York Chippy To Open New Branch – in China! 来自约克市的炸鱼薯条店要在中国开业啦!

A chippy that made international headlines last year as a must-visit destination for Chinese tourists could soon be opening in one of the country’s major southern cities.



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Tony Webster, the owner of Scotts Fish & Chips, has agreed a deal in principle with a consortium of Chinese businessmen to open in partnership an “authentic” Scotts in Chengdu, the capital of the southwestern province of Sichuan.

Tony Webster作为ScottsFish & Chips的老板,已经同意遵守中国商人联合会的规定在中国西南部的四川省省会成都市合伙经营一个“正宗的”Scotts品牌。

Since Chinese officials were treated to fish and chips by former British Prime Minister David Cameron in 2015, visiting a chippy is now seen as a must-do for Chinese tourists visiting the country.


Last year, Scotts’ – based on the A64 at Bilborough near York – became the chippy of choice for scores of coach parties passing through Yorkshire.


Tony teamed up with Chinese national Will Zhuang – who manages Chinese social media for Visit York and Leeds City Region – to help promote his venue to Chinese tour groups in China planning UK visits.

Tony和经营“Visit York and Leeds City Region(参观约克和利兹市)”的中国社交媒体的管理人Will Zhuang达成合作——向打算去英国游玩的中国人推荐他的店。


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The marketing strategy they devised saw Scotts launch a Chinese website on Weibo, using the Wechat messaging app because Facebook and Twitter are banned in China, and translate its menu into Mandarin and Cantonese, which can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets via a QR code.


Tony said: “In 2017 we had very few Chinese customers, but thanks to a focused marketing strategy a trickle turned into a flood. Because of this it attracted the attention of the worldwide media.


“The subsequent publicity we received was simply phenomenal and resulted in Scotts becoming a household name both here and abroad.”


He said he was approached by a consortium of Chinese businessmen keen to recreate Scotts in the southern Chinese city of Chengdu, which has a population of 7.5 million people.


“This is an incredibly exciting prospect – one that I could never have imagined 12 months ago.

Later this year, if all goes to plan, Chinese tourists could be tucking into fish and chips at Scotts in North Yorkshire, while at the same time western tourists could be enjoying traditional fish and chips in southern China. What a mouth-watering prospect that would be!”



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Seven Food Myths that Just Aren’t True 七种食物相关的谣言

From veggies helping you to see in the dark to seeds sprouting into a tree inside your stomach, the world is full of weird – and completely untrue – food myths. In honour of those seven years, you categorically won’t have to wait to digest that swallowed gum, here’s seven debunked food myths.



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Gum takes seven years to digest  口香糖需要花七年才能消化

You’re eight years old. You’ve just blown a nice pink bubble with your incredibly artificial strawberry gum. And then it happens – you swallow your gum, and you’re doomed to the gum making an unwanted return when you’re fifteen. Rest easy eight-year-old you, as you won’t have had to live with your gum in your stomach for seven years; it takes just as long to digest as normal food.



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Carrots help you see in the dark 胡萝卜有利于提高夜间视力

They do contain vitamin A which is good for your eyes, however, you won’t develop night-vision by munching on them. The myth is said to have arisen around the time of World War Two, when the British Royal Air Force tried to keep their radar technology secret, by telling people carrots were the pilots’ secret weapon.



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The 5-second rule  5秒规则

We’ve got news for you– those germs and bacteria aren’t patiently waiting for five seconds to pass before they pounce on the food you’ve dropped on the floor. They’ll be on that pizza slice in just a matter of milliseconds, but who are we to judge how clean your floor is?



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Chocolate is an aphrodisiac  巧克力是催情剂

A box of chocolates might always be appreciated by your significant other, but unfortunately, there’s no scientific proof that it will liven either of you up after aromantic dinner.



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Oranges are the best fruit for vitamin C 橙子是最富含维他命C的水果

There’s no doubting that oranges are good for you, but it’s a common misconception that they contain the most vitamin C out of most fruits. Weighing in at 57mg/100g, strawberries actually pack more of a vit-C punch than the 42mg/100g you’ll find in oranges – meaning just seven strawberries are enough for a daily immune system function.



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You’ll burn more calories than you gain when eating celery 吃芹菜时,你获得的卡路里比你燃烧卡路里少

The green sticks are high in fibre and water content and low in calories, but you’d have to chew for a very long time to result in a calorie deficit. Sadly, there aren’t really any negative-calorie foods – but low-calorie veggies are naturally still a great place to start if you are trying to shift some kilograms.



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An apple a day keeps the doctor away 每天一苹果,医生远离我

The clever people at Harvard Medical School beg to differ; apples are packed with health benefits and offer an alternative to processed snacks, but there’s little the humble fruits can do to keep you from regularly visiting the doctor – but there is evidence that regular apple-eaters use fewer prescription medicines than others.



Sherpa’s Voted Delivery App of the Year

We’re absolutely honoured to announce that we won ‘Delivery App of the Year’ at yesterday’s ‘That’s 2019 Lifestyle Awards’ – a big thank you to everyone that voted and extra-special thanks to all of you for your support over the years!


Some of our team attended the awards show in Beijing yesterday, which saw dozens of businesses recognized for their hard work and passion. We were lucky enough to pick up the award, and celebrate with a couple of glasses of wine!

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Spicy Hot Sauce News: Is Sriracha Different? 辣酱新闻:Sriracha有什么不同吗

A close relationship with a single supplier can be a wonderful thing, but if problems arise, it can make for a really sweaty situation. Just ask Huy Fong, the maker of Sriracha hot sauce.



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They’ve made their fiery hot sauce exclusively from red jalapeno peppers…

他们的辣酱完全采用red jalapeno peppers来制作


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…grown at their long-time partner Underwood Ranches. However, there’s been trouble in paradise.



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Huy Fong and Underwood Ranches were battling out a multi-million dollar lawsuit that was just settled in court last week. Both companies claimed that the other company owes them money due to a mess of partly oral, written, and established practice contracts. Yikes.



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The dispute led to Huy Fong suddenly dropping Underwood’s peppers from their signature sauce in 2017. However, they haven’t really notified customers about the switch and secretly started to make their sauce from an unidentified new supplier.


Adding fuel to the fire (or extra capsaicin to the bottle), after suddenly having no income and 1,700 acres to use, Underwood Ranches launched their own lineup of hot sauces made with their signature peppers and attacked Huy Fong with a rather incendiary statement.



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The court system has sided with Underwood, although an appeal is very likely. The damages? The Los Angeles Superior Court awarded Underwood Farms a hot $23.3 million dollars for their financial losses and punitive damages. Ouch.



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Does anyone have some vintage pre-breakup bottles of Sriracha laying around? We’d love to do a side-by-side comparison to see if we can tell the difference.



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