Get Paid to Eat Snacks 边吃边赚!

You might have heard of influencers – social media moguls who post paid adverts for brands – but allow us to introduce you to ‘snackfluencers’. A big step away from the picture-perfect influencers with their unachievable workout routines and plant-based diets (some of which are only fabricated for the camera), snackfluencers instead post some of the best junk food around.


Pages like @JunkBanter, @CandyHunting and @thesupersnacktore are attempting to reinvent the way people look at food on social media, and make them more ok with skipping that gym session or opting for a pudding over a super-green smoothie. In honour of these snackfluencers and their work, here’s a few photos of some of the rarest and funkiest around.


Japanese Triple Cheese Cheetos 日版三层芝士奇多


Image by@thesupersnackstore via Instagram 图片来自Instagram

Cinnamon Bun Spread 肉桂面包酱


Image by@junkbanter via Instagram 图片来自Instagram

Coca-cola tic tacs 可口可乐嘀嗒糖


Image by@candyhunting via Instagram 图片来自Instagram

Double White and Yellow Peach Fanta 白桃&黄桃味芬达


Roasted Turkey Pringles 烤火鸡味品客


Fruit Loops Pop Tarts 果味夹心饼


Monster Krispy Kremes 小怪兽甜甜圈



Get Your Drink on with All-In Deals on Booze 在All-In来点儿酒

Thirsty Thursday is here once again!



Via tenor 图片来自tenor

That means it’s time for us to remind you about all the the killer booze deals we’ve got going on as part of our All-In Deals campaign.



No matter the day, you can score low prices on classy wine, craft beer, and even liquor from October 11th through November 11th.



Via bistromd 图片来自bistromd

Actually, each and every single one of our wines are on sale. To sweeten the deal a little bit more, you can even score a Sherpa’s spend ¥200 get ¥50 off drink coupon right here.


Just scan and extract the QR Code below to get your coupon.


What are you waiting for?



Go on, hit up Sherpa’s and get the party started.



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Oh yea, in case you need any food to pair up with your booze, we’ve also got you covered. Open up our app to check out all the food and drink deals we’ve got available.




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Winning Wednesday: 2 VIP Memberships for “Hungry in Shanghai”!

Food will expire one day, only the love of eating is always fresh, and today we are offering 2 VIP memberships of “Hungry in Shanghai” here, for your chance to win simply comment below to tell us about your favourite dine-in restaurant in Shanghai and tap the ‘Wow’ icon.
hungry1 hungry2
About “Hungry in Shanghai”
“Hungry in Shanghai” is available in a luxurious print format and a convenient e-book copy that retails at 350 RMB. It can be purchased at selected coffee shops, concept stores and official website platforms at home and abroad.
Starting with food to understand a city. “Hungry in Shanghai” provides us with a list of high quality restaurants, enlighten us to start a unique culinary journey and complete our own gourmet map. In a young city, there are always hit restaurants, and the proof of living young is our forever love for gourmet.
“Hungry in” series was launched by The Asia Collective, the leading travel information website in Asia. As a food guide and travel brochures,”Hungry in” series sharing high-quality catering for food lovers. “Hungry in Singapore” and “Hungry in Bali” have been launched , and now the gourmet map of The Asia Collective has a new landmark: Shanghai.
hungry5 hungry6
With more than forty restaurants detailed in the new guide offering exclusive perks including complimentary cocktails, free courses and generous discounts off the overall bill total, “Hungry in Shanghai” members can eat their way around the city and make their budget go further by purchasing the new guide book.
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You can enjoy worldwide cuisine in Shanghai.”Hungry in Shanghai” is a collection of various flavors of dishes resorts, such as the classic Italian flavor, delicate cantonese dim sum,authentic seasonal Japanese cuisine, Mexican street food. Whether you are anative Shanghainese, or newcomers to the city, you can always find favorite in this books.
How does it sounds? Before you get excited, don’t forget that today we are offering 2 VIP memberships of “Hungry in Shanghai” here.  For your chance to win simply scan the following QR Code to visit our official WeChat account and leave a comment telling us about your favourite dine-in restaurant in Shanghai and tap the ‘Wow’ icon.
It’s really as simple as that!
Competition Details 
  • Ends this Friday at 6 PM
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Go All-In with ¥20 Deals from your Favourite Restaurants! 20元秒杀!

What will ¥20 get you these days?


A 5 minute massage, a short taxi ride, a 1/2 pint of stale beer at the bar?



Via giphy 图片来自giphy

While ¥20 may not seem like much, it can actually get you a lot, all thanks to Sherpa’s 20th birthday!



That’s right! To celebrate our 20th birthday, we’ve teamed up with tons of the tastiest eateries around town to offer you ¥20 deals every Monday and Tuesday between October 11th and November 11th. 


How awesome is that?



Via giphy 图片来自giphy

Just think about it. You can turn that tannish ¥20 note into one of these delicious deals:


twenty4 twenty5

That’s just a small taste of the great deals we’re offering though. Keep your eyes peeled on our WeChat account for more offerings or just go check out all the deals for yourself on our website and app!


What are you waiting for? It’s time to feast.