2022, Thu



Even though the lockdowns haven’t been totally lifted yet, we’re starting to get some glimpses of the good life once again!



We’re excited to announce that Sherpa’s is available again in certain areas  across the city that had been shutdown for the past almost two months.



Celebrate with a feast from delicious options like Chez Jojo, Latina Brazilian Steakhouse, Shanghai Brewhouse, DOC Gastronomia Italiana, Melrose Pizza, Taco Bell, and more.

恢复营业的餐厅包括:法国舅舅家小酒馆,拉蒂娜巴西牛排馆,Shanghai Brew House,DOC意大利餐厅,美罗思披萨,塔可贝尔等。

See the Full list 



Open up the Sherpa’s App or Wechat Mini App to see what’s available near you.



The restaurant’s operating time shall be adjusted in real time according to the actual situation.More restaurants will be available day by day – stay tuned for further updates!


*Pics via the internet

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covid chart

2022, Wed



Shanghai reported a 51% drop in new coronavirus infections on Tuesday, with zero cases found in the community — a key metric for the city to end a punishing lockdown that’s snarled global supply chains and left tens of millions of people stuck inside their homes for about six weeks or more.

The city logged 1,487 cases on Tuesday, down from 3,014 on Monday — the biggest drop since the current outbreak began in March. More significantly, Shanghai reported zero cases were found in the community, with all the infections detected among people already in quarantine facilities.

Falling Community Spread in Shanghai

Two more days of zero community cases for restrictions to ease

covid chart

China considers an outbreak contained only when community spread has reached zero, and Shanghai officials have said that three days of no community transmission is required before restrictions can be eased.

Eight of Shanghai’s 16 districts have reached “basically no community spread”, Zhao Dandan, deputy head of the city’s health commission said at a press conference on Wednesday.

Still, it’s uncertain if the city can hit the three-day target. It managed two days with zero community spread at the end of April, only for cases to rebound.

Source: bloomberg.com

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2022, Sat




Customers shop at a Sam’s Club warehouse store at Beicai Town in Pudong New Area


A customer walks past a Sam’s Club warehouse store at Beicai Town in Pudong New Area


Customers check out at a Sam’s Club warehouse store at Beicai Town in Pudong New Area


Customers shop at a Sam’s Club warehouse store at Beicai Town in Pudong New Area


Customers shop at a Sam’s Club warehouse store at Beicai Town in Pudong New Area

*Source from xinhua

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2022, Fri



To prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus, some subway stops in Beijing have been closed starting Wednesday.

Passengers cannot enter or exit subway stations at some stops along Line 1, Line 6, Line 7, Line 10, Line 14, and Line 17, but transfer is still allowed.



The stations will remain closed until further notice.

The city closed more than 40 subway stations, about 10 per cent of the total, and 158 bus routes on Wednesday, according to operators. Most of the suspended stations and services are in the Chaoyang district, where most infections were found.

Residents in Beijing’s medium and high-risk areas, as well as those in lockdown and controlled zones, should not leave the city in order to prevent virus transmission, city authorities said on Tuesday.

beijing subwa

The same policy applies to people who live in communities, towns and villages where one or more confirmed COVID-19 case has been reported, said Tian Wei, an official from Beijing’s information office at a news conference on Tuesday afternoon.

Other residents should not leave the city unless absolutely necessary. Those who have to leave the city should first have negative nucleic acid test results from within 48 hours before departure.

After the five-day Labour Day holiday, workers must also have negative nucleic acid test results taken within 48 hours before returning to work.

Li Yi, spokesperson for Beijing’s education commission, said on Tuesday, that students of kindergartens, primary and middle schools will not go back to campus after the holiday in order to prevent infection risks. The return date will be decided according to the epidemic situation in the near future.

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