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Eli Falafel

New Venue

Eli Falael (Shanghai Centre)

Authentic tastes of their home country right here in Shanghai. Crowned as the ‘Middle Eastern Restaurant of the Year’ by major foreign media. Get ready to take a journey in search of a bite of real Lebanese flavour.


As one of the most celebrated Middle Eastern restaurants in Shanghai, Eli Falafel has finally come to Shanghai Centre! Their original Wulumuqi Lu location is less a restaurant and more a glorified takeaway counter. Their new location is slightly better, with more and comfier seating.

从食材到调味用心精选,甄选清真品牌肉质,如新鲜牛羊肉、进口蔬菜、橄榄油和调味料等。从开胃菜到纯手工甜品,都来自黎巴嫩老板的独家配方,力求在每个细节完美还原黎巴嫩的味道。作为上海备受欢迎的地道中东餐厅,Eli Falafel终于开了第四家分店,店面宽敞且有户外露台空间!环境好味道赞的正宗黎巴嫩餐厅,还能找到第2家吗?

To celebrate the opening of Eli Falafel’s fouth restaurant all thier restaurants are offering 50% off on Hummus(discount price are vary from store to store).

美好如约而至,Eli Falafel在上海商城又开了一家分店,大家又多了一个见面的地方!为了庆祝,所有门店可享5折鹰嘴豆泥酱(具体价格以各个门店的价格为准)!




The use of low-fat, high-protein ingredients such as chickpeas, olive oil, and quinoa makes Lebanese food a healthy option for those looking to stay in shape. The high nutritional values and low-calorie nature of Eli Falafel’s ingredients also attracts online foodies with their pita bread, barbecue, hummus, and the signature falafel.

鹰嘴豆、橄榄油、藜麦等低脂高蛋白食材的使用,让黎巴嫩菜成为众多超模保持身材的健康之选。Eli falafel食材的高营养和低热量也成就了多款网红菜品,如皮塔饼、烧烤、Hummus,以及招牌 Falafel。


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#New Venue ADDRESS#

room #107, 1f, shanghai centre, 1376 nanjing xi lu
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On the morning of November 29th, the Shanghai Health Commission reported 20 local COVID-19 cases, 158 local asymptomatic cases, and 58 imported cases were detected, including 52 asymptomatic cases.

48-hour negative test for tourist spots

Buckle up. Here we go again. China has seen multiple new records for daily COVID cases recently and the count is also on the rise in Shanghai.

As the case count climbs, tourist spots and cultural areas now require a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test for entrance. Pending test results and on-the-spot rapid antigen tests are no longer accepted. These new regulations apply to the following areas:

·Art Galleries
·A-Level Tourist Attarctions
·Performance and Entertainment Venues
·Internet Bars
·Restaurants & bars
·Shopping complexes
·Department stores
·Wet markets
·Hair & beauty salons
·Baths houses

·Massages parlors

At Least The Testing is Still Free

One good thing though, free PCR testing in Shanghai has been extended through the end of the year. We still gotta take ’em, but at least we don’t have to pay for ’em – yet. 

Like always, rules and regulations will be adjusted according to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic.


New Rules for Returnees to Shanghai
In order to further strengthen the health management of arrivals to Shanghai and better protect the overall safety and health of the general public, the Office of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group issued new measures. The details are as follows:
1. For all those who arrive in Shanghai with a green code, the “Suishen Code” and “Venue Code” and other display interfaces will display a reminder that this person has recently arrived in Shanghai within the last 5 days.
2. People who arrive to Shanghai within the prior 5 days are not allowed to enter catering services (including bars), shopping centers (including department stores), supermarkets, vegetable markets, beauty salons, (foot) baths, indoor fitness centres, singing and dancing venues, and other public places such as entertainment, entertainment halls, Internet cafes, escape rooms, gaming halls, etc.
3. For all people who come to Shanghai, in addition to the requirements of “arrival inspection” and “three-day inspection” and other requirements, a nucleic acid test will be carried out on the fifth day. If the nucleic acid test result is negative,  they will receive an ” uncheck reminder on the display page of the “Suishen Code” and “Site Code”.

4. The above measures will be implemented starting from midnight on November 24, 2022. Follow-up dynamic adjustments will be made according to the epidemic situation and prevention and control requirements.


Hang in there and stay safe, everyone!

For business please contact

mail: katy@sherpa.com.cn

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Where to enjoy delicious Cantonese Dim Sum?
There’s no question about it – It’s got to be at Tim Ho Wan! There are Tim Ho Wan branches found all over the world while the Sham Shui Po Hong Kong branch has won a Michelin one star award for the last 12 years in a row. Their first location in Shanghai has been open for 2 years, and their puffy Char Siew Buns are listed as a #1 dish to try. Each branch is a hit with and highly reviewed by hungry customers.
All Tim Ho Wan shops are decorated in a simple but classy style just like their Hong Kong locations. All the classic dim sum specialties are handmade by Cantonese regional chefs and are steamed to order to ensure maximum freshness. The following four classic dim sum are referred to as the “Four Heavenly Kings” of Tim Ho Wan by customers.



Char Siew Buns

Char Siew Buns have been renowned globally since their first appearance on the 2009 Hong Kong menu. Their crispy outside and delicious inside are a hit with everyone!








Crystal Shrimp Dumplings are made of translucent, thin skins loaded with crunchy and chewy shrimp fillings. The freshness and sweetness of the shrimp will make your taste buds dance after just one bite.






Chive Shrimp

Rice Roll

Yellow chives and shrimp are wrapped inside of a tender and smooth rice roll and drizzled with special sauce on top. Delicious!








This Cantonese Sponge Cake features a sweet addition of brown sugar. It’s fragrant, tender, soft, and tastes like a cake made of clouds.








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2022, Fri



On the morning of November 16th, the Shanghai Health Commission reported 2 local COVID-19 casse, 14 local asymptomatic cases, and 21 imported cases were detected, including 19 asymptomatic cases.


COVID Regulation Relaxation
After record number of cases in parts of the country, new lockdowns, and recommitments to sticking with COVID Zero, we finally have some good news on the pandemic! 
A November 11th announcement from the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council has notified everyone that China is set to relax some anti-epidemic measures. While COVID Zero isn’t going away, these new rules are a welcome relief! Here’re the key points from the announcement, these measures went into place at midnight on Saturday, November 12th.
Traveling Internationally From China
Reduced Quarantine Time
Arrivals to the Chinese mainland now face a reduced quarantine time. There is now only 5 days of centralized quarantine and 3 days of home quarantine – this is the’5+3′ policy.
Arrivals will need to take a daily test on each of the 5 days of centralized quarantine and 2 additional tests during the 3 day home quarantine – on day 1 and day 3. 
No Covid Flight Bans
China no longer bans international flights based on how many of the passengers test positive for COVID after arrival to China. This should increase the number of flights and hopefully decrease the costs as well!
Only 1 COVID Test Required Before Flying to China
Passengers now just need to present one negative nucleic acid test result issued within the prior 48 hours to board their flights. 
Domestic Policy Changes
Quarantine for Close Contacts
Yes! Mirroring the international arrival 5+3 policy, quarantine for close contacts has been reduced from the ‘7+3’ policy to 5 days of centralized quarantine and 3 days of home quarantine.
No More Secondary Close Contacts
This one is huge! People who have been in close contact with close contact individuals no longer have to isolate! This really should cut down on the chances you’ll face quarantine just by going out in public.
Bye Bye Mid-Risk Areas
There are now only ‘low risk’ and ‘high risk’ areas. The ‘medium risk’ label has been dropped. Home Isolation for Spill Over Contacts.
Spill over contacts in high risk areas used to have to undergo centralized quarantine, but they can now isolate at home for the 7 day timeframe. During the home quarantine, QR codes will turn red and tests are required on Day 1, 3, 5, and 7. 
Vaccine Rollout
Citizens will continue to be encouraged to receive vaccine and booster shots. This drive will focus on reaching the elderly. 
Even though COVID Zero isn’t going away, these relaxations are a breath of (uninfected) air.
Hang in there, everyone!
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