2020, Sat




Qingming Festival is already a somber time for remembrance of lost loved ones, but this year is especially significant as many in China and abroad have lost their lives to the global coronavirus pandemic.


National flags will be flown at half-mast across China and in consulates and embassies around the world for the day (April 4th). Join in at 10am as people in China observe three minutes of silence to mourn all the lives lost in the ongoing battle against COVID-19. While the people are silent, battle cries from air raid sirens, vehicle horns, trains, and ships will sound in defiance of the virus.


Keep in mind all those who are effected by the coronavirus while you destress and find a moment of peace over the three-day weekend.

Stay safe.

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2020, Fri




At 10 a.m. on January 23, Wuhan went into lockdown. This was done to stop a deadly virus from spreading further across the nation. It was one day before Chinese New Year’s Eve, a major travel day for people planning to return home for the holidays. This documentary is dedicated to all those who’ve been battling tirelessly against the COVID-19 virus in order to keep the epidemic at bay. Their efforts in safeguarding humanity from the virus will always be remembered.


It’s really taking a toll on everyone in the world, but few are as hard hit as those fearless heros working in the medical field. Doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and researchers are all at the frontlines of the war against this dastardly disease.



“We are under the same sky, we are all brothers and sisters.”



“Salute to those living heroes.”



“Humans are trying to save lives of humans.”



“The virus is our enemy.”


We salute you all.
Thank you!


Check the entire documentary out at CGTN or via Youtube.



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2020, Thu



MUTE Garage Shanghai will provide 3 scooters for two-week free using to Sherpa’s users. For your chance to winsimply leave a comment below and tap the ‘Wow’ icon. We’ll randomly choose three lucky winners on Monday!

In the past few days, it has reached a peak for people coming back to Shanghai for work. The streets are clogged with traffic and the metro is packed again as usual.



It is highly suggested that we try to avoid big crowds to prevent any further spreading. This is both for your own sake and others‘ wellbeing. However, we find it inevitable to come across crowds when going out or commuting somewhere. For example, most of us taking subway or other public transportation go to work.



By riding a scooter, you can travel and commute easily in the city. It not only reduces the risk of being infected when taking the subway, but also brings more convenience when going to work or going to the supermarket for groceries.

Now, we provide a discount of a reduction of the 100rmb membership fee for followers of Mutant Club. How to get the discount and more information? Please scan the QR code below, add the contact and send the following code: “Sherpa”.

骑着电动车出行,不仅可以避免上下班不得不乘坐地铁的风险,也方便外出去超市购物和周边公园等。现在,我们为Mutant Club 的用户提供租赁电动车减免100元会员费的优惠!扫描下方二维码,发送 “Sherpa” 立即获取专属优惠!


MUTE Business Description
  • We offer GPS enabled, bikes with removable, lightweight easy to ride, green, theft proof 2 wheeled Electric Vehicles on a subscription program basis.
  • For China our program, customers don’t have to worry about the high costs of new E-Bike, the registration/plate process, the maintenance cost and the possibility of theft.
  • The subscription is a single monthly fee of an average 300RMB or less, with no deposit and no fixed minimum term (Hand it back when you like)
  • Our MUTE membership allows customers to get a bike in other country location, at no extra cost.
  • 我们提供具有全球定位系统、轻巧便移、易于骑行、绿色、防盗的两轮电动车。用户可以通过租赁的方式使用电动车。

  • 对于我们在中国的项目,客户不必担心新电动自行车的高昂成本、登记/车牌流程、维修成本和被盗的可能性。

  • 租赁的单月费用,平均在300元左右,不收取押金,也没有固定的最低期限(想退就退)。

  • 我们的MUTE会员资格允许客户在其他国家租赁自行车,不会收取额外费用。

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2020, Wed



Have you got what it takes to join our orange-clad team of couriers?



We’re looking for people to join the team and became a Sherpa for a day!



Similar to our 2015 Sherpose contest in which we gave away an all expenses paid trip to Nepal, we’re looking to take two lucky winners to the Himalayas for two weeks!


af3 af4

However, instead of exploring and having fun, this time it’s serious. You’ll be undertaking your Sherpa’s courier training.

Did you know that all of our couriers start their Sherpa’s career with a trip to  Everest base camp for a strenuous training program? There’s no better way to prepare yourself for a potential 18-story highrise climb if the elevators fail than by carrying a box of pizza up a mountain at high altitude in a blizzard.



Training begins at 5am with a cup of a coffee. We’re not monsters, c’mon! After a hot cup of java to get the body functioning, all courier cadets will get flexible with an hour long deep yoga stretch class…



…followed up by an hour-long calisthenics program and then meditation. Next up – food.

Lunch consists of a wide variety of cuisines so that the potential couriers can become acquainted with the items they may end up delivering.



After lunch is thoroughly analyzed, the findings are presented, and the food is eaten, courier trainees learn to ride horses. After all, an e-bike is the modern version of a horse, is it not? If you can handle a bucking bronco, you can handle China traffic.



Afterwards we’ll test your balance with crevasse crosses. Don’t look down!



Next up – wilderness survival. Couriers get dropped off on the mountain side with a single bottle of water, a light jacket, a delivery bag, and a piece of flint. Those who can survive the harsh mountain environment, can survive a chilly January night taco delivery.



Those who return to base camp will be rewarded with pizza and yak butter coffee for a much-needed caloric boost. This training continues on for two weeks before survivors head back to Shanghai.


Upon arrival, you will undergo the same rigourous language and mathematics training that all couriers complete. You need to be able to hold a basic conversation in the 38 different languages that represent the wide range of Sherpa’s customers. You will also be expected to use calculus to determine the differential equations for the cooling of pizza at different temperatures and rates of airflow.



Statistical modeling, including multiple and logistical regression, will also be introduced. If you complete this rigorous training, you’ll be qualified to run deliveries in Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou. Congrats!


For your chance to win this awesome honor, all you have to do is write a one page statement of purpose and include a photo of yourself.

Please email your application to:



We can’t wait to see your entries!


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