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2018, Thu



Italy: the former seat of the Roman Empire, the birthplace of the Renaissance, the home of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Donatello, and loaded with more UNESCO World Heritage sites than anywhere else in the world.

romeda vinci

But perhaps the most important: they make some seriously great food.

italian food small

We’re paying homage to the delicious country of Italy from May 14th-20th with a ton of great deals from our partner restaurants.

Check out some of these superb specials below.

Buon Appetito!

Gemma Italian Restaurant

gemma italian food week

Photo: TimeOutShanghai

Get a free il buco gelato ice cream with the purchase of a grilled Australian ribeye steak, super slow-cooked pork belly, herbed sauteed lamb chops, or a pan-fried turbot.

Topolino Pizza

topolino food week

Score a free margherita or pepperoni pizza with the purchase of any other pizza on their menu.


girasole food week

Photo: Dish Maps

Free just tastes better. You’ll snag a complimentary margarita pizza when you buy a delicious parma ham pizza.

The Terrace

the terrace food week

Dig into superb buy one get one free deals on caesar salad and margarita pizza!

brad pitt gratzi

Make sure to visit our webpage to see even more deals and place your orders!

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2018, Wed



All parents know exactly how important it is to feed their kids healthy meals. That means keeping fruit and vegetable snacks on hand, substituting refined products for whole-grains, and keeping Happy Meals out of sight. Easier said than done. Little humans are all new-food-phobic at some point. Just think back to your own childhood. Peas? Ew. Mushrooms? Never!


To give a helping hand to the busy parents of Shanghai, we’ve teamed up with our partner businesses to bring you kid friendly meal sets that are perfect for weekday dinners. Instead of spending time on grocery shopping and cooking, why don’t you relax with your loved ones at home while feasting on restaurant-quality food.

Here’s a selection of deals on offer:

pizza street family set

Pizza Street‘s Family Set B: 2 Pizza + 1 Salad + 4 Soft Drinks (¥198)

dodo whole chicken set

DODU‘s Promotion: Whole Chicken + 4 Soft Drinks (¥320)

hop project set

The Hop Project / Co. Cheese‘s Family Set: 2 Gourmet Cheese Melts + 2 Classic Grilled Cheese + 750ml Sendero Wine (¥250)

southern barbarian set

Southern Barbarian‘s Family Set C: Stir-Fried Spicy Chicken + Braised Pork Rice Noodles + Tofu Sheet + Braised Sweet & Sour Pork Spareribs + Mashed Fava Beans + Stir-Fried Broccoli + 4 Rice (¥198)

To check out the deals near you, click on “Read more” below. Wishing you very satisfying and timely food deliveries!

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work hard eat right

2018, Tue



What’s for dinner?

The question that can turn friends into enemies, tear up happy couples, and disrupt family relationships. Every. Single. Night. According to The New York Post, the average American couple spends 132 hours a year deciding what to eat. Having crunched the numbers for you, that’s about 5.5 days. Damn, does it add up quick.

You could easily spend all this time on…


Watching every episode of Friends.

pinot grigot small

Joining a traditional Buddhist meditation retreat.

reading cat

Learning a new skill.

Why don’t you take the pressure off and browse through Sherpa’s new meal sets for two? We’ve got some pretty awsome deals going on this month that are ideal for sharing (and caring).

work hard eat right

Here’s a selection of dishes that should help you figure out what’s for dinner tonight. Some are naughty, some packed with organic greens. There’s something for every taste.

holy high set 1holy high set 2

Holyhigh‘s Double Set: Tuna & Coddled Egg Energy Bowl + Southeast Asian Curry Chicken Salad + Provencal Knight Juice + California Sunshine Juice (¥125)

hop project set

The Hop Project / Co. Cheese‘s Set for Two: 2 Gourmet Cheese Melts + 2 Bottles of Beer (¥150)

white castle set

White Castle‘s Castle Bombo: 2 Black Truffle Cheeseburger Sliders; 2 Mango Avocado Chicken Sliders; 2 Double Cheese Sliders; 6 Chicken Rings; Jalapeno Cheddar Fries; 3 Fried Mozzarella Sticks; 2 Cokes & Ketchup (¥100)

wheat set1wheat set2

WHEAT‘s Promotion: 2 Spinach & Feta Omelette + 3 Sweet Potato Pancakes (¥140)

To check out the deals near you, visit our website!

We wish you satisfying and timely food deliveries!

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2018, Sat



Have you been enjoying our line-up of superb spring savings?

hell yea

We’re working with our great partner restaurants to give you a free gift when your order hits ¥200.

high five

Check out these great free items, available until Monday, April 30th. Perfect timing for the weekend. Enjoy!


Famous British chain PizzaMarzano is doling out free sweet servings of dough balls and nutella when you spend ¥200 on their crisp salads, authentic pizza, and pasta cooked to perfection. Oh yeah.

Beer Plus

beer plus

Pizza and beer. It’s the ultimate combo. This time when you drink a ton of beer and wake up to discover a pizza, it’s not because you ordered it and forgot about it; it’s because you scored a free 9-inch pizza just for getting your grub on!

Crafted by Bistro Burger


Even when you’re chomping down on tender burgers, pork ribs, and more, there’s always room for a decadent free oreo mudslide. 

Osteria Oyster Bar

osteria fries

Not just any ole’ regular french fries, get ready for free truffle french fries as a reward for enjoying jet-fresh oysters and other great seafood dishes.

Pan Dan Thai Cuisine

pan dan thai dessert

After a meal full of spicy curries, it’s time to cool off with a free coconut milk jelly – just what the doctor ordered.


yukiya cod

Any Japanese salaryman would go crazy to enjoy a free grilled cod just for ordering delectable dishes from his favourite Izakaya. It’s tasty and it’s economical. Sounds like a real win-win situation.

Free just tastes better.

Click here for a look at the complete list of deals!

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