2-12 pax)

☑ Free Cancellation


Explore the Hidden, Quiet Streets of the French Concession


✔ Explore local streets & neighborhoods by foot as we try over 10 different dishes while visiting 4 seated, authentic Shanghai restaurants plus a local brewery.

✔ No trip to Shanghai is complete without trying our most famous dish; Soup Dumplings prepared fresh to order at our favorite dumpling shop in town.

✔ Slurp down the city’s most popular noodles in a hidden local shop that’s been serving the same recipe for decades.

✔ Find out why pork belly is best in China at a farm to table restaurant supporting minority groups.

✔ Finish the night at a fun & family-friendly pub for a drink on us.

✔ Plus a lot more surprises!


Try Shanghai’s Famous Noodles Only Found Here


 Stops: 4 sit-down eateries plus a local brewery.

✔ Start LocationJing’an Temple Subway Station (in the FrenchConcession). Full details and directions will be provided by email immediately after booking.

 End Location: Near Changshu Road Subway Station (in the French Concession).

✔ Dietary Requirements & Allergies: This tour is vegetarian friendly, but please note substitutions are not available for every dish. You must notify us of any dietary requirements prior to your tour date, same-day requests cannot be guaranteed.


 Dessert in Southern China Is Nothing Like You’ve Had Before


 Feel free to contact us with any questions or to book a tour. Alldetails and online booking is also available at (click the ‘Read More’ below).

 COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Details

 It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a GREEN CODE in China’s national “Epidemic Prevention and Control Trip Card” (疫情防控行程卡) mobile app to travel domestically and meet requirements such as temperature checks, personal registration, and/or healthapp screening at all local venues.


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2020, Wed



Boomi is an e-commerce platform home to various local purpose driven businesses covering all of your zero-waste needs, information, and services. Our mission is to make zero-waste living simple and to empower people to make a difference everyday. As part of our Boomi Forest Initiative, we are committed to donating 8.8% of our total revenue to planting trees in Inner Mongolia.Boomi是一个提供各种本地目标驱动业务的电子商务平台,我们的使命是让零浪费的生活变得简单,让人们每天都能做出改变。作为Boomi森林倡议计划的一部分,我们承诺将总收入的8.8%用于在内蒙古地区种植绿树。

                                                                           This Wednesday ,  

   We’ll give away 2 gifts from Boomi  

For your chance to win ,

Scan the following QR Code to visit the official Sherpa’s WeChat account and leave a comment about a “sustainable lifestyle”


One Travel kit 

                                                   2x Organic Moso Bamboo Toothbrushes

1x Organic Moso Bamboo Travel Case

1x Shampoo Block (Any Scent)

1x Shampoo Bar Travel Tin

5x Forever Face Wipes

1x Boomi pouch

                                                                         One Bag Set

Made from 100% Organic Cotton

Highly Durable and can be washed in Washing Machine


                                                                               1x Net Bag

2x Small Bulk Bags (25cm x 30cm)

2x Medium Bulk Bags (30cm x 35cm)

2x Small Produce Bags (25cm x 30cm)

2x Medium Produce Bags (30cm x 35cm)

                                                           More info about Boomi
boomi8 boomi9 boomi10 boomi11 boomi12 boomi13 boomi14 boomi15 boomi16

– End –

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