WIN丨Free Beyond Meat Burgers from FATBURGER

Fatburger always promises to serve big, juicy burgers made with fresh, lean beef.

Good news! Vegetarian options are now on the way! The brand new plant-based burger is coming! It’s made from 4oz of Beyond Meat with no extra additives to maintain the taste of veggie delights.

全新Beyond Meat Burger来了,FATBURGER使用4盎司的Beyond Meat煎制而成,在肉饼煎制时不添加其他调味产品,因为添加任何的调味产品对植物肉的口味都是一种破坏。

After frying, the veggie patty is paired with fresh vegetables and sauces, so that you can really taste the charm of plant-based meat!


We want you to try these awesome veggie burgers! We’ve prepared 15 Beyond Meat Burger Sets as freebies!

FATBURGER准备了15份免费Beyond Meat套餐,只要你留言,我们会随机抽取~

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment below!

Lucky winners can redeem their prize at Fatburger’s Ritan Park branch.

Location: Fatburger Ritan Park (West side of Ritan Park north gate)

兑换地点:朝阳区日坛北路6号1F-16 FATBURGER(日坛公园北门西侧)

Please redeem the prize before Dec 31st 2022.


TEL. 18600951872

Even if you’re not a winner, it’s still your lucky day. You can enjoy 16% off the normal price of a Beyond Meat Burger Set Meal. ¥59 will get you a Beyond Meat Burger, small French Fries, and choice of 330ml beverage from today until December 12th, 2021.

从现在开始到12月12日,下单更优惠,只要59元即可获得Beyond Meat汉堡套餐,套餐包括:Beyond Meat汉堡,薯条小食一份,饮料一杯。


To make delicious Beyond Meat burgers at home, we also offer special Beyond Meat patties for only ¥39. Let your inner chef go wild and create brand new vegetarian feasts!

为了让大家也能自己也能在家做出美味的Beyond Meat汉堡,我们还提供特价Beyond Meat 汉堡牛肉饼,2块只需39元,你可以在家制作属于自己的Beyond Meat汉堡。


All of Beyond Meat’s products are designed to meet if not exceed the nutritional profile of its animal protein equivalent. For example, compared to 80/20 minced beef per 113g, Beyond Beef offers:

• A rich source of protein with 20g per 113g serving • 30% less saturated fat• Less total fat• More iron

• No antibiotics, hormones, soy or gluten

Plant-based meat is also far more sustainable to produce. A 2018 peer-reviewed Life Cycle Assessment conducted by the University of Michigan found that producing a Beyond Burger patty vs. a 1⁄4 lb beef burger patty uses:

99% less water

99% less land

90% fewer ghge

46% less energy


Santa Came Early – Merry Christmas With Free Holiday Giveaways!

Christmas time is here once again – and once again, lots of fellow expats won’t be able to fly home to reunite with their families. 

Even though being seperated from loved ones can be tough, let’s all make sure to enjoy the good things in life and spread the Christmas cheer!

Sherpa’s has teamed up with our friends to host a Christmas Free Gift Giveaway  to bring some joy in these trying times! We hope this event will add a little warmth to your Christmas.

gift1 gift2

Founded in 1999, Sherpa’s food delivery was established with a mission to provide bilingual services to hungry expats. Fast-forward to today and Sherpa’s has served more than million customers across Shanghai ,Beijing and Suzhou and is well known for our excellent, friendly service. We pride ourselves on working hard to deliver your favorite restaurants to you. Now you can order food and drinks, book movie tickets, buy groceries,enjoy selected dine-in deals.




ChingHo Medical, a precision medical brand focused on beauty and health, has gathered an elite team of doctors equipped with high-tech medical devices from all over the world. Our brand is dedicated to customizing one-stop health management solutions tailored to each individual patient.


We provide concierge medical services including Medical Cosmetology,Dentistry, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Precise Physical Examination, General Practice, as well as care from a Family Physician.

gift3 gift6


静和医疗(ChingHo Medical)汇集了全球医疗技术和圈层资源,融合生活与健康、艺术与品质,致力打造具备“艺术气质”和“智慧科技”高端医疗品牌的标杆。


Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 20.04.51

Shanghai Donglei Brain Hospital is characterized by “brain specialist diagnosis and treatment” and “whole-life-cycle brain health management”. 

It provides private, full-scale medical care. It includes care for cerebrovascular diseases, brain tumors, functional neurosurgery, neurocritical care, neurorehabilitation, spinal cord and spinal specialty, pain specialty, respiratory medicine, cardiology, and sleep disorders. It has direct billing with multiple international insurance companies, and one of the first pilot institutions of international medical tourism.





EuroEyes International Eye Clinic Group was founded by Dr. med. Jørn S. Jørgensen at Hamburg, Germany, in 1993, specializing in the correction of myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and cataract surgery. 

EuroEyes German heritage defines our commitment to quality, technology and excellence. In 2013, EuroEyes’ clinic came to China , headquartered at Jinmao Tower of Shanghai. All the doctors who perform surgeries in China are from Germany, with  more than 30 years’ experience of ophthalmological surgery.


德视佳眼科EuroEyes力求为您缔造清晰视觉,咨询电话:400-858-5233 To give you a perfect vision, EuroEyes China Hotline : 400-858-5233


gift9 gift10

South and North Mandarin is “one of the most well established Chinese schools” based in Shanghai, offering quality Chinese language and cross-culture training services since 2007. You’ll find great teachers, flexible courses (offline & online, private or group, at school or your places), efficient methods, friendly staff, Student visa supports and wonderful activities! Guaranteed services are trusted by World Top 500 like Emerson, Evonik, Faurecia, FAW-Volkswagen, KOSTAL, Schaeffler etc.


Free Chinese Learning Resources | SNMandarin


MUTE is the urban transport solution for the new millenium. MUTE is a subscription program offering lightweight, easy to ride, green, 2 wheeled Electric Vehicles. MUTE is affordable, starting from 280RMB/month;MUTE is flexible, with no deposit, no fixed contract, no minimum term (hand it back when you like).

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 20.06.47


MUTE makes every ride simple and easy.



Founded in 2010 and operating in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, Greenwave serves clients in over 40 cities in China and have been selected by lrish and Slovenian Embassies, British Council Shanghai, Finland Consulate Shanghai, Nike and other world famous companies under NDA for standard cleaner water or air services. 


Providing water filters, air purifiers, rental and testing services for families, businesses. 为家庭、企业、餐厅等用户提供一站式净水与空气净化服务



  One Free yoga class  

Pudong and Puxi two locations.

You can go to any classes: hatha, flow, ashtanga, hot yoga, back-pain therapy yoga, neck-shoulders therapy yoga, spine therapy

Screen Shot 2021-12-02 at 20.08.07


* Scan for any inquiries

2 prizes : 

Each for 4 draft asahi 

First come first served

* Just show the screenshot of the prize at the bar 


Partner丨What to Expect at German Xmas Market on the Bund 2021



on the Bund 


             德国传统圣诞集市 · 因你而温暖

ckm1 ckm2 ckm3

The German Traditional Christmas Market is only a few days away! To get into the right mood let us introduce you to some of the things you can expect at our market. As typical for a traditional Christkindlmarkt, we will have a wide selection of delicious foods and drinks for you to choose from!


ckm4 ckm5


ckm6 ckm7 ckm8

Besides authentic German sausages by Zeitgeist you will be able to feast on many delicious German dishes, Chilean style Churrascos by La Picá Chilena, Cray-fish hot dogs by RouRou, juicy BBQ Sticks, tasty Tacos by Tacolicious, Burgers by Yugo Grill, Rotisserie chicken by Dodu,  French fries by Royal Patat and much much more!

不仅有Zeitgeist独家现烤香喷喷的正宗德式烤肠,n你将有机会品尝的更多的德国美食,美味的蘑菇奶油锅、La PicáChilena智利风味炸薯条,Rou Rou 的 Cray – fish 热狗,多汁的BBQ烤串,南美风味的塔可饼,Yugo 烧烤汉堡,Dodu 的烤鸡,Royal Patat 家的薯条等更多好吃的等你来探索!

ckm9 ckm10 ckm11 ckm12 ckm13 ckm14 ckm15


ckm16 ckm17 ckm18 ckm19 ckm20



Come visit Santa and his elves at the Christkindlmarkt!


ckm22 ckm23 ckm24 ckm25 ckm26 ckm27 ckm28



For your sweet tooth we have freshly roasted cinnamon almonds by Nussmeister, Papito’s pancakes, delicious cakes from Dutch Pie, Chocolates and German pastries by Bahlsen, ice cream by Mövenpick and much more!


ckm29 ckm30 ckm31 ckm32 ckm33 ckm34




Last but not least let’s not forget all the great craft vendors to get your Christmas presents from! You can choose from beautiful hand-made candles, scents, cashmere scarfs, eco-friendly products, Christmas ornaments and decoration, jewelry, carpets and much more…


ckm36 ckm37 ckm38 ckm39 ckm40 ckm41 ckm42 ckm43 ckm44

See you all at the German Christkindlmarkt!


Date 活动日期:

December 3rd -26th


Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

星期一 & 星期二休息

Weekends 12-10pm, Weekdays 4-10pm

工作日 4-10pm,周末 12-10pm

Address地址:Yuanmingyuan Lu cross Suzhou Nan Lu – near the Bund

苏州南路与圆明园路交叉处 – 外滩源

 Metro地铁:East Nanjing Lu, Line 2, Exit 6




We take Covid very seriously to take care of everyone’s healthy. No one has left China since the Covid crisis began. We also inspect all green health QR codes, customers’ temperatures and ask everyone to disinfect their hands upon entry from outside. Thank you. Stay safe and Healthy.


ckm45 ckm47

Check these two places on your phone right now!

Have you ever ran into apps that auto renew your subscription without asking? 

Recently, a netizen shared his similar experience after he noticed he was charged with several kinds of auto renewal payments when he was checking bills. Some apps use “no entry fee to become a member”, “7 days membership for 1 penny” and other similar tactics to attract clients to register as a member but make it difficult for the consumers to cancel their memberships.

Some consumers were simply thinking it was a monthly membership to watch a TV show or a movie. They never thought they were becoming long term members. Auto renewal 3 days before expiration is against consumers’ free wills and shortens their choice cycle.


These auto renewals has been canceled!

1.Cancel unauthorized auto renewals. Give the right back to the consumers to decide if they want to renew.

2.Text or send popup messages to inform the consumers 3-5 days in advance before auto renewal.

3.Stop using advertisements like “free of commercials after becoming a member”.


Also don’t forget to check these 

two places on your phone right now!☺


Open WeChat  ➡  Click Me  ➡  Pay  ➡  Top Right Icon【···】 ➡  Auto Deduction Service  ➡  Check and choose which auto renewals to close.


Open Alipay  ➡  Click Me   ➡  Top Right Icon【Settings 】 ➡  Payment Settigs  ➡  One-Step Payment/Auto Debit  ➡  Check and choose which auto renewals to close.