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PS.Cafe is back! And if you order a main course from PS.Cafe on Sherpa’s, you can get one drink for free! To fight coronavirus, PS.Cafe provide many special deals to warm your heart on.

The Urban Sanctuary



PS.Cafe started from humble beginnings in 1999 and is a home-grown Singaporean brand.  Ask anyone who’s visited an outlet before, and they’ll tell you that all locations will showcase PS.Cafe’s signature floral displays, immaculately designed interiors, and luxe furniture. As soon as you come up from the escalators of Grand Gateway, the greenery is hard to miss. PS.Cafe stands out with its tall green plants and standalone dessert bar! Although still in soft opening, PS.Cafe Grand Gateway has managed to capture the inquisitive palates of those walking by. When you reach the front desk, you are immediately surrounded by nature, sunshine and smiles.



The PS.Cafe Culinary Culture


When you think of Singaporean food, it’s hard to define and describe its food culture. However it embodies all the goodness of the east and west; and that’s what PS.Cafe is all about. PS.Cafe takes on cafe classics and regional comfort food, giving it a fresh and modern twist.  Some of its signature dishes include Malaysian Crab and Shrimp Laksa, Singapore Chilli Crab, Thai Style Pork Rice, Truffle Shoestring Fries, Crab Tart and Prawn Toast. Try a bit of everything and you’ll be in heaven!




Grand Gateway 恒隆广场店

Shop 202, 2nd floor Grand Gateway 1 Hongqiao Lu (by Huashan Lu)

Xintiandi 新天地店

Shop 3-11, 3rd floor, Middle Huaihai Lu

Open Daily between 11:00 and 20:00. As the coronavirus epidemic prevention and control situation is getting better in Shanghai, PS.Cafe will extend opening hours gradually.


Making moments, creating experiences!Have you checked out PS.Cafe yet? Try them out and let us know what you think!



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2020, Thu



Gone are the wild days of Yongkang Lu, but from the ashes of the debauchery and chaos has arisen an awesome place to grab authentic Vietnamese fare  – Lady Vietnam!

This cozy eatery and cafe is decorated in style that’s full of Vietnamese character. It makes for a great place to munch on Vietnamese classics like banh mi, pho, signature rice dishes,  fried snacks, and more.

Their high-quality pho is made with 8-hour slow-cooked broth, tender Australian beef, and fresh herbs. We also recommended the signature rice dishes, made with carefully crafted chicken broth and spices and simmered for 6 hours.

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Don’t forget about the drinks! Any of their Vietnamese drip coffee with condensed milk, tea, and simple, but well-made cocktails, will pair well with your meal.


Have you checked out Lady Vietnam yet? Head over to Yongkang Lu or hit up Sherpa’s for a lovely meal at home.

Try them out and let us know what you think!

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