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miss taipei

Miss Taipei

Miss Taipei artfully captures the beauty of Taiwanese cuisine that fuses Hakka and Fujianese influences among others. This family-friendly tavern offers a selection of authentic eats from across the island – start with Shredded Chicken and Deep-Fried Taro Root before digging into the meaty mains. “Where there’s a wisp of smoke from the kitchen chimney, there will be lurou fan (braised pork with rice),” goes the Taiwanese saying…

What: Taiwanese classics

Eat: Pork Rice

the isles


As a member of the National Federation of Fish Fryers (NFFF), THE ISLES serves up the only certified fish & chips in Shanghai (or in China, we believe). Offering a truly authentic British experience with the UK’s much-loved comfort foods, THE ISLES aspires to become a beacon of cross-cultural friendship and goodwill.

What: British comfort food

Eat: Large Icelandic Cod & Chips

mamma's pizza

Mamma’s Pizza

Using only the finest quality ingredients, Mamma’s makes their dough with love and care on the daily. Another element that deserves the spotlight is their tomato sauce – it’s the secret blend of spices that makes it so special! New in town, this restaurant will give good competition to other pizzerias on Sherpa’s menu.

What: Italian favourites

Eat: Pepperoni Pizza

white castle

White Castle

It all started in 1921 with a five-cent hamburger and a castle-shaped restaurant. Today, White Castle is proud to be the world’s first fast-food hamburger chain, and they sure know a thing or two about making people happy. After 96 years and billions of sliders sold, White Castle is still just as committed to delivering the highest quality food at a reasonable price.

What: American fast food

Eat: Signature Sliders

mr. pancake house

Mr. Pancake House

Serving up good ol’ fashioned American breakfast food at all hours of the day, Sherpa’s delivers Mr. Pancake’s waffles, French toast, and egg dishes to Shanghai’s hungriest patrons. Hugely popular on the weekend, try to get your orders in before 11AM to make the most of your lazy morning spent indoors.

What: Diner-style eats

Eat: Raspberry Blueberry Pancakes

pizza marzano

Pizza Marzano

Launched in London, Pizza Marzano pies have been hand-tossed using fresh dough and topped with quality cheeses since 1965. What we like is the consistency and variety of Marzano’s menu – you get plenty of bang for your kuai!

What: Hand-tossed dough

Eat: Quattro Formaggi Pizza



With dozens of locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing, Wagas serves up healthy Western grub including sandwiches, green salads, and dessert (carrot cake being our firm favourite). Having no additives or preservatives used in the kitchen, Wagas is a no-brainer delivery option on days when you can’t stomach another hot pot dinner with the colleagues.

What: Western fusion

Eat: Chicken, Avocado & Mango Salad

baker & spice

 Baker & Spice

Flour and water make dough. Add salt and yeast, then it becomes bread. Stir in some love and spirit from their big sister -Wagas, and you get Baker & Spice. This bakery café chain offers farmhouse-style cake, pastries, cupcakes, artisanal sourdough, traditional baguettes, multigrain loaves, rye bread, and more. Most importantly – they’re all freshly-baked!

What: Bakery café

Eat: Superfood Bowls

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