New Restaurant Online- Malbec & Beef

Malbec & Beef

Malbec & Beef opened in early 2020 in Yizhuang. This is where founder Wang Ye, who grew up in Argentina, made his base to spread his love and passion for Argentinian food and wine. It’s also the first food and wine experience space of LEWINE, Wang Ye’s long-established Argentinian wine service platform.


Argentina is the furthest country from China on Earth. There are no direct flights. However, foodies now have the chance to sample authentic Argentine fare right here in Beijing. The two signature items are top-quality steak and fine Malbec wine. In line with Argentina’s diverse food culture, Malbec & Beef also prepares popular Western dishes like pan-fried goose liver, Iberian ham, paella, and more.


The Argentinian fries here are a unique specialty in Beijing. After the spuds are fried to golden perfection, they are pan-fried with a secret seasoning. No need to dip the fries in any sauce, each bite is already saturated with great flavour. Other delightful delicacies include: pan-fried foie gras, garlic shrimp, Iberian ham, Caesar salad, paella, perilla noodles… and lots, lots more!


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Shake Shack’s ‘Chinese-Inspired’ Burger Flavor is Calling You!

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Time to Get Saucy with Great Standard Sauce!

After studying finance aboard, Michael Chen returned to China to found Great Standard Sauce in 2022. They’re on a mission to provide authentic sauces from around the globe to locals and expats in China.


These great sauces are made in a clean, high-tech factory and are absolutely delicious. They’re perfect for a quick, convenient and tasty meal. Just boil up your favourite pasta or toss some veggies and meat into a soup broth and you’ll have a restaurant quality meal at home in no time at all.

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This is a classic Bolognese recipe from Australia. It’s made with ground beef and slow-cooked tomatoes and is adaptable to many different recipes. The Australian Wagyu beef is the star of this sauce and features a perfect 1 to 4 fat ratio for a full release of beef tastiness. Put your pasta in it, use it for a savoury pizza sauce – there are tons of great ways to implement it into your meal.

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This sauce is made with top quality fresh mushrooms, rich cream, and special spices. The creamy base binds the other ingredients together and complements them while also helping to make the flavours richer, more delicate, and more intense! Here’s your chance to impress with a great carbonara.


This sauce is crafted with top-quality Hainan bell pepper and pumpkin puree. This soup broth is golden yellow with an incredible sour, spicy, and sweet aftertaste. You can use it to recreate Chinese-style fatty beef stew or craft your own recipe.

Ready for some rockin’ Chinese style pork ribs? This sauce features top-quality Zhenjiang vinegar, brewed soy sauce, honey, and spices, and is prepared according to the classic Shanghai style recipe.The sweet and sour flavours will have your taste buds wanting more. 
Check out all their great sauces and more available now on Sherpa’s. Pop open the Sherpa’s mobile app, website, or WeChat mini-program and get ready to unleash your inner chef!