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Summer Food Recommendation

Whew, its hot out there! The temps have reached 33C and just being outside for a few minutes is making us sweat. All this heat makes us feel like a nice, light, and healthy meal that won’t leave us feeling heavy.

高达33度的温度让我们汗流不止。夏季和轻食绝配!Fresh Bros正是我们需要的。

A meal from Fresh Bros sounds like just the thing we’re craving!


Fresh Bros is designed to bring the most nutritious and delicious bits of nature to you. They provide healthy juices, salads, wraps, and sandwiches made with fresh ingredients. Their juices are made using a 100% cold-press method to extract the maximum amount of vital enzymes and nutrients without adding any additives, water, or preservatives. They press with passion and integrity.

Fresh Bros旨在为您带来营养美味的天然美食,新鲜果汁、沙拉、三明治等都十分美味。其中,果汁采用100%冷榨法,在不添加任何添加剂、防腐剂的情况下提取生命酶和营养。


From now on to end of June, they are providing 15% off on selected items. 


Tuna Salad 金枪鱼减脂沙拉


Chicken Filet & Vegetable Rice Bowl



Pastrami Beef Whole wheat Sandwich



Search “Fresh Bros” in the APP or mini program to order, or just save this poster. 

在app/小程序搜索Fresh Bros,或扫描下方二维码即可查看!用餐愉快。


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2022, Sat



Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, it’s been forever since the last InterNations Diner Event. This will be the 1st time together since Spring Festival! 


Who’s excited?


via giphy

Join us on June 24th from 18:30 to 21:30 at the Renaissance Suzhou for a full dinner buffet with seafood bar, sashimi, grill station, a candy bar, and more!


nations2 nations3

Sherpa’s very own Jerry Zhang will also be there to help with the lucky draw. He’d love to meet you and hear your Sherpa’s feedback and suggestions in person.


Sounds like a good time? Buy your tickets today. We’ll see you there!



Grill Station

Seafood Bar

Candy Bar

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2022, Tue



Craving a night out at the bars?

Missing being surrounded by the crowds?

 Unfortunately, another bout of COVID  has made it impossible to drink or  dance in a bar in Beijing and Shanghai.



So Sherpa’s invites you to join our virtual dance party at 8pm on June 24th.


6月24日 晚上8点准时上线


Put on your most colorful clothes,

Wear your shiniest jewelry,

Put on your quirkiest make-up,


戴上你最bling bling的首饰



Join us for 2-hours of live music,

Shared between SH&BJ,

3 DJs to keep the party going.

2个小时live music  3位DJ轮番上阵

Are you ready for Disco All Night?



Vincent Von Rock


Vincent Von Rock needs no introduction. If you don’t know who he is, you were probably too drunk. Infamous around Beijing as the host with the most, he always gets the crowd cheerful and grooving to his tunes. A frequent special guest at the most fun nightlife venues in town, including Temple Bar, Modernista, QS, and Paddy O’ Sheas, Vincent brings a party vibe that will keep you raising your drink and moving your feet. A Versatile DJ, Vincent adapts to the crowd and mood with an incredible collection of genres in his set, including pop, rock, revival, and all the golden classics to sing along to. Make it a night to remember with Vincent Von Rock!

Vincent Von Rock不需要太多介绍。如果你不知道他是谁,你可能喝醉了。他是Temple Bar, Modernista, QS和Paddy’s的常驻DJ,他可以让任何国籍或性别的人开始跳舞。他是一个多才多艺的DJ,根据他和他的听众们喝了多少酒,他演奏各种类型的音乐。摇滚、流行、复兴和劲歌金曲只是他音乐风格的一小部分。让我们和Vincent Von Rock一起疯狂派对吧!

DJ Sira


Sira is a Beijing girl with a touch of Persian origin. She loves Latin culture, and in order to deeply explore Latin music, she has learned Spanish and Italian for the past few years. She has tried to dance in all kinds of Latin genres in order to appreciate the rhythm and the culture behind it all. She also loves electronic music and can be the most eye-catching dancer on the dance floor, always expressing myself through rhythm. From Latin, Funk, Disco, to House, Hippie Dance, Techno, to Lounge, Jazz, and other musical styles.

With her perception and charming atmosphere, she always brings the good beats and enjoys life and love together.


DJ Jagerzhadan


DJ Jagerzhadan was the regular DJ at First Floor for 10 years and for several years the Saturday night DJ at Cantina Agave’s rooftop. He’s now the Saturday resident DJ at QS. He also DJ’d at Reddog, Temple, Arrow Factory, Parlor, Long Jing and The Bar. Depending on the party, he rotates between genres throughout the night: ‘80s, ‘90s alt and pop, classic rock, Latino, r&b, new pop, disco, dance house and dance. 

DJ Jagerzhadan在壹楼DJ长达十年,他也Cantina Agave的露台周六驻场过几年。现在,他是QS周六的驻场DJ,在红狗,Temple, 箭厂,Parlor, Long Jing以及The Bar都可以见到他的身影。根据派对的不同,他也会根据相应的氛围和风格进行行云流水的切换:从80、90风到流行,从经典摇滚到拉丁舞曲,从灵魂乐到新流行,还有迪斯科,dance house和各种热门舞曲。

There will also be an online 

trivia Q&A.

We have 10 prizes ready for the winners.

线上Trivia 问答



For lucky draw and more information about the event, please scan the code to join our virtual party WeChat group.

关注Lucky draw及更多活动信息

请扫码加入Virtual party 微信群


To spice things up a bit, Sherpa’s is offering coupons for alcohol and beverages for this virtual dance party. 

Scan the code to get a 50RMB  

new user coupon!




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2022, Sat



Wine for Free!


Shanghai is once again being hit by various pandemic related restrictions and hassles, causing everyone to be anxious and on edge. 


Sherpa’s is coming to the rescue! 


via giphy

Until the end of the month, Sherpa’s is giving away free bottles of wine!

每天食派士都会随机发放免费酒水券!幸运降临时我们会通过短信的方式通知,优惠券2天内有效,仅限The Bottle Shop使用哦!

Every day Sherpa’s will randomly choose some customers nearby one of our alcohol storage locations and give them a free bottle of wine! We will send an SMS message to the lucky winners each day to notify them of their awesome prize. They will then receive a voucher that’s valid for two days in the Sherpa’s App. Simply place an order for wine from The Bottle Shop by Sherpa’s, use the coupon, and your booze will be free – you just have to pay the delivery fee. 


Louis Blanc de Blancs Brut



▪Martini Prosecco



▪Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc



Over 10 kinds of wine you might get! 

Good luck!


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For business please contact

mail: katy@sherpa.com.cn

Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou: Food Delivery & E-Commerce Service

Other Cities: E-Commerce Service

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