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The Best Game of Thrones Food Tributes


shake shack

Image source: Shake Shack (USA)

The moment we’ve all been dreading and eagerly awaiting in equal measure is nearly upon us: the final ever season of Game of Thrones. Expect more memorable quotes, deaths of your favourite characters, and epic battles to decide who will sit on the Iron Throne once and for all. From cosy nights watching from the sofa to group viewings and rousing renditions of that epic theme tune in bars, we’ll all have our ways of celebrating/mourning the 8th season of one of the biggest and best shows ever to grace our screens. Let’s take a look at how food and drink companies around the world have paid tribute to the show – old episodes, and the new.


Image source: Deliveroo

WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?! Oh, they’re in the fridge

UK-based fellow food delivery company are giving customers the chance to channel their inner Khaleesi with their very own Easter x GoT collaboration. These hand-painted white chocolate dragon eggs weigh in at a hefty 1kg and are available to order for one week only with food deliveries. P.S. don’t try sitting on them. They probably won’t hatch.


Image source: Oreo

Lord of Light…and Dark

Oreo’s offering consists of special edition cookies paying homage to some familiar designs from the show. You can choose from House Stark’s direwolf, House Targaryen’s dragon, House Lannister’s lion, or the White Walkers’ infamous leader, the Night King – or gorge like Season 1 Robert Baratheon and eat all four.


Image source: Diageo

Final season spirit

Johnnie Walker devotes themselves to the dark side with their White Walker whisky. When this snazzy bottle reaches the chilly temperature of 1.5 degrees, the label will reveal the message ‘Winter Is Here’, meaning only one thing – it’s time for a drink.


Image source: Ommegang

“I drink and I know things”

And you can too, with this offering from New York-based brewery, Ommegang. This punchy 9.5% ABV beer-wine hybrid is in fact Ommegang’s 14th brew celebrating GoT, and has been dubbed ‘For The Throne’.

shake shack

Image source: Shake Shack (USA)

Rare, medium, or Dracarys?

Available at New York’s Madison Square Park Shake Shack only (sorry Shanghaiers), this exclusive, secret Game of Thrones menu offers up a Dracarys Burger – two patties, bacon, Monterey Jack, and spicy sauce – and white chocolate mint Dragonglass Shake with shards of dragonglass on top. The shards are thankfully safe for non-White Walkers to eat, made up of toffee, food colouring and butter. There is, however, one catch to this menu: you have to order in Valyrian. Shake Shack has been kind enough to publish the handy pronunciation guide you’ll find above, so put the Chinese lessons on hold for now and get to work on the really important stuff.


Image source: Mountain Dew

A can has no name

Mountain Dew’s limited-edition cans might appear nameless and faceless when warm, but they clearly understand revenge is best served cold; when kept in a cool, Northern Westerosichill (the fridge will do), the cans will reveal Arya Stark’s frequently-quoted kill list. There are just 800 of these available, and you’ll have to enter a competition telling Mountain Dew what you would do #ForTheThrone to be in with a chance of winning one.


Image source: Snyder’s of Hanover

The Pretzel Throne

Snyder’s of Hanover used over 1000 pretzels to forge this impressive throne. We imagine it’s a whole lot tastier than that iron one they’re fighting over in the show… but we can’t imagine it’s much more comfortable.

All image copyrights belong to their respective owners 


Sherpa’s Easter Egg Hunt Hutong

Spring has officially sprung, and Easter is just around the corner, instead of gorging on chocolate eggs take your chances in our Easter Egg Hunt to win coupons and order from your favourite restaurants!

egg hunt

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Follow Up: Let’s Check on the Guy Who Only Drank Beer for Lent


You may remember that article we wrote a month ago about an Ohioan who decided to give up everything except beer for Lent.

http://Man Gives Up Everything Except Beer for Lent

dell hall


Well, now that it’s almost Easter, we decided to check back in on Mr. Del Hall to see what happened.

The news is not good…

he's dead


Kidding! He doesn’t actually need an Easter resurrection miracle. He’s actually gdoing well – really, really well in fact.

Del says he’s lost 33 pounds and feels like he’s in his twenties again .

del weight loss


As tempted as we are to hop on the beer-chugging weight loss train, living off of nothing except beer and water is not as easy as it sounds.

Del says that the hardest part of it all is the dreams. He dreams about food without fail every single night. That sounds just like us, but we subsist on a diet of beer… and pizza!

What kind of beer is he drinking? This Cincinnatti craft brewery employee is definitely not drinking Bud, Miller, or Coors.

lent beer


Here he is with an authentic smoked German Rauchbier that’s made just for Lent. Awesome.

Cheers to his awesome mission of living on the traditional liquid bread diet of the ancient monks. There’s still a few days left until Easter, but we know Del has got this in the bag.