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‘There is a crack in everything,

that’s how the light gets in.’

Sixty paintings by 15 people with mental illnesses are on display in a mental health hospital in Shanghai, raising awareness of issues surrounding mental health.

Under the light, 60 paintings are displayed quietly, with a silent power of its own.

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The exhibition, themed “Line, Color and Story,” features works containing abstract lines and shapes. It is the first exhibition held in the No. 600 Gallery located inside the Shanghai Mental Health Center.

Chen Zhimin, a doctor at the hospital and the exhibition’s curator, said he and his colleagues first thought about opening a gallery about two years ago, as they knew art therapy can help promote recovery from debilitating mental disorders.

“Though without any professional training, some of my patients feel passion and creativity when they draw,” Chen said. “For their first show, I’ve chosen 60 pieces from about 1,000, which I thought were powerful and intriguing. I can see their emotions and stories through each stroke.”

Chen plans to cooperate with artists interested in the theme of mental health in the future, and is hoping to make the gallery a bridge to better connect people with mental illnesses with the broader society.

“The gallery is a good platform for public health education. By taking a closer look at the paintings, people can better understand people with mental illnesses and their spiritual worlds,” he said.


Details about The exhibition:

Time : Until Oct 9th.

Ticket: Free Entry

600 Wanping Nan Lu

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 07.07.53


Source from Xinhua

Pics via the internet

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The 26-year-old tutoring center of East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai has announced it will terminate its relevant businesses. The move follows the country’s call to further reduce the off-campus training burden for students, triggering a wide discussion online on Sunday.

Founded in 1995, the tutoring center under the ECNU, a leading Chinese university, has provided tutoring services for over 10,000 families every year, and offered part-time jobs for college students. 

The center said it will release specific plans to return tutoring fees to parents and related processes before Wednesday.

Some netizens expressed regret over the center’s termination as some have benefited greatly from the tutoring services but others said it is the “right” thing to follow the country’s guidelines and reduce the off-campus study burden for students.

On July 24, Chinese authorities released guidelines to reduce the burden of off-campus tutoring as well as excessive homework for students undergoing compulsory education.

The tutoring center’s move indicates that organized “in-door” tutoring will not be allowed under the country’s new policy, Xiong Bingqi, director of 21st Century Education Research Institute in Beijing, told the Global Times on Sunday.

However, it will raise a new question about how to supervise those parents that invite private tutors. 

If parents’ needs for training their children cannot be satisfied, it’s quite possible that they might “seek private training,” which might lead to disorder in the tutoring market and disputes between parents and tutors in the illegal market, Xiong predicted. 

Shanghai is scheduled to release detailed policies to reduce the education burden, as part of China’s overhaul of the sector to regulate expanded private tutoring agencies, China Securities Journal reported on Sunday. The advertising of education and training institutions in many channels including the internet, new media, and outdoor signs are all expected to be removed, the report said.

On Sunday, Shanghai Consumer Council and Shanghai education authorities released six reminders for training organizations and parents, calling for parents to arrange off-campus time in a reasonable way for their children. Based on the reminders, an off-campus training institution will not charge a fee for a period of over three months at a time. 

Some regions including Beijing and Northwest China’s Gansu Province have announced specific detailed measures to reduce the burden on students such as not granting any new licenses to institutions for curricular tutoring for primary and junior high schools in Beijing. 

Many parents and training centers are still standing by and waiting for news on the situation. A high school teacher from Shanghai told the Global Times on Sunday that teachers welcome the policy as they want their students to make the most of their in-class time, rather than spending extended periods learning outside the classroom.

“I welcome this policy as I hope children can spend their weekends playing sports, going on trips or learning about art,” one parent whose daughter will move into grade three in the upcoming new semester in Shanghai told the Global Times on Sunday.

However, another parent surnamed Li, whose daughter is in grade six at a Shanghai school, has concerns about the changes. “I am still watching the matter. I have some concerns, because if no off-campus training organizations can provide services, what should I do with my daughter on the weekends?” Li told the Global Times on Sunday.

When talking about the risks that the change in polices will bring, Beijing Municipal Education Commission spokesman Li Yi said during a press conference on August 17 that the focus should be on whether the overall construction of a high-quality education system can finally be achieved after all efforts are made.

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China and France have signed an agreement allowing mutual recognition and exchanges of the two countries’ driving licenses, the Ministry of Public Security (MPS) said on Monday.

Under the deal, which will come into effect on Tuesday, China and France will allow holders of valid driving licenses issued by either authority to drive directly or obtain driving permits without an additional test.

To be specific, people staying in the other country for less than a year will have their driving licenses recognized in the destination country, while those staying for more than a year can exchange their original licenses for local ones without separate tests.Reciprocal treatment will be applied to students who study in each other’s countries.

The agreement was signed to facilitate people’s travel by driving in the two countries, and further encourage bilateral trade cooperation and people-to-people exchanges, said the MPS.

China has mutually recognized driver’s licenses with the United Arab Emirates UAE and Belgium and inked such an agreement with Serbia.

*Source from Xinhua

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COVID-19 Vaccines Help Protect against Severe Illness with COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Cases

As COVID-19 continues to halt the world and hospitalise even young and healthy people, governments across the globe are urging people to get vaccinated. While it is still possible to catch the virus after being fully vaccinated, it is shown to provide protection against serious illness, hospitalisation, and death.


It typically takes two weeks after the vaccine for the body to build enough protection against COVID-19, however, to provide the most protection and effectiveness it’s important that everyone is vaccinated.


Unfortunately, the reality is that COVID-19 will likely be part of our lives now and for years to come and unless everyone is vaccinated, restrictions will continue to be in place.

现实是 COVID-19 可能会成为我们现在和未来几年生活的一部分,除非每个人都接种疫苗,否则限制将继续存在。

What We Know about How Well COVID-19 Vaccines Are Working

Studies have shown that vaccines are working well even against the Delta variant, and despite cases still being high in many countries those that have had a successful vaccine roll-out, like the UK, have been able to ease restrictions as a result.

研究表明,即使针对 Delta 变体,疫苗也能很好地发挥作用。该疫苗不仅可以预防重症,而且在完全接种疫苗后,感染 Delta 变体的几率也会降低。

Not only does the vaccine prevent serious illness but the chances of catching and spreading the Delta variant is also reduced shortly after being fully vaccinated.

If you’re not yet fully vaccinated then continue to take the precautions until you are, if you have made the decision to not get vaccinated then we advise you do some more research into the vaccines available, from reliable sources.


Please stay safe, take precautions, get vaccinated and together we can bring an end to COVID-19.

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