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Take a beef patty, slap on some lettuce and cheese, and you’re done, right?



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Not so fast.



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Thanks to our increasingly connected, globalized world, we’ve got a wonderful selection of flavours and ingredients from around the world to put on our burgers now.


Say it with us, ‘No more boring burgers!’ Let’s check out some of these awesome flavours from around the world.


Korean Kimchi Burger



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There’s no better way to spice up a burger than with spicy kimchi. This fiery hot fermented Korean cabbage not only adds a wonderful kick, but the crunchy kimchi also imparts a nice textural flair.


French Foie Gras Burger



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The word ‘gourmet’ comes from French. Why did the English language adopt a French word to describe food of high quality and people who like said good food? Cuz the French frickin’ invented the concept of culinary awesomeness. Give your burger a touch of haute cuisine with some foie gras – if you’re balling, add some on black truffles for the perfect final touch.


Chinese Roujiamo Burger



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Oh snap. The Chinese already have their own burger! Whoa, it could possibly date back to the year 200BC, which predates the earliest known mention that historians have found for hamburgers in the Western world by nearly 2000 years. Bam, the Chinese actually invented burgers. Now excuse us while we go buy one of these awesome spiced minced pork morsels of joy.


Indian Aloo Tikka Burger

印度Aloo Tikka汉堡


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Well to start things off, the cow is sacred in India and beef isn’t very common on the menu. In order to localize and adapt to the country, McDonalds launched with a series of Indian-style vegetarian burgers. They featured an ‘aloo tikka’ patty made of boiled potatoes and peas seasoned with garlic, spices, and ginger and served it with a variety of chutneys.

好吧,开始吧, 牛在印度是神圣的,所以牛肉在菜单上并不常见。为了本地化和适应这个国家,麦当劳推出了一系列印度风格的素食汉堡。他们以煮烂的土豆和豌豆做的“aloo tikka”饼为特色,配以大蒜、香料和生姜,配上各种辣椒酱。

How about our readers? Do you have any interesting takes on the humble burger? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out all the great deals we’re running right now for our special Sherpa’s burger fest!



Thanks to our love of burgers, we celebrate these wonderful foods with promotions and polls! Plus many of our partner restaurants are helping you wash those beefy burgers down with deals on good beer. Cheers!



To find a list of deals in your city just open the Sherpa’s App and tap the deals icon, for all our other events going on during Burger Fest just click the banner on the homepage of the Sherpa’s App!

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Also, we’d love to hear from you. What are your favourite burgers? Let us know in the comments below. 



Lucky Coupons

Make sure to check the Sherpa’s app Monday through Friday of the fest for your chance to score lucky coupons


Join us in celebrating the humble burger this May & June. Enjoy!

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Sherpa’s New Delivery Option

Woo hoo! Popular internet celebrity burger restaurant SHAKE SHACK is now available for delivery with Sherpa’s. You can enjoy free delivery Fee when you place an order for a limited time only.

网红汉堡店 SHAKE SHACK 终于在食派士上线啦!在食派士下单可享受免配送费活快来和我们一起探索汉堡之旅吧↓↓

The FOOD & Place
Shake Shack, a popular burger shop from New York, offers Angus beef burgers, American hot dogs, chicken burgers, freshly made ice cream, wavy French fries, craft beer, wine, and other classic signature delicacies. Enjoy fresh and high-quality food in a dynamic community gathering space.

Shake Shack作为来自纽约的街头人气汉堡店,提供安格斯牛肉制成的汉堡,美式热狗以及鸡肉汉堡、新鲜打制冰激凌、波浪纹薯条、精酿啤酒、葡萄酒等经典招牌美味,用合宜的价格提供新鲜及高质量的美食,同时也为宾客们带来具有活力的社区相聚空间。


Food Materials
Burgers are cooked to order and made with grain-fed Angus beef, premium chicken and pork and potato bread, and the ice cream is made with cane sugar and dairy (no corn syrup used).



Fine Casual Dining

Fine casual dining not only maintains the convenience of casual fast food, but also incorporates the consistent high standards of fine dining: the coexistence of high-quality raw material procurement and preparation, warm hospitality and service attitude and quality. As the first mover in this new category, they strive to maintain the culinary heritage of the classic American burger joint, while guaranteeing that every guest is served meals and drinks made with carefully selected high-quality ingredients.


 Sherpa’s Burger Fest Event X SHAKE SHACK
As part of our Burger Fest Event, Shake Shack is commited to providing free delivery for all users who place delivery orders via Sherpa’s. Come enjoy this awesome exclusive deal for a limited time only.
本次Shake Shack 与食派士 Burger Fest活动联名合作,所有用户在活动期间内在Shake Shack门店下单即可享受免费配送费!Click to Order>
Much thanks to our awesome partner Shake Shack for joining forces with us to provide delicious burgers!

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Join us in celebrating the humble burger this May & June. Enjoy!

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Along with the blooming flowers and buds, great deals on wine are also blossoming. Soak up the sun, enjoy the nice weather, and sip on delicious wines full of notes of flowers and fruits in the outdoors. Let’s check out these great deals!

Charles de Fère Cuvée Jean Louis Blanc de Blancs Brut, N.V., France


Grape : Chardonnay & Ugni Blanc
Tasting Notes: A light golden color with apple and pear aromas. This wine features a touch of sweetness and acidity together that form a very pleasant mouthfeel. It’s very balanced and highly drinkable.

Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand, 2020/2021


The development of the New Mary Manor is one of the most successful examples of the homegrown New Zealand business spirit, showing the unique terroir charm of New Zealand’s best wine-producing regions.


This pure and fresh Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is transparent light green in the bottle,rich in tropical fruit, green ripe fruit, fragrant grapefruit, and melon notes, and features a slightly sweet taste with mild acidity. 

Concha Y Toro Marques De Casa Concha Pinot Noir, Limarí Valley DO, Chile, 2017


A bright reddish color, this wine features complex aromas of strawberry and raspberry, and toasted French oak. It’s medium-bodied, well-structured, and offers a long-lasting taste on the palate. 


This wine is suitable for many occasions and can be paired with white meats such as pork or quail, as well as fatty fish and shellfish. It also goes great with Asian dishes such as stir-fries and curries.


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