pizza time

2017, Sat



Unbelievable. Sherpa’s three week long Tastebuds campaign is in the home stretch! And so is our Pizza Week. Have you checked out deals on Shanghai’s best pies yet? Do it now, and get up to 50% off on your next order!

qr code

As you can imagine, Sherpa’s HQ has been buzzing with all things pepperoni this week. But there’s also another celebration that has stolen our attention – Christmas. And you can’t hide from it. Trust us, our Grinch of an editor has tried.

Whether you like the holiday cheer or not, one can always make use of gift ideas, right? Well, here are our 5 favourite pizza-themed goodies from, not Rovaniemi, but Taobao. Happy shopping!

pizza blanket

You can finally wrap yourself in pizza. A dream come true!

giant pizza

When you want to impress with your housewarming gift… This gigantic plastic pie is 100% customisable. Just stay away from pineapple, ok?

pizza sweater

Reminiscent of Chinese designer Sankuanz’s SS17, this sweater might even get you past security at ALL Club.

pizza phone

Pusheen Cat knows what’s good. Order a pizza = success!!!

home alone pizza

Do you remember The Pizza Delivery Trick scene in Home Alone? Iconic.

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stefan pizza

2017, Fri



Wait, what? Pizza wasn’t created together with the birth of the universe during the Big Bang?

pizza universe

Consider our minds blown. 

pizza spiral crop

The history of pizza begins in the mysts of antiquity. The word ‘pizza’ was first documented in 997AD in Gaeta (now part of central Italy) and was successively mentioned in other parts of central and southern Italy. But it certainly didn’t resemble what we know and love today.

Focaccia was most likely the precursor to pizza. Known to the Romans of the time as panis focacius, this delicious flatbread was topped with a variety of different ingredients.

redy base for pizza in the blade

However, a legendary story exists suggesting that Marco Polo inadvertently brought back pizza to Europe from China when he was trying to recreate a 葱油饼 ‘cong you bing,’ a savoury scallion pancake that’s still common today across the country. In fact, maybe you ate one of these bad boys for breakfast this morning.

cong you bing

Considering though that the word pizza had already been documented in Europe for a few hundred years before Marco’s birth, that story’s probably not true.

marco polo pool

Sorry, Marco.

Pizza, as we know and love it today, came about thanks to the tomato. First brought back to Europe from the Americas in the 16th century, it was commonly believed to be poisonous, and many Europeans avoided it! It wasn’t until the late 18th century that the poor people in Naples began to add tomato to their yeast-based flatbread.

Two tasty pizzas quickly emerged, and purists today still call them the only two real pizzas.



tomato, oregano, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil



tomato, basil, and mozzarella

Pizza slowly started to spread across the world, accompanying Italian immigrants to new lands, but the real international breakthrough came after World War II.  Allied forces stationed in Italy loved pizza and would start to search it out in their homelands after hostilities ended.

In this and dozens of other, similar pictures made at New York's Penn Station in 1944, LIFE's Alfred Eisenstaedt captured a private moment repeated in public millions of times over the course of the war: a guy, a girl, a goodbye Ñ and no assurance that he'll make it back. By war's end, more than 400,000 American troops had been killed.

Pictured: Historically accurate representation of the sentiment for pizza at the time.

Entrepeneurs started to study recipes and import ovens while the first pizza chains like Pizza Hut (1958) would soon follow.

pizza hut

Chefs experimented with different recipes and toppings for pizza which is how a Greek immigrant to Canada invented the Hawaiian Pizza with pineapple and ham in 1962…


…and increasingly crazy items would follow as the humble pizza was further tweaked and adapted to local tastes as the world underwent increasing globalization.

We’ll pass on Papa John’s Japanese shrimp, tuna, and wasabi-mayo pizza, anything with durian on it, and whatever the heck the following picture is, thank you very much.


We want exactly none of this.

The story of pizza’s rise and spread across the world is exactly why you guys now have the opportunity to devour deals on a ton of different styles of awesome pizza right here in China.

Come taste the history today with Sherpa’s and one of your favourite pizza joints!

Sherpa’s Shanghai Pizza Week: Slice Slice Baby!

Sherpa’s Beijing Pizza Week: Slice Slice Baby

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national foods

2017, Tue



In honour of our ongoing deals on your favourite international dishes and our upcoming Tastebuds Food Festival, we’ve decided to take a look at some delicious national dishes from around the world.


Scholars say that a national dish is one that is strongly associated with a particular country. It can be considered a national dish for several reasons.

It’s a staple food of the country, made from a selection of locally available ingredients that are prepared in a distinctive way.

It contains a particular ‘exotic’ ingredient that is produced locally.

It is served as a festive culinary tradition that forms part of a cultural heritage.

During the ages of European empire building, nations worked hard to develop national cuisines that served as a sense of identity and a way to distinguish themselves from rivals. 

National foodie identities are just as important today with UNESCO labeling several beverages, foods, and food-making processes as intangible cultural heritages of humanity.


Lavash – the preparation, meaning, and appearance of this traditional bread

armenia lavash


Beer Culture

belgian beer


Gingerbread Craft

croatia craft

Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Portugal & Spain

The Mediterranean Diet


Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


nk kimchi


(sorry, we had to…)


 French Gastronomy (meaning pretty much everything the French cook)

french feast


Washoku: the culinary traditions of Japan



The traditonal Mexican cuisine


Oman, Qatar, Saudia Arabia & The United Arab Emirates

 Arabic Coffee

arabic coffee

South Korea

Kimjang: the art of making Kimchi



 Turkish Coffee Culture

turkish coffee

Before we get started on our list, due to their diversity, the cuisines of some countries simply cannot be represented by any single national dish. Other countries also share national dishes because the foodie culture is spread across modern borders.

Futhermore, because national dishes are such a point of pride and so interwoven into a nation’s sense of identity, strong emotions can arise when trying to choose a country’s national dish, so don’t get mad at us. Thanks!




It’s hard to choose just one dish, but since we’re fearing the onset of winter, Bisque is our pick.

This smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup is based on the strained broth of crustaceans. It was traditionally made as a way to extract flavour from imperfect shellfish that didn’t look good enough to sell at the market.

Get a taste of France this week with La Cuisine d’Olivier. You can try their traditional French food alongside their special on English-inspired Baked Chicken & Chips. 




Another hard cuisine to choose just one type of dish, but we absolutely love sushi, and so does the rest of the world!  Sushi refers a special type of vinegared rice with ingredients, oftentimes raw seafood, placed on top. Don’t get it confused with sashimi, that’s just the seafood without rice!

Sample Japan as part of our international deals week! Fenghe is offering discounts on their Butterfly Roll, Iza is also serving Miso Salmon Guacamole Rolls, and Naam Thai is handing out a staple of Japanese life: a Bento Box with Sole Fillet




India is a hugely diverse country that’s all about food, making it (again) tough to select one dish, so we went with Khichdi. Embarrassingly enough, we had never heard of it before! Many variations contain rice and lentils (which orginated in India), but other kinds include bajra and mung beans. In Indian culture, it’s one of the first solid foods that babies eat.

They may not be offering this special dish, but Masala Art is discounting their popular Butter Chicken while Bollywood is slashing prices on their Afghani Chicken for our International food week!




Wait, what? It’s not vodka? Seriously? – We kid. Vodka is awesome and would go especially well with these minced meat dumplings called Pelmeni. Minus the sour cream, they look a lot like Chinese dumplings, no?

Dive into fine Russian fare this week with Pushkin. They’re cooking up specials on Beef Stroganoff.


Pad Thai

pad thai

These stir-fried dried rice noodles are loaded up with egg, shrimp, beansprouts, garlic, shallots, tamarind, and fish sauce for an amazing array of flavours. This dish came into being during World War II when the country was experiencing rice shortages. The prime minister encouraged people to eat noodles instead, and this now famous Thai dish was born!

Get your fill of curry today with Chick Rice’s deal on Green Curry + a small Chicken Fried Rice or from Vietnamese restaurant Cyclo’s Cambodian-style Amok Fish Curry.

The United States: Hawaii 



Seriously, if we run into another person who asks us how many hamburgers we eat a day after finding out we’re American… C’mon, everyone knows that Americans only eat two burgers a day! Haha. Although the U.S. is known for burgers, it’s a huge country with a diverse range of food. That’s why we’re looking at the litlte island of Hawaii for the national (state) dish. Poke is a salad of raw seafood with heavily Asian-influenced seasonings like furikake, green onion, soy sauce, and sesame oil. It’s a trendy food right now and can be found in more and more places on the mainland.

Try this awesome dish for an equally awesome price at Little Catch with their Mentaiko Shrimp Poke + Miso Soup combo!

delicious small

Now for life’s important question: what’s for dinner?

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2017, Tue




In the spirit of holiday giving, we’re joining hands with Heart to Heart fund which provides corrective surgery for children from all over China with congenital heart defects (CHD). To date, H2H has sponsored over 1,156 children for heart surgery, transforming the lives of families in need.


Next time you order takeout from Sherpa’s, you can add the tote to your bill just like you would do with cutlery*. Or even better – join the Tastebuds Food Festival this Saturday and check it out yourself! It’s made from cotton canvas, has about a million different uses, and can even fit an Ottolenghi cookbook!

*To purchase cutlery, please ask the courier directly.

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