AD丨How to Extend Visa after 2 Months of Auto Extension in SH?


China Visa Renewal and Extension 

in Epidemic Period

Step by step tips that help you apply for a new visa without leaving China!

1. Two-month auto extension! But expiring soon…

According to the policy issued in March, during the epidemic prevention and control period, the period of stay of foreigners in China may be extended automatically for two months. Within the extended period, there is no need to go through the extension procedure anymore, and you can still stay in China legally or leave the country normally;

This policy was such good news for many of our international friends and clients whose visa was to expire soon but can’t leave China because of the flight shortage.

But time flies,  two months pass away fast, the two-month extension period is also ending soon for many of them. How about now?


2. How to extend or get a new visa after the two months?

According to the policy, if you don’t have other visa renewal supporting documents like your company’s new working contract, or other help, you will have to leave China after the 2-month auto extension.

Currently, for short term visa like tourist visa, visiting visa, business visa, etc, it’s not possible to get renewed again without leaving China, without enough supports.

You can apply from outside, but if you leave to apply, you won’t be able to enter again because of the border control now!

3. How to extend your visa or apply for a new visa without leaving China?

One of the most efficient and almost the only proven ways is, to apply for and join a long-term ( 1-2 full semester) Chinese language program in Shanghai.

Joining 1-2 full semesters of the program, our college will issue the officially required documents for you to apply for student visa residence permit for 6-12 months in Shanghai.

The official documents we will issue to successful program applicants include

 3.1 Admission Letter,

 3.2 JW202 Form,

 3.3 International Students Visa Application Letter etc.

Especially the JW202 form that is issued from the government office with stamps from Government Education DPT. and Foreign Affairs Office.

Private Schools can NOT get the form! They normally ask you to leave to apply without JW202 form, but you won’t be able to enter again.

4. Who can apply for the program?

Generally, all foreigners are welcome to apply for Chinese language study programs to learn and improve Chinese.

But to prevent illegal working with a student visa, the government office gives strict checks about the applicants’ documents.

There are limits like, 

age ( more difficult if you are more than 35),

nationality ( difficult for countries that are not stable in internal politics)

current and past visa history ( if you have had too many different visas already, the rate of rejection is high, but can still try)

serious about the study: if you cannot attend class in Shanghai, it’s not possible

5. How long will the process take?

It takes 2-3 weeks for our college to prepare the complete documents, including government letters.

So please make sure that your visa is still valid for another 2-3 weeks!

Sometimes the process might be faster, so please contact to make sure if it’s possible.

6. What programs are available?

Progam 1: Intensive 20 Group Class:

4 lessons (45 minutes/lesson) per day, normally in the morning, Monday to Friday

Date: Autumn Semester starts in September, the application is ending in August.

Please apply as early as possible!

Program 2: Intensive 10 Private Class:

Minimum 10 Private 1-1 lessons per week, class on weekdays daytime

Date: Flexible starting date, available to apply each month.


7. Application Process:

Step 1: Situation Pre-Check

-Connect in Wechat or email or call to tell us more about your visa situation and Chinese level

-Send us pictures of your passport and current visa pages for a pre-check

-If it’s not possible, we will say no. If it looks possible, we will send you the program application form

Step 2: Program Application:

-Fill the application form, sign and send to us, together with a picture of your police registration form

-Picture of the other Chinese visa pages might be required if you have more Chinese visa before

-Pay the program application fee: 800RMB, to start the admission process

Step 3: Documents Preparation and health check

-At the same time, if you will need a health check, we will help you book the health check. Health report will be required when you apply for student residence permit at the visa office at the last step.

If your current visa is a residence permit (work or study), you can skip the health check.

Step 4: Visa application

-When the documents are ready, pay the tuition fee (refundable if the visa application was rejected) and pick up the documents

-Go to the visa office to apply for your visa with all the documents (before your visa expires)

-Visa officer checks up your documents and accepts the application.

-Got the passport receipt that will show you when to pick up your passport with the new visa ready ( normally 7 working days)

8. Program Cost

It costs differently depending on the program you apply.

Please add our program consultant in WeChat (ID:snmandarin) to learn more!


It’s really not an easy time. If you have the plan to study Chinese and get a 6-12-month new visa to stay longer in China, this information will be helpful.

Please never hesitate to share to your friends if you think this might also be helpful for them in case they are also looking for a good solution.

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New Regulations Outline for Foreign Teachers

Last week the Ministry of Education announced in a draft that foreign teachers employed in China can now take up part-time work legally.

That’s great news for all the English teachers out there that have been wanting to take up some extra hours but haven’t because they’re honest law-abiding citizens…


But of course, it’s never as easy as just finding a second job. A signed agreement must be made between the foreign teacher, employee and part-time employer, before being submitted to the Exit and Entry Administration Department that we all know and love.


the draft [Chinese]:

It’s also worth noting that your part-time hours cannot exceed the hours contracting by your current employer.

As well as this change, there will also be stricter system in place to punish and dismiss foreign teachers who commit crimes whilst employed, but also reward good teachers by establishing a foreign credit system.

The State Council listed crimes including taking drugs, sexually assaulting or abusing minors, sexually harassing students that could result in immediate dismissal.

The draft also stated that the education institute will need to conduct a minimum 20 hours of training to teach foreign teachers of China’s laws.

These regulations announced in the draft have been published for ‘public feedback’ until August 21st, then authorities will have the option to revise the draft before formally adopting it.

What do you think about these new regulations? Let us know in the comments!

Government website link [Chinese]:


Negative COVID-19 Results Required for Passengers Taking Flights to China

In order to ensure healthy and safe international travel and mitigate the risks of cross-border transmission of COVID-19, passengers taking flights bound for China are required to present their negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests before boarding. Specific arrangements are as follows:


1. Chinese and foreign passengers on China-bound flights shall complete COVID-19 nucleic acid tests within 5 days before boarding. Tests shall be carried out in facilities designated or recognized by overseas Chinese Embassies or Consulates.


2. Chinese passengers are required to take photos of and upload their negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests using the international version of the health QR code mini program on WeChat.


3. Foreign passengers should apply with the Chinese Embassies or Consulates for the Health Declaration Letter with negative test results of COVID-19.


4. Relevant airlines are responsible for checking passengers’ health QR codes and Health Declaration Letter before boarding. Passengers will be denied boarding if they fail to meet relevant requirements. All airlines shall strictly follow the checking procedures.


5. Passengers who provide false documents and information shall undertake corresponding legal liabilities.


6. Chinese Embassies will carefully evaluate the nucleic acid testing capabilities of the countries of their residence and issue specific implementation measures as appropriate.


content via CAAC.GOV.CN




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City Moments, GermanEvents and Tonglefang will host the festival on Saturday & Sunday, July 25th /26th 2020! No entrance fee! 

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本次活动由City Moments携GermanEvents在同乐坊将于2020年7月25日/26日,周末对外免费开放!星期六中午到晚上十点,星期天中午到晚上九点。

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Come hungry! Lots of tasty food dishes await you! Sit in one of our many chill areas and enjoy the food, sip on cold beers, cocktails and other drinks! A weekend to indulge and relax!


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KID AREA 小朋友活动区

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