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「Healthy 健康」&「Affordable 实惠Chopia, a cozy place with warm atmosphere, is elegant and not lost in style, spreading the feeling of happiness to you from head to toe.


Go enjoy the unique Mexico gastronomy and experience the healthy lifestyle!


DIY – Make Your Own Meal推荐自选搭配

Chopia has crafted several awesome combos to help inspire you to be more creative in making your own meals.乔皮想出了几种搭配方案,希望可以给你一些灵感哟~

1. Anti-Hunger Combo: A beautiful burrito stuffed with your choice of protein, rice, and vegetables. It’s super satisfying and convenient – no need for utensils. Dig in and enjoy!

打工人扛饿搭配 = 卷 X(蛋白+米饭+蔬菜)


chop2 chop3
2. Fitness Protein Explosion Combo: A big bowl loaded with chicken, beef and vegetables. Get recharged with two kinds of protein after a hard workout. You can skip the carbs from the rice if you so desire.健身达人蛋白质爆炸搭配 = 碗 X(鸡肉牛肉双拼+蔬菜)


3. Light Combo: Tasty tacos with chicken, sour cream, and salsa. If you ‘re into light food, you don’t want to miss this combo of sautéed chicken drizzled with creamy smooth sauce. It’s very refreshing and satisfying.轻食爽口搭配 = 塔可 X(鸡肉+灵魂酸奶油+莎莎酱)


chop4 chop5
4. Spicy Food Lover Combo: Choose any combo full of red chili tomato salsa & jalapeños.These hot ingredients elevate any combo to the next level of spiciness – burning your taste buds to a crisp. You don’t want to miss it if you love the heat!

无辣不欢搭配 = 任意搭配+蕃茄红辣椒辣莎莎酱+辣椒圈


chop6 chop7 chop8 chop9
Open ‘Sherpa’s’ app / mini program and search ‘Chopia’ to have a taste of health!chop10 chop11 chop12


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Shang-Chi and his ten rings, Contestant #456 from Squid Game, a giant coronavirus?


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Do you have your Halloween costume and decorations ready?


No need to fret if you don’t! Sherpa’s is delivering haunted Halloween products like costumes, candy, decorations, and accessories from Taobao!

Your order will be shipped within 48 hours. All product names and descriptions are translated from Chinese to English with an AI system. 



Go ahead and get all your Halloween necessities delivered right to your door. Also keep your eyes peeled for deals on spooky spirits and wicked wine. Sherpa’s is your ultimate go-to for a rocking Halloween party!

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2021, Mon



We’re in for a Wet Week Ahead

Batten down the hatches! Cold air from the north is bringing a temperature drop of about 4~6℃ to central-eastern China while light rain will batter southern China and the southeastern region of the country below the Yangtze River.


It looks like this weather pattern is going to stick around for the week. Get ready for some more showers, thunderstorms, and lots of clouds. The low temperatures next weekend are predicted to dip down to 14℃- better make sure you can find that trusted sweater or hoodie!


rain2 rain3
It sounds like it might be a good week to stay dry inside and catch up on the new hit Korean show Squid Game with a tasty delivery from Sherpa’s!


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2021, Fri



The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that China Eastern Airlines will host the 78th IATA Annual General Meeting (AGM) and World Air Transport Summit in Shanghai on 19-21 June 2022.


This will be the third time China will host the global gathering of aviation’s top leaders. The AGM was previously held in Beijing in 2012 and in Shanghai in 2002.

The head of the aviation industry’s main lobbying group has “nudged” China towards reopening its borders, noting the strategic importance of the country’s huge air-travel market to airlines the world over struggling to recover from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Those hopes were underscored by the global industry group’s selection of Shanghai as host city for its June 2022 gathering of industry executives – two decades after it became the first Chinese city to host the annual conference.


Willie Walsh, director general and CEO of the 290-member airline International Air Transport Association (IATA), said he hoped the group’s decision to accept the invite from China Eastern Airlines would gently “nudge” the country into reopening its borders.


“This is a demonstration of how China is a central part of the global aviation system,” Walsh said of the venue selection.


The Chinese mainland remains virtually closed off to non-residents, likewise Hong Kong and Macau.

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