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In order to enhance the disease prevention and control in public venues and residential compounds in Shanghai, Shanghai Municipal Leading Group on Preventing and Controlling COVID-19 released notice on further application of venue codes and digital sentries to verify health information and put scanning codes for access in places to contain disease across the city. The details are as follows:

I. Upon entering the public venues with explicit disease control requirements, people should present their green Suishen health QR code and negative result of PCR test taken within 48 hours. They should also present the green Suishen health QR code when entering or leaving residential compounds save the special cases such as the need for emergency care.

II. Those entering public venues or residential compounds should cooperate with the staff there to scan the venue codes or present Suishen health QR code (physical ID cards) to scan digital sentries for verification.

III. Both public venues and residential compounds should arrange sites for placing venue codes or digital sentries. Venue manager or operator should make plans for site arrangement of venue codes and digital sentries and fill in the venue names and addresses to use the code and digital sentries correctly. It is not allowed to place venue codes and digital sentries in the sites inconsistent with the filled addresses. Venue codes should be posted prominently at the entrance of the venue. One site can have multiple venue codes posted. Digital sentries are to be set up at the entrances of crowded venues that require high efficiency of access for quick verification. Both public venues and residential compounds should follow the disease containment requirements to scan the code, check body temperature and verify face mask wearing to ensure that all in need should be scanned and verified with no one left behind. Those found not to be compliant with disease containment requirements will be denied access. Such individuals will also be reported to local disease control authorities promptly for initiating corresponding measures.

IV. Those people whose venue codes cannot be read by scanners or whose Suishen health QR code is not displayed can produce their ID cards or offline printed versions of their Suishen health QR code. After confirming their identities, the staff of venues will log in Suishenban App on mobile phones and scan the printed versions of Suishen health QR code to verify health status and register information. Those with normal health status will be granted access.

V. The enterprises, organizations, and residential compounds with no venue codes and digital sentries in place are not qualified to resume work, production, business activities or schooling, or apply to become “COVID-free communities.”

VI. Those venues or people causing the spread of disease due to their refusal to implement or obey the disease containment requirements such as “scanning for access” will be held accountable by law. Those venues or people causing incomplete or incorrect collection of information and affecting the results of epidemiological investigations due to improper placement, management or use of venue codes or digital sentries will also be held legally accountable.

VII. The personal information collected via venue codes and digital sentries will be used for epidemiological investigations only amid disease control according to minimal and necessity principle. Any organization or individual may not use such information for any other purpose.

This notice comes into force on the date of its release and will be subject to dynamic adjustment based on COVID-19 containment progress across the city. Thank for your understanding, support and cooperation!

*Source from 上海外事

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via Internet

Shanghai citizens are required to scan the “venue code” or get checks by the “digital sentry,” or a comprehensive code scanning and temperature check machine, to enter or leave public venues and communities.

Some public sites will also require a 48-hour negative PCR test report.

Foreign residents can apply for the Suishenma health code with their passport through the Suishenban app. It will take one workday for manual verification and approval. They can also bond their Chinese bank cards with Suishenban micro app on Alipay to get the code.

Almost all local public venues and communities will put up the venue codes, which can check the identity, health information and latest PCR test result as well as record the trace of the visitors for epidemiological investigation during the COVID-19 resurgence.

Those who cannot use mobile phone apps can use their ID card or paper-version health code for security staff to scan and verify.

Companies and communities without the venue code or digital sentry won’t be allowed to resume work or apply to become a “pandemic-free community”.

The personal information collected from the venue code and digital sentry will also be used for the epidemiological investigation for the COVID-19 prevention and control. No company or individual should use the data for other purposes.

*Source from gov.sh

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1. Duration of Lockdowns 

A 10-day lockdown is required for closed-off and controlled neighborhoods (villages). If the results of all the tests from environmental sources in a neighborhood (village) are negative, then the lockdown starts from the exact time of the infected people leaving the neighborhood (village). If any item from environment sources is tested positive, then the lockdown starts from the exact time of the completion of terminal disinfection. Once there is a new COVID-19 case or risk area (the newly-added risk area is not overlapped with the original ones and located outside the units of the original COVID cases), the time should be recalculated.

2. Nucleic Acid Tests during Lockdowns 

Nucleic acid tests will be administered on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th days from the day of the lockdown, and antigen self-tests will be conducted on the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th days.

3. Lifting of Restrictions

If all the testing results are negative, and the last close contacts have been absent for four days or more with negative test results, then restrictions will be lifted after a 10-day lockdown and full assessment by authorities of pandemic prevention and control in the district.

4. Adhering to Safety Standards 

After the restrictions are lifted, those in closed-off neighborhoods (villages) should follow the requirements of controlled neighborhoods (villages) for four days, while those in controlled neighborhoods (villages) need four  days of health monitoring.

Source: The Beijing News

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Shanghai said on Tuesday that quarantine staff will not enter private homes to disinfect them without permission after a public outcry over the practice during the city’s prolonged lockdown.


Jin Chen, an official from the city government, told a press conference on Tuesday that disinfection is an important link of the Covid pandemic control plan and rules and procedures have been established to disinfect the homes of infected Covid patients.
“The entire procedure was videotaped, and executed in accordance with experts’ instructions, and food in the fridge is disposed of accordingly,” the local government said.


But the officials’ responses were not enough to put the public anger to rest. Some internet posted mocking tips online advising people to protect their home electronics with plastic wrap, taking out food, and even to insure their pianos.

“Please be prepared for the possibility that your pets and plants will die,” one online post warned.

Some residents who live in apartment blocks also fear that there will be mass evacuations as soon as one single case of infection was found given the authorities’ strict policy.

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