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This week we’re introducing a fairly new addition to the Sherpa’s family. Le Blé D’or was first established in 2004 in Taiwan making it the first private brewery in the region, before opening in Shanghai in 2015.


Despite being most popular for their draft beers with imported German beer glasses fit for every style of beer, Le Blé D’or also has a vast selection of freshly prepared appetizers, meals, and bar snacks to enjoy. All their dishes are free from MSG using fresh ingredients that are prepared daily.

Seafood Fruit Salad


Prepared using smoked salmon, squid and shellfish as the key ingredients the seafood’s saltiness is well balanced with the subtle sweetness of apple and kiwi fruit. Tossed with mixed peppers, onion, cherry tomatoes, arugula and a French mustard dressing it’s a fresh start to the summer season.

Cheese & Charcuterie Board


If you’re just looking for a few delicate nibbles while working your way through the beer menu then their cheese and charcuterie board is a good match. With a selection of cold cuts, cheeses and nuts there’s something for everyone whether you’re enjoying a craft beer or a glass of wine.

Mexican Chicken Quesadilla


It’s probably the most filling quesadilla we’ve tried with chicken, mixed peppers, onion, jalapenos, black olives, basil and mozzarella packed inside in a lightly toasted tortilla wrap. Served with a spicy salsa to give it an extra kick if you’re looking for a trip to spice town.

Seafood Spaghetti


With seafood brought in daily, their Seafood Spaghetti is a fresh and filling meal for those less keen on spicy wings and something a bit fancier with their drink. Prepared with squid, shrimp, scallops and clams in a creamy white wine sauce.

Assorted Fried Platter


If ‘diet’ is not a word found in your vocabulary or just trying to feed a whole team then this assortment isn’t going to disappoint. Choose between pork knuckle or pork ribs and add that to an assortment of chicken drummettes, pork sausage, cheddar pork sausage, shrimp cakes, french fries and sauerkraut, served with a selection of sauces.

Bottled Beer 


It’s only right that you wash this all down with one of their refreshing bottled beers including their popular Honey Lager. Le Blé D’or also claims to be the first Asian craft beer brewery to have won 5 major “Grand Slam” awards, so head to the venue to enjoy one of their award-winning draft beers and the limited edition Strawberry Ale.



Le Ble D’or is now delivering through Sherpa’s

what3words (三词地址) has divided the world into a grid of 3×3 metre squares, giving each square an address made up of 3 words from the dictionary. Now, hidden gems across the world have a 3 word address which people can easily find, share and navigate to.



The entrance to 108 Gourmet Square can be found at

///dream.darling.starring and using this address in the what3words app will help you to find Le Blé D’or with great ease.

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Friday Favourite: Chez JOJO

Ahead of our wine tasting event next week we decided to visit French bistro Chez JOJO and see what they had to offer. When it comes to French cuisine we often think fine dining in elaborate settings, which can sometimes be intimidating to those that just want a casual meal.


Chez JOJO is in fact a guinguette, a popular and humble eatery mostly found in the rural countryside of France. During the summer months, they become a lively place providing traditional singing, dancing, and drinking creating an exuberant atmosphere.


Perhaps the Chez JOJO of Shanghai doesn’t have the rural countryside of its French counterpart but it still brings a glow of the country back into the Former French Concession, with a delightful terrace that is perfect for those spring afternoons and summer nights.


The menu consists of the same traditional French cuisine you might find should you ever visit the Loire Valley in central France. In which case, you may want to start with the classic Foie Gras (goose liver) that comes with the choice of terrine or pan-fried and served with fig chutney.


Another classic dish that’s not to be missed is the Baked Escargot with garlic-butter sauce.


Although its a more adventurous choice for some the Beef Tartare is well prepared and tender.


If you prefer your meat cooked then the Angus Steak (500g) is a perfect choice and enough to share.


With an extensive wine selection and six wines by the glass, Chez JOJO brings a taste of rural France to the foodies (and winos) of Shanghai. The exquisite food in a rustic setting makes it a comfortable atmosphere for any occasion.

Chez JOJO is now available for delivery through Sherpa’s


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Friday Favourite: The BREW

What better way to prepare for the sunny Shanghai days than heading down to a craft brewery with its very own signature beers and spacious beer garden. Located on the first floor of the five-star Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai, The BREW is a lively, contemporary bar with handcrafted beers and cider, as well as some favourite pub dishes, sports on display, and live music.


We took a trip to The BREW to try out a few of their popular dishes, and it’s only right that we washed it down with some of their home brewed beers created by the resident brewmaster.

Charcoal-Roasted Chicken Wings


It seemed only right that we started with the alcohol, but of course, nothing accompanies a drink better than a generous portion of chicken wings. Inspired by the tastes of Malaysia this decadent street snack is accompanied with hot dipping sauce making it the perfect match with a cold beer.

Salt & Pepper Squid


Continuing the trend of great bar snacks, the squid is deep-fried in a light batter before being seasoned with salt and pepper and served with a piquant chilli lime sauce. It was a generous portion with meaty bites of squid, and not too much on the seasoning. Enjoying it in the spring sun might just take you back to that Southeast Asian beach!

The BREW’s Brewery Burger


It would be criminal to not fill up on one of The BREW’s burgers, so we opted for The BREW’s Brewery Burger. At the heart is a hefty Australian Wagyu beef patty, which is topped with caramelised onions, bacon and a slice of cheddar. There was no preference on how we wanted it cooked but the meat was juicy and it did put a few other Shanghai burgers to shame.

The BREW has its name for a reason and we picked out two favourite beers (of the many) that we tried (and available through Sherpa’s), but it’s worth visiting to try out their full range of seasonal homebrewed beers.


Gold Medal Winner, Pilsner Category, 2012 Beerfest Asia                              

Silver Medal Winner, New Zealand International Brewers Award 2012

Brewed with precision and golden straw in colour with a grassy noble hop aroma combined with a toasted malt character, the Pils is very well attenuated. With a moderate alcohol volume (4.9%), it finishes long and dry with a little sweetness, a nice accompaniment to the spicier dishes.

Indian Pale Ale

Bronze Medal Winner, Indian Pale Ale Category, 2012 Beerfest Asia

A classic Pale Ale characterised by intense hop bitterness and moderate alcohol content (5.2%), typical of a classic English Ale, it was the favourite of ours. The deep shade of bronze comes from the flowery hop aromas of ripe stone fruit and is a good match with any one of their burgers or pizza.

The BREW is available for delivery through Sherpa’s

From the Restaurant

brew6 brew7 brew8

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miss taipei

Miss Taipei

Miss Taipei artfully captures the beauty of Taiwanese cuisine that fuses Hakka and Fujianese influences among others. This family-friendly tavern offers a selection of authentic eats from across the island – start with Shredded Chicken and Deep-Fried Taro Root before digging into the meaty mains. “Where there’s a wisp of smoke from the kitchen chimney, there will be lurou fan (braised pork with rice),” goes the Taiwanese saying…

What: Taiwanese classics

Eat: Pork Rice

the isles


As a member of the National Federation of Fish Fryers (NFFF), THE ISLES serves up the only certified fish & chips in Shanghai (or in China, we believe). Offering a truly authentic British experience with the UK’s much-loved comfort foods, THE ISLES aspires to become a beacon of cross-cultural friendship and goodwill.

What: British comfort food

Eat: Large Icelandic Cod & Chips

mamma's pizza

Mamma’s Pizza

Using only the finest quality ingredients, Mamma’s makes their dough with love and care on the daily. Another element that deserves the spotlight is their tomato sauce – it’s the secret blend of spices that makes it so special! New in town, this restaurant will give good competition to other pizzerias on Sherpa’s menu.

What: Italian favourites

Eat: Pepperoni Pizza

white castle

White Castle

It all started in 1921 with a five-cent hamburger and a castle-shaped restaurant. Today, White Castle is proud to be the world’s first fast-food hamburger chain, and they sure know a thing or two about making people happy. After 96 years and billions of sliders sold, White Castle is still just as committed to delivering the highest quality food at a reasonable price.

What: American fast food

Eat: Signature Sliders

mr. pancake house

Mr. Pancake House

Serving up good ol’ fashioned American breakfast food at all hours of the day, Sherpa’s delivers Mr. Pancake’s waffles, French toast, and egg dishes to Shanghai’s hungriest patrons. Hugely popular on the weekend, try to get your orders in before 11AM to make the most of your lazy morning spent indoors.

What: Diner-style eats

Eat: Raspberry Blueberry Pancakes

pizza marzano

Pizza Marzano

Launched in London, Pizza Marzano pies have been hand-tossed using fresh dough and topped with quality cheeses since 1965. What we like is the consistency and variety of Marzano’s menu – you get plenty of bang for your kuai!

What: Hand-tossed dough

Eat: Quattro Formaggi Pizza



With dozens of locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing, Wagas serves up healthy Western grub including sandwiches, green salads, and dessert (carrot cake being our firm favourite). Having no additives or preservatives used in the kitchen, Wagas is a no-brainer delivery option on days when you can’t stomach another hot pot dinner with the colleagues.

What: Western fusion

Eat: Chicken, Avocado & Mango Salad

baker & spice

 Baker & Spice

Flour and water make dough. Add salt and yeast, then it becomes bread. Stir in some love and spirit from their big sister -Wagas, and you get Baker & Spice. This bakery café chain offers farmhouse-style cake, pastries, cupcakes, artisanal sourdough, traditional baguettes, multigrain loaves, rye bread, and more. Most importantly – they’re all freshly-baked!

What: Bakery café

Eat: Superfood Bowls

What are you waiting for? Get to ordering!

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