Top 10 Funniest Food Moments from Friends

This September marks the 25 year anniversary of the classic NBC sitcom “Friends”.  Last month,Jennifer Anniston broke Instagram records by sharing a photo of her and her five co-stars from Friends. The selfie, featuring Lisa Kudrow, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer and MattLe Blanc, crashed Aniston’s profile page on the social media platform.




We love Friends because it has a strong comedic punch, features  timeless fashion outfits and…, it has the famous Rachel bob. But besides from that, who can forget the delicious food moments  throughout the years. Here’s our list of the top 10 food moments from Friends.

Top 10 Food Moments

1.Chandler and Rachel Keep Stealing Someone’s Cheesecake


We get it: When cheesecake is done right, it’s good . Not only do Chandler and Rachel repeatedly steal their neighbor’s cheesecake delivery (okay, the first two were accidentally delivered to them), but eventually they succumb to eating one straight off the hallway floor. Now that’s how you know it’s good. Well done, Mama’s Little Bakery in Chicago, Illinois. Well done.

2. Rachel Wasn’t Supposed to Put Beef in the Trifle


Hey, not everyone’s meant to be a star in the kitchen. Some are made for it, like Monica. Others, like Rachel, should stick to their own strengths. She quickly realized that when—in what’s one of the most iconic lines in the show’s history and one of the few times she did help in the kitchen—she discovered that no, beef sautéed with peas and onions do not belong in an English trifle. That makes it taste like feet. No worries, though, Rach; Joey will still eat it. (“What’s not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Good.”)

3. Joey Realizes It Smells Really Bad Inside A Turkey’s Ass


Common sense, we know. But sometimes Joey lacks it. Consider his lesson learned when he willingly “shoves his head up a dead animal’s ass” (thanks for that line, Phoebes) in an effort to scare Chandler. Which, surprisingly, Monica then does the same thing at the end of the episode—and Chandler says “I love you” for the first time. Aww.

4. Rose with “My Sandwich”


Season five has Ross going through a tough time, what with his divorce from Emily and subsequent eviction from his apartment. So when Monica makes him his favorite sandwich—leftover Thanksgiving turkey with a gravy-soaked piece of bread in the middle (aka the moist-maker)—it’s really the highlight of his day. (In his defense, who wouldn’t be excited to dig into that?) So when someone in the office eats his sandwich…and then throws half of it away…the “my sandwich!” meltdown really is his breaking point.

5. Joey Doesn’t Share Food


This isn’t just Joey—he’s only vocalizing what every single guy thinks when a woman reaches over to steal some fries when she ordered a salad for dinner. Guys, make like Joey next time and order an appetizer to share. Just don’t eat her dessert—and avoid these 20 Things You Should Never Eat at a Chain Restaurant while you’re at it, okay?

6. Phoebe’s Cookies Aren’t Quite As French As We Thought

Because Monica is hellbent on one day being the mom who bakes the best chocolate chip cookies, she’s desperate to crack Phoebe’s late grandmother’s secret recipe. After 22 different batches—and a rather unfortunate experience for Ross with batch number 16—Monica discovers that the recipe is actually just the one printed on the bag of Nestle Tollhouse’s bag of chocolate chips. Oy vey. If you love to bake, then don’t miss our Baking Mixes: Eat This, Not That! guide.

7. Brad Pitt Admits His Hatred for Complex Carbs


Back in the glory days of the ’90s, Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. So, naturally, they’d bring the hottie on as a guest star. Enter Will Colbert, a high school friend of Ross and Monica’s who formed the “I Hate Rachel Green Club” while Will was overweight and Ross was a nerdy science geek. Ross may have joined because he was secretly in love with Rachel, but Will—well, he really hated her. When he shows up for Thanksgiving dinner (no longer overweight and looking fine AF) and realizes Rachel will be there, he says, “My two greatest enemies, Ross: Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.” Someone get this guy some yams because nobody can resist Rachel Green.

8. Joey Really, Really Loves Sandwiches


There are many, many examples of this. But the one that’s arguably the best involves Joey, Ross, and Chandler doing a ride-along with Phoebe’s then-boyfriend Gary-the-cop (oh hey, Michael Rapaport). A car backfires and, while everyone thinks it’s a gunshot and Joey dives to protect Ross (upsetting Chandler just a smidge), it’s later revealed that Joey really only dove in that direction because he needed to get his sandwich. Damn, that must be one helluva meatball sub.

9. Joey Really Can Drink A Gallon of Milk in 10 Seconds


Just because he can’t speak French, tap dance, or ride horses, doesn’t mean he can’t dominate a gallon of milk like a boss. If Friends was filmed today, would he instead have chugged a carton of almond milk? It’s very possible! Find out the Best and Worst Milks and Milk Alternatives.

10. And Of Course, All the Friends Know the Value of A Good Cup of Coffee


Because nobody told us life was gonna be this way. And a hefty dose of caffeine is the real way to get us through.

What’re your favorite food moments from Friends? Let us know in comments below!

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What I Ordered VS What I Got

Hey, did you buy anything for double-eleven?

Here are some pics of “What I Ordered VS What I Got“. “What I Ordered” is on the left and “What I Got” is on the right.

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You get the sexy lips of Angelina Jolie, right?




Nice cos.



How about masks?


You force a smile, do you?


Anyway it’s sexy.


Literally “my selfie in PS VS the real me”.


A mop maybe.


Sherpa’s x Mamahuhu


Not all heros wear capes.
Some do, but definitely not all of them.


Capes work well for Batman – as a weapon, flight stabilizer, and fashion statement, but it turns out they don’t really function all that well for the true heros of Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou – the Sherpa’s couriers.
Have you even seen what happens when a cape gets caught in e-bike spokes? It’s not a pretty picture.

via giphy 

You’re questioning why Batman isn’t the true hero of the mega cities of China?1.He’s busy in Gotham.

2.Trademark issues.

3.His Mandarin is pretty bad.

4.He’s scared of hangry (that’s hungry-angry) expats. Turns out they’re truly more terrifying than the Joker himself. Yikes.

via giphy

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In the age before smartphones and apps (shudder), join the Allfather as he embarks on his grand journey of food delivery and self-discovery in this fun video.
Cheers to Mamahuhu for working on this fun project with us. We had a blast.

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Jeffree Star & Shane Dawson

Jeffree Star 


Shane Dawson

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