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NEW丨INSTYTUTUM is online now!

尹氏 希望所有人可以拥有无暇美肌

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INSTYTUTUM creates skincare for you with love and attention to every detail.

INSTYTUTUM’s hydrating gel cream Hydrafusion 4D received Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards (Czech Republic) in the category “Skincare: Day and Night Cream”.


INSTYTUTUM was included in @newbeauty’s 10th Annual Beauty Awards naming the top beauty products of the year!


And INSTYTUTUM’s HydraFusion 4D HA Water Burst Cream was awarded their best hydrating gel-cream moisturizer.

“Imagine 100 tiny water balloons bursting on your skin, and the water getting trapped under the surface, plumping everything up.”


X-strength Retinol Serum, Advanced Retinol Toner and Powerful RetinOil are TOP DOCTOR’S CHOICE for all the benefits of retinol without irritation. Dr.Julie Russak is our forever inspiration and the best example of TOP doctor choosing what’s best for patients.

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INSTYTUTUM originates from Switzerland, and is a high-end cosmeceutical brand. The founder of INSTYTUTUM, Dr. Natalila Derkach, has worked with many well-known European medical & pharmaceutical companies.  With more than 30 years in the cosmeceuticla knowledge & professional experience, she has teamed up with 13 medical experts & scientists in the skincare industry to complete product research and development in prestigious laboratories in Switzerland!

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Temperature drop alert!

A nationwide cold wave will affect the southeastern of China next week. From November 20 to 26, light rain and temperature drop will return. Shanghai will face the temperature drop for more than 15℃.


On 22nd, affected by the cold air, temperature will generally slump by 2~9℃ in Shanghai.


Stay warm folks.

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2021, Wed




The Shanghai Marathon has officially been postponed indefinitely, said the organisers of the run in a post on their website on Tuesday, amid rising COVID-19 cases in China.

The run was scheduled for Nov.28, with a total of 18,000 runners signing up for the race.


“Today, we’ve chosen to be cautious, chosen to put the health of runners and city’s citizens first,” said the notice.

Runners were given the opportunity either to get a full refund or hold it until next year’s race.

Both the Beijing and Wuhan marathons have been called off with new dates yet to be determined.

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Shanghai is gearing up for the upcoming China International Import Expo scheduled to be held in China’s financial center from Nov 5-10.


As world’s first national level expo with imports as its theme, CIIE has witnessed three years of fruitful achievements, expansion and highlights.


Many exhibitors and purchasers have become old friends by attending the event each year, while newcomers are continuously joining in as China opens its doors wider.


This year’s CIIE is expected to attract nearly 3,000 business exhibitors from 127 countries and regions with a total of 58 countries and three international organizations participating in the country exhibition.


Around 39 trading groups and 599 subgroups have been drawn to the fourth CIIE for professional procurement.


The total exhibition area of this year’s CIIE will reach 366,000 square meters, 6,000 square meters larger than that of last year.


Jinbao, the panda mascot of the China International Import Expo, as well as all the staff members preparing for the event are ready to welcome guests from home and abroad.

*Source from ChinaDaily



Can I get a ticket as a tourist?

No, tickets only available to registered trade group professional buyers, not to the general public.



What to expect?

List of some exhibitors for 4th CIIE

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