2018, Mon




Arts in Hospital (AiH) was launched in 2015 at Beijing University Cancer Hospital to bring more laughter, joy and hope to patients and their families. The initiative organizes volunteers from all walks of life to perform songs on musical instruments such as piano, violin and guzheng. While AiH is in effect, touching stories happen in the surgical hall that truly lighten up people’s hearts.



With the support from That’s Beijing, Sherpa’s took part in AiH’s efforts to deliver happiness to those children suffering from leukemia. On April 19, our team of volunteers surprised the young patients with sweets, books and toys. The excitement on these kids’ faces made our day!


The best part of this experience, however, was seeing the children singing, dancing and chatting away. For a moment, they seemed to forget about their masks, injections and the grim long corridors of the paediatrics ward. Hopefully, they will treasure this day forever. We most certainly will.

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