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We’re keeping it casual this week and as the Sherpa’s team has consumed nothing but pizza for the last week in celebration of Pizza Fest, we took a little break to eat some burgers at Anna’s Bistro.


If you’re looking for a chilled (AC and relaxed) restaurant that cooks up some homestyle favourites without artificial ingredients then this is a great spot. As well as some good coffee and craft beers to guzzle down their burgers are the real favourites, and with a whopping 21 burgers to choose from we were spoilt for choice.

Spicy Chicken & Beef Double Cheeseburger


If you really can’t decide between a beef burger, cheeseburger, or chicken burger then fear not, Anna’s Bistro has the answer. This succulent monster is stacked with a beef patty, spicy chicken, two slices of cheddar cheese, tomato, rocket, mayo and ketchup. It’s a burger for the champs and it really is as good as it looks.

Grilled Chicken Hawaiian Burger


Ok we get it, pineapple shouldn’t be on pizza (discuss), but have you ever tried it in a burger? Nothing says summer like a succulent grilled chicken breast with a juicy slab of fresh pineapple. Top it off with smoked gouda cheese, bacon, coleslaw, mayo, ketchup and an optional helping of happiness. If you’re on the bench about pineapple in a meal, then this burger should settle things for good.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger


Some people prefer not to experiment when it comes to burgers and that’s fair enough because this classic array of layers is famous for a reason. Take one beef patty, smoked gouda cheese, bacon, tomato, rocket, bbq sauce, mayo, and ketchup and you’ve got yourself one great burger. You’re remarkable and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Mint Lamb Cheeseburger


If however, you do like to be a bit different then we should applaud that in a world of sheep, or in this case lamb. It’s a lamb patty with cheddar cheese, mint gravy, tomato, and lettuce. Fresh tasting and a bit lighter than the beef burgers but just as delicious.

If you love a mouthful but without the meat then Anna’s Bistro also has a choice of fish burgers and vegetarian burgers. But, if burgers are really not your thing then their menu also has some home comfort pub grub like fish and chips, roast duck, or sirloin steak.

what3words (三词地址) has divided the world into a grid of 3×3 metre squares, giving each square an address made up of 3 words from the dictionary. Now, hidden gems across the world have a 3 word address which people can easily find, share and navigate to.

anna6 anna7

The entrance to Anna’s Bistro can be found at

///composed.visions.metro and using this address in the what3words app will help you to find Anna’s Bistro with great ease.

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2019, Wed



Pizza. Arguably one of the greatest foods ever to grace the world and our grateful taste buds. When the craving kicks in for a hot slice of melted cheese, tangy tomato and delectable dough, many of us here at Sherpa’s would go great lengths to get our hands on some pizza –but parting ways with the equivalent of ¥570m might be a step too far. However, that’s exactly what Laszlo Hanyecz, a computer programmer from Florida, effectively did back in 2010.


Image by Alexandra Gorn via Unsplash

In May 2010, Hanyecz traded 10,000 bitcoin for two pizzas, in what was believed to be the first real-world transaction using the cryptocurrency. At the time, Bitcoin was worth less than one jiao, making the pizza transaction pretty reasonable; now, one unit of BTC (bitcoin’s official currency) fetches roughly ¥57,000 on the market. We’re sure Hanyecz doesn’t want to be reminded, but if he’d held onto that 10,000 BTC, he’d now be sitting on ¥570m worth of the stuff. We sure hope those two pizzas were worth it.


Image by Icons8 Team via Unsplash

Having only recently opened up about the transaction, American TV network CBS reached out to Hanyecz for further comment on the story. Hanyecz said he actually spent 100,000 bitcoin on various things at the time – including pizza – which means his current fortune could have stood even higher. Now we believe pizza should never be something someone regrets, and thankfully Hanyecz doesn’t look back and wish he’d done differently; instead, he says he was glad to play a part in helping Bitcoin become more popular in its early days.


Image by Peter Bravo via Unsplash

With Sherpa’s Pizza Fest now underway, we’re offering tons of pizza deals that are a whole lot easier to stomach than Hanyecz’s bitcoin bargaining. We’re bringing the pizza party to you, giving away 1000 coupons every day to put towards your pizza, and offering great discounts from your favourite pizzerias across Shanghai.


For a full list of Pizza Fest offers in Shanghai just open up the Sherpa’s App or extract the QR code above.

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2019, Thu



Definitely not off the beaten track but instead comfortably tucked between the ‘xiaolongxia’ eateries of Dingxi Lu, it could be missed if it wasn’t for the brightly lit sign and hip interior.

boxingcat1 boxingcat2 boxingcat3

First Round probably isn’t a joint that has been made popular by its food but in fact by its excellent choice of craft beers on tap and the self-serving beer reverse tap.


Absolute wizardry! 

Having said that, we couldn’t go there and only drink beer so we ordered a few bites as well and actually, we were very pleasantly surprised!

Mala Grilled Chicken Wings


If there’s one thing we know about beer, it’s that spicy snacks is a perfect match. These flavoursome grilled wings have gone for a Sichuan style taste with a zing to it – if you don’t fancy a trip to downtown Spice City then you might be better off with our next option…

TKOrean Flatbread


Take the spice away with a slice of this fancy Korean style flatbread. Topped with beef bulgogi, spinach, kimchi and a sesame and gochujang chilli-bechamel sauce, it’s about as a fancy fusion bar food we’ve ever tried. Full of flavours with a sweet after taste it goes down with one of their craft beers just perfectly.

Helles Fury Sichuan Flatbread


We’re heading straight back to Spice Town with the Helles Fury Sichuan flatbread and it’s only 26RMB when delivered through Sherpa’s (Ends 30th April). Topped with spicy pulled pork, mixed peppers, pickled vegetable and as the name suggests, Sichuan peppercorns and chilli oil. It’s one for the brave, and a great match with their Breast Wishes Milk Stout 5.8% though we can’t guarantee it’s still on tap when you go.

Boxing Cat Signature Burger


If your friends end up dragging you down to First Round without having eaten a proper meal then fear not, the Signature Boxing Cat Burger is actually incredibly good, and it comes with fries, hallelujah!

Boxing Cat Brewery Beer


If you’re wondering if you can enjoy some of their signature beers as well, the answer is yes, There’s currently four Boxing Cat beers available by the bottle through Sherpa’s, so you can enjoy the whole beer/food experience from your own home.

First Round is now delivering through Sherpa’s

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2019, Tue




Image by Starbucks

The temperature is heating up, the sunglasses are on, and the rooftop parties are in full swing; summer is on its way. With it, comes a host of refreshing new products from drinks companies to keep us cool as the sun comes out to play.


Image by @viribabyy via Twitter


Fresh from an unplanned cameo from a rogue coffee cup in Game of Thrones last week, Starbucks US has released a range of colour-changing reusable cups – and unlike Danaerys’ drink, these ones are actually supposed to catch your eye. Sold in packs of five different colours, with matching lids and reusable straws, these clever cups change colour when they reach a certain temperature, so you’ll know your iced coffee is primed and ready to slurp down. The limited editions cups were only available in the US and Canada, selling in-store for roughly 115 RMB, with some packs later seen selling on eBay for nearly ten times the price! We don’t know if they’ll be released elsewhere… so maybe best to keep an eye on your local Starbucks shelves for a head start.


Image by Starbucks

Starbucks (again)

Not content with just one incredibly instagrammable release, Starbucks US has also added the Dragon Drink to their menu. Inspired by social media-born customer hack of ordering certain drinks with coconut milk instead of water, the Dragon Drink combines mango, real diced dragon fruit, coconut milk and ice, this is a concoction that surely tastes as good as it looks.


Image by Coca-Cola


Already one of the most popular and refreshing soft drinks in the world, Coca-Cola are turning their attention to the alcohol industry. They’ve created four ‘Signature Mixers’ designed to be paired with dark spirits, available in some fancy new bottles in the UK. They’ve worked alongside master mixologists to create four enticing flavours: spicy, smoky, woody and herbal, all of which will enhance and add a unique twist to dark spirits.


Image by Smoko


Not technically a drinks brand, but online retailer Smoko is selling something that’s sure to get all milk tea enthusiasts excited. This is the rather adorable Pearl Boba Tea Lamp – an ambient light, and your bedroom’s new best friend. The first batch (understandably) sold out in no time at all, but Pearl is available again to pre-order for mid-June, for the very reasonable cost of around 80 RMB. They won’t be shipping to China for now, but at 5 x3 inches, we’re sure if you ask a visitor nicely they can find some room for Pearl in their suitcase.

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