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The Shanghai Meteorological Department’s forecast pointed out that Typhoon In-Fa will inevitably affect the weather in Shanghai in recent days.


Starting from July 23, Shanghai will begin to be affected by typhoon In-Fa, and the wind will tend to increase, accompanied by showers or thunderstorms. This Saturday (July 24), the rain in the Xujiahui area will intensify, and there may be continuous heavy rains until next Tuesday (July 27).


From the morning of July 24, the wind will increase to levels 7-8 inside the city, levels 8-10 along the coastal areas of Shanghai, and levels 11-13 in Yangshan Port (Pudong New Area).


Although the path of Typhoon In-Fais is still uncertain, according to The Central Meteorological Observatory, the impact of wind and rain cannot be underestimated.  Therefore, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai must prepare early and be highly vigilant.


Scan the QR code to monitor the typhoon path in real-time

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Savvy Market

Rescheduled to July 31st & Aug 1st


Yitiao Market

Rescheduled to July 31st & Aug 1st


Jing’an Courtyrad Fest

Rescheduled to July 31st & Aug 1st


Tigerhood Camp

Rescheduled to July 31st & Aug 1st


FC Bayern Football Carnival

Rescheduled to Aug 7th & 8th

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2021, Fri



Record amounts of heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, has overloaded several dams and led local governments to issue flood warnings for several rivers in the city. The flooding has killed 12 people and forced over 100,000 people to flee the area.

The intense rain started on Saturday and lasted through Wednesday night. Approximately 20.2 centimeters of rainfall blasted Zhengzhou in just a single hour on Tuesday afternoon, setting a new national record for hourly rainfall in inland areas. Between 6pm on Saturday and midnight on Wednesday, five weather stations recorded 61.7 cm of rain – nearly the area’s entire annual average.

On Tuesday, floodwater surged into a section of the city’s subway line, trapping commuters in waist-high water. 12 people died in the subway flooding and all subway services have been completely disrupted.

Zhenghou’s flood control headwaters issued a warning that the water storage at the Guojiazui Reservoir was at major risk of dam failure. The water levels of several other dams in the city are also at risk. People in these high-risk areas have been warned and evacuated.

The People’s Liberation Army has sent over 3,000 troops and 80 sets of equipment to help fight the floods and lead rescue efforts in the city.

Other areas in the province were also hit by record-setting downpours. As of 3am on Wednesday, the entire province’s emergency flood response level has been raised to Level 1, the highest. A further 32 dams in the province have also exceeded the flood warning levels. Local authorities have reported that the rainfall had caused a 20-meter breach in the Yihetan Dam and that it could fall apart at any time.

Three major landslides in the Yellow River basin around the city of Gongyi have blocked roads and railways and damaged major highways. Communication, power, and water supplies have been disrupted for over 24 hours.

If you have any friends in Henan at the moment, remember to send them this Rainstorm Hazard Guide and emergency rescue contact list:

If you can’t evacuate, please seek high ground immediately.

Stay far away from billboards, electrical wires, and traffic lights.

Find items that float or flotation devices if possible.

Switch electrical breakers and circuit boxes off if possible.

Avoid low-laying areas and downhill roads and paths.

Don’t go barefooted or wear flimsy sandals.

Only drink bottled water or boiled tap water.

Eat meals with lots of calories and nutrients to help your energy levels.

When communicating with rescuers try to give a clear and concise description of your location.


Please find your city in the rescue list below and try the phone numbers listed in the respective city for help.

In the following order:

郑州市 Zhengzhou

开封市 Kaifeng

洛阳市 Luoyang

平顶山市 Pingdingshan

安阳市 Anyang

鹤壁市 Hebi

新乡市 Xinxiang

焦作市 Jiaozuo

濮阳市 Puyang

许昌市 Xuchang

漯河市 Luohe

南阳市 Nanyang

商丘市 Shangqiu

信阳市 XinyangA

周口市 Zhoukou

驻马店市 Zhumadian

济源示范区 Jiyuanshifan District

Stay safe, Henan! We hope things get better soon.

* Henan before the flood

(Pics via the internet)

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2021, Wed





On July 10th, a high-ranking “Non-human restaurant” opened in Xuhui District -the “Cats and Dogs Club” pet restaurant. “Cats and Dogs Club” is an emerging brand of pet food in China. This restaurant is its first offline fresh food restaurant for pets.



From main dishes to snacks, the restaurant provides dozens of delicious fresh food for pets,dogs and cats to be specific. Chicken breast, beef, salmon, yogurt, egg yolk… are processed into delicious meals, exquisitely presented.

pet3 pet4 pet5

It is also possible to customize exclusive food for pets according to the characteristics of breeds, taboos, allergens, etc. The chef prepares the food on the spot and draws the pet’s name with lactic acid materials.


In order to ensure the dining environment, the restaurant advocates “pets do not land” and provides pet strollers for free.



According to the staff, the restaurant is exclusively for pets, and the appointment has been scheduled until August.

pet8 pet9

Pics via eastday.com

Click for the location 

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2021, Wed



According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, on the morning of July 19, this year’s Typhoon No.6 In-Fa(烟花) intensified into a severe tropical storm, and Typhoon No.7 Cempaka(查帕卡) was also generated, and a “double typhoon dancing” appeared on the ocean surface of the Western Pacific.


The Shanghai Meteorological Department said that due to the impact of typhoon weather, there will be more thunderstorms and winds in Shanghai starting from this Thursday.

In the middle of this week and on weekends, the intensity and path adjustment of the typhoon will affect the wind and precipitation intensity in Shanghai. We will pay close attention to the typhoon and tropical disturbance trends. Please pay attention to the latest weather forecast information.

Weather forecast

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