About Sherpa’s

What is Sherpa’s?

Sherpa’s has been serving hungry people in Shanghai since 1999. Our phone operators are fluent in English and are ready to serve you from 10:30 to 22:30, seven days  aweek, 364.5 days a year. Now delivering from hundreds of resturants across four cities in China, Sherpa’s is your experienced, friendly and reliable delivery service!

What is my delivery fee?

Delivery fees now start at 15rmb if the restaurant you are ordering from is within a 3km radius surrounding your location. Each additional km will cost an extra 5rmb.

15rmb delivery fees will take, on average, 45 minutes, with each additional km adding another 5 minutes to your order time. Our website shows you the restaurants closest to you with the cheapest delivery fees: www.sherpas.com.cn or you can call us to request your personalized delivery fee list.

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  1. hi there Mark,
    We use sherpas once a week and are big Japanese eaters but there is only one japanese restaurant for Jin Qiao area, maybe even pudong as far as i can see ie Haiku and their ordering times are restricted and late, not suitable for feeding children. Any chance of getting another one on the menu? Food for thought?

    1. Any recommendations in the area? We have not been impressed in general with the Japanese offerings we have tried around there.
      Have you been to Riyo recently? Any good?

    1. Hi Louise,

      Our team is busy compiling the winners now – we’ll contact the winners via email and post the results right here on our blog.

  2. Hi Jari,

    Yes we can send a fapiao for your delivery. Remember to request one in the comments section of the Order Review page. If it is is for your company, don’t forget the company name.
    Some restaurants cannot send a fapiao with your order and if this is the case, Sherpa’s will provide one the following day.

    1. Ayesha,
      Unfortunately we cannot add Secret Recipe to Sherpa’s. A vast majority of their offerings are desserts and this is not suitable for delivery to our customers at this time.

  3. Hi,
    Today’s the second day the “live chat” on Sherpa’s homepage hasn’t been working. Yesterday I tried many many times during 3-4pm and it always had a “this webpage is unavailable” notice. Same goes for today, tried twice now, with and without VPN still has the same error message. Hope this can be fixed. Thank you

    1. Hi C,

      Can you please tell us what browser you are using and possibly send us a screenshot of the issue? With this info, we can follow up with IT to find the issue and implement a solution. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Asif,

      Unfortunately, our Mo’ Stache Mo’ Cash contest is long over. We are now doing a ‘Play With Your Food’ Contest to win a new Macbook.

  4. Great service and the couriers are always very polite and friendly!!!

    We have been using Sherpa’s Shanghai for over three years now and just want to say thankyou for a great job. !!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Caroline. We’re so happy that you have stayed a loyal customer for so long.

  5. usually very happy. tonight, however, extremely disappointed. Our 3 person meal from bull city steak house was very expensive and very, very cold. Really cold. not even tepid. COLD.
    Expensive. COLD.
    Incredibly disappointed. We will not order from this restaurant again.

    1. We’re very sorry to hear about this, Colin! That sounds like a bad experience. Can you please us tell us your order number and time so we can look into this disappointing delivery?

  6. Hi,
    We are a New Zealand school party of 47 students travelling to Shanghai (from Beijing) on Thursday 21 April. We are wondering how we go about getting pizza delivered to us when we arrive in the evening?