2021, Tue



China’s vaccination roll-out is well underway and we’ve seen a successful number of adults being vaccinated, with nearly 80 percent of the adult population in Shanghai already fully vaccinated.

目前疫苗接种进展顺利,已有大量成年人成功接种疫苗,上海近 80% 的成年人口已完全接种疫苗。

Now, parents or legal guardians can apply for their Chinese teenagers (aged 15 to 17) to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The process is similar as for adults and can be done through one of five different platforms:


  • Jiankangyun app (search 健康云 in the app store)
  • WeChat mini program – 健康云Pro
  • Suishenban (WeChat ID ‘SHsuishenban’)
  • Shanghai Fabu (WeChat ID ‘shanghaifabu’)
  • Shanghai CDC (WeChat ID ‘shanghaicdc’)
Once you’ve completed the process on one of the above platforms, you can choose your vaccination site and upon arrival present the QR code that’s generated through the application. You’ll also need to sign a letter of consent and have your child’s Chinese ID with you.


There’s still no confirmed date for when local teenagerss aged 12-14 will be eligible or non-local teenagers of any age but we hope there will be an announcement soon.


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2021, Thu



How to Show Your Travel History

An app/mini-program named 通信行程卡 has been released to present your recent travel itinerary during the epidemic when needed or requested.
Once you click the mini-program below the app will pop-up displaying your registered mobile number and request you to ‘Agree and authorise the app to retrieve your travel information from the past 14 days’.

Check Now


To allow please tick the box and tap the blue button to retrieve your unique code, which will show one of the above symbols (green, amber, or red).


Displaying a green icon (above) means you’re safe, an amber or red icon means you’ve visited a medium or high risk area in the past 14 days, and you may need to report it to your community and self-isolate.

The number of itinerary card queries has increased sharply, bringing increasing pressure on the system. The code system which is used to allow people to enter public sites during the epidemic, started to be unstable on Monday morning.

You can use the service by sending a message – CXMYD – to their operator if you have a Chinese mobile number. Numbers include China Mobile’s 10086, China Unicom’s 10010 and China Telecom’s 10001.

Then you should reply to the message with the last four digits of the certification card to get travel history information.

Please continue to take caution even if you see green and follow local guidelines to help prevent further spread of coronavirus.

Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe!

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2021, Tue



Here we go again. It’s more than halfway through 2021, but we’re still dealing with Covid-19, and there’s no real end in sight.

Locally transmitted new cases:

61 confirmed

Jiangsu: 5 in Nanjing, 40 in Yangzhou

Hunan: 2 in Zhuzhou, 3 in Zhangjiajie, 1 in Xiangtan

Hubei: 3 in Wuhan

Henan: 1 in Shangqiu, 1 in Zhengzhou

Yunnan: 2 in Ruili

Beijing: 1 in Beijing

Shanghai: 1 in Pudong

Fujian: 1 in Xiamen

23 asymptomatic

Henan: 15 in Zhengzhou

Hunan: 1 in Zhangjiajie, 1 in Zhuzhou

Hubei: 5 in Wuhan, 1 in Huanggang

Don’t let down your guard, utilize all the protective measures available to you, and get your vaccine shot to stay safe. That’s the only way we can beat this.

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2021, Fri



The Huangpu River has always been a roadblock for those seeking food delivery, especially for office workers in Lujiazui or denizens of Puxi with great river views. Their favourite restaurants not far away, but just out of reach.


We’re excited to announce that we are now starting cross river deliveries for restaurants within a reasonable distance (sorry, no Century Park to Hongqiao). You can find eligible restaurants on our website and mobile app that are marked with a small orange ferry icon.


Our couriers have to take the ferry to cross the Huangpu so delivery times will be longer than usual and the delivery fee will be higher, but we’re glad to make the trip so you don’t have to!


What’s your first order going to be?


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