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2018, Fri



You asked, we listened! Sherpa’s now delivers Asian-inspired bites from ban ban‘s popular lunch spot at IAPM. Office workers, health nuts, startup gurus rejoice!

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If you’re new to the game, let us explain why this is significant to so many of our customers who have been checking in since ban ban opened in May last year. Having won the popular vote with “East meets West” dishes that are nutritious, versatile and reasonably priced, this fast-casual restaurant has a DIY element to it that we LOVE.


Are you a picky eater? No stress. You can build your own Buddha bowl by choosing a flavour base among the six varieties currently on offer, add grains/noodles/kale and top it all off with protein of your choice! Easy.

ban ban app menu

Ranging from Vietnamese, Sichuan, Korean and more, below are all the wholesome bowls you can tweak to your liking. Pro tip: Sawadee Kaa with grains and chicken tastes exactly like Thai curry should, only it’s probably better for you.

ban ban soul in seoul

The Soul in Seoul: shiitake mushrooms, kimchi, spinach, sesame sprouts & kalbi sauce.

ban ban hippie in me

Hippie in Me: pumpkin, avocado, edamame, cranberries, almonds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds & sesame seeds.

ban ban sichuan mama

Sichuan Mama: celtuce, pickled cucumber, shiitake mushrooms & chili peanuts.

ban ban hcmc is my jam

HCMC is My Jam: shrimp cake, egg, pickled radish, pickled carrot & woodear mushrooms.

ban ban sawakeda

Sawadee Kaa: pumpkin, papaya slaw, shallot jam, mixed herbs & red curry sauce.

ban ban nikkei sensation

Nikkei Sensation: avocado, pickled cucumber, edamame, wakame seaweed & creamy sriracha sauce.

Which one do you like best?

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2018, Wed




1. a long-drawn, high-pitched complaining cry or sound.

2. (derogatory) a complaint or criticism.


Nobody likes it.

Maybe you’ve just made an awesome charcuterie board, but your friend is complaining because you used the expensive 24-month aged iberico ham instead of the absurdly expensive 36-month aged ham.

Or perhaps Arsenal just won their last football match, but the score was 4-3 instead of 4-0.

It’s also possible that your parents booked a ¥5,000 a night resort on the beach, but there’s simply just too much sand and the employees are too friendly.

desk to head

It’s a good thing this post isn’t about ‘whine’, but rather about:


1. an alcoholic beverage made by fermenting the juice of grapes.

love wine

Everybody likes it.

We’ve just added 5 great new bottles from Treasury Wine Estates with prices and flavours that no one can whine about!

Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Shiraz

Since its first vintage in 1976, ‘Koonunga Hill’s reputation has been built upon its affordable price, its approachability in its youth, and the potential to develop if carefully cellared. Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet is very much a reflection of the Penfolds winemaking style and philosophy. Sourced from premium vineyards across South Australia, the wine is known for its full-flavoured style with excellent Shiraz and Cabernet fruit, firm yet well-rounded structure and balanced oak. Made as a traditional‘ Australian blend’, the Shiraz component provides fleshy fruit flavour while Cabernet provides a frame of fine-grained tannins.

penfolds cab shir

Bright crimson red. A youthful Koonunga Hill disposition arises. Dark sour-cherry, blackberry, rhubarb fruits abound. Aromas of malt/oats/wheat germ with a green olive and pomegranate alert. Integrated, supportive oak awoken. Compact, defined. Pomegranate/plum/dark berry fruits. A white chocolate mousse/creamy dairy chocolate flavour/texture amalgam. On the finish, a charry/smokey impression.

Wolf Blass Red Label Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

Wolf Blass Wines, established in 1966, has grown from a humble tin shed to become one of the world’s most successful and awarded wineries. Today, Wolf Blass wines are exported to more than 50 countries and are recognized internationally as icons of modern winemaking. The essence of Wolf Blass wines is exemplified through the passion of its custodians, past and present, as they continue to create wines of quality, character, and consistency.

wolf cab

Vibrant notes of red fruits and cassis are supported by subtle hints of oak. A medium-bodied, fruit-driven wine rich in red berry flavours, with a soft, plush palate. The finish is long, fresh, and juicy with smooth Cabernet tannins.

Wolf Blass Red Label Chardonnay

wolf char

Pale gold with green hues. Aromas of white peach and pear skin with hints of flint and subtle, spicy oak. A soft, rounded, textural palate with plenty of juicy stone fruit flavours and a long, creamy finish.

Wolf Blass Red Label Pink Muscato

wolf musc

Pale petal pink. Rich, enticing aromatics of sun-warmed grapes, citrus blossom, rose-petals, and sweet, spicy musk. An opulent, yet delicate palate bursting with sweet berry fruit and floral flavours carried along by a gentle, effervescent spritz to a refreshing finish of crisp, balanced acidity, and a hint of musk.

Beringer Main & Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

Beringer Main and Vine series is the result of excellent collaboration between viticulture and winemaking in order to choose fruit at optimal flavor and balance. The vineyards are very bright with ample sunshine to provide perfectly ripe berries to create approachable wines full of fruit and finesse.

beringer cab

Jammy black fruit with balance of vanilla and richness. The fruit is balanced with clove and cookie spices while at the same time being fruit forward and very enjoyable. Grapes were picked at peak maturity to maintain the fruit’s ripe flavors, the winemaking focused on showcasing the rich black fruit flavors and balanced freshness.

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sweet & savoury waffle

2018, Fri



It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally announce that Brut Cake Café’s WeChat-famous Chicken & Waffles is finally available for delivery through Sherpa’s. May all your brunch dreams come true.

sweet & savoury waffle

Sweet & Savoury: 6-spice fried chicken, pickled watermelon radish, candied walnuts and organic jujube honey on crispy waffle (¥82)

Not only does this dish look attractive on your social media feed, it’s also one of the most popular mains at Brut. Have you tried this crispy-yet-chewy goodness yet? If the answer is no, you should because:

1. Chicken & waffles is easily the king of all brunch foods. Your editor wasn’t convinced at first due to a lifelong loyalty to pancakes, but this dish changed the game (just don’t tell that to any Eastern European grandmother).

2. The flavour combinations are simply amazing. Picture two generous chunks of chicken fried to perfection, revealing a super juicy interior that is wrapped in a crispy shell. All this salt and spice is beautifully complemented by the slightly sweet and pillowy waffle while the candied walnuts and a drizzle of jujube honey add a nice finishing touch.

3. It’s enough to feed a village. Just joking. Even though you might require some lounging afterwards, this bad boy is too good to be shared between two. Order individually and don’t let that friend of yours who’s always on a cleanse steal half of the plate!

brut interior 1

brut interior 2

Having evolved from a namesake furniture store on Anfu Lu, Brut Cake Café sets itself apart from other venues with a more mindful ethos. Both Yuyuan and Zhaojiabang locations are made extra cozy with upcycled chairs, heritage fabrics and hand-painted pottery pieces. Nicole Teng, the artist behind the brand, says it’s the little quirks and imperfections that can truly deliver the spirit of the “maker”.

The same crafty approach extends to Brut’s menu created by California-raised chef Jun Wu. Hisculinary philosophy puts emphasis on the quality of the ingredients that equate to a tasty meal. Jun loves to experiment with his dishes and has mastered both Eastern and Western ways of cooking, hence the inception of:

brut manwich

Brut Manwich: Australian beef patty topped with cheddar and onion jam on wholewheat mantou bun (¥68)

brut miso cheesecake

Miso Cheesecake: cream cheese with a little bit of miso sauce to enhace the umami flavour (¥30)

Another highlight at Brut Cake Café is of course, coffee. While Nicole and Jun prefer to stay humble about their carefully sourced single origin beans and beautifully polished latte art techniques, the brew at Brut deserves top marks and is a reason enough to visit. Being wary of gimmicky beverages these days, our team was pleasantly surprised to sample newcomers such as Peanut Butter Sea Salt Latte (¥38) and Whiskey Americano Fizz (¥48). We’re definitely going back for the latter on Fridays.

brut cofffeebrut iced coffee


Who’s hungry? Get your orders in at or download our mobile App for iOS and Android.

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2018, Thu



One of the perks of living in Shanghai is having access to China’s diverse food culture. For many expats, Chinese cuisine has expanded from “General Tso’s Chicken” and “Chop Suey” from a take-out menu to an elaborate feast of shared dishes in which flavors and textures vary between the regions.

Wherever you travel, North or South, locally-sourced ingredients can give you a rough idea about the province’s climate, terrain and ethnic groups. Some bites will be familiar to the palate, others might make things uneasy for the tongue. It’s all part of the experience – getting to know the gastronomic wealth of China.

One of the goals here at Sherpa’s for 2018 is to introduce more Chinese restaurants to our delivery menu. Don’t get us wrong – we love chowing down burgers and milkshakes, but we’re curious about the complexity that China’s fan and cai presents. What else is out there that we haven’t tried yet?


First one on the list: Qian Restaurant 黔香阁. Operating 6 locations in Hongqiao and Pudong (see, we’re not all about the FFC), Qian serves up authentic Guizhou fare that is known to pack a sour-and-spicy punch. While Guizhou cuisine is said to be even more fiery than its neighboring Sichuan staples, the Shanghai-born chefs at Qian have toned down the heat a little. If you can handle eating hot pot at HaiDiLao, you’ll be just fine.

guizhou map

Facts about Guizhou:

·        Demographically one of China’s most diverse provinces

·        Relatively poor and economically undeveloped

·        Subtropical humid climate – pleasant all year round

·        Spectacular natural features

·        Home of the iconic Maotai baijiu

·        Underrated as a travel destination

Curious as ever, we did a test run to see what to expect from Qian and its Guizhou delicacies. Frankly speaking – your editor went in with zero expectations and is now planning a trip to Guiyang, the capital city, sometime this year 

qian food 1

PS: You might want to have a can of Coke at hand to tackle the spice.

 Try swapping rice for Steamed Whole Grains (¥9) that taste a little sweet and pillowy. This small dish pairs well with the saltiness of Silver Anchovies (¥32) that sit on top of wild vegetables and sesame oil. Are you a fan of tofu? Even if the anwser is no, give Tofu Sticks (¥29) a go. Deep-fried and stewed with fennel, herbs, cinnamon and chili, these flavoursome rolls will change your opinion on soy forever. If you’re really adventurous with food and like to walk on the wild side – Mixed Preserved Meat Platter (¥38) is your match! We’re not entirely sure what kind of roots/shoots foraged from the deep forests of Guizhou we bit into, but oh was it ever bitter. For the brave and bold foodies only!

qian tofu & peanuts

Tofu & Peanuts (¥36)

qian fried rice

Fried Rice (¥48)

Fried with pork, egg, celery, sour long beans, heartleaf root, kidney beans, peanuts and chili, this rice dish is almost like a luxury version of your go-to chao fan. It makes for a great leftover option too.

All the highlighted plates are available on Sherpa’s. We’re keen to hear about your dining experience at Qian – please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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