6 Spring Festival Traditions You Need To Know

The Spring Festival rush has begun with an estimated 2.99 billion trips to be made from now until March. A time where people travel far and wide to be reunited with their families across the country.

It wasn’t so long ago that the journeys took days to the rural hometowns, but a lot has changed thanks to planes, bullet trains and online ticket purchasing. Though when it comes to customs and traditions in Spring Festival some things haven’t changed. Here are six things (there’s oh so many more) you need to know:


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Perhaps not the most exciting of traditions but cleaning the house is a long-observed custom that’s completed before the start of the New Year. A year-end ‘Spring’ cleaning is a must for every household that wants to dust away the bad luck and get ready for a fresh, clean start.


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As if we needed another excuse to go shopping! Similar to the tradition of cleaning, purchasing new things whether it’s a piece of furniture, clothes, or cups,  symbolizes the welcoming of new things and a new year. Food is also on the list when it comes to shopping, with nuts, fruit and sweets being on the tea table of almost every household.

Eating Dumplings

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Okay, now we’re talking! Perhaps this is just a normal day for most of us but dumplings is an important food during Spring Festival, as mentioned in yesterday’s article – dumplings symbolize wealth. Although the consumption is the highlight, making the dumplings is also one of the first moments immediate families will gather together.

Spring Festival Couplets

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It’s difficult to miss these as nearly every household will stick or hang them outside their door. In ancient times it was just a piece of peach wood that was hung outside and thought to deter bad omens. Nowadays the expression of good wishes will be written on with two vertical scrolls and a horizontal scroll at the top, usually matched with the “Fu” character that is stuck on the door.

Firecrackers and Fireworks

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If you’re staying in the big city then you’re going to be a little disappointed, as the local government has banned fireworks in an effort to tackle air pollution and injuries. If you are however venturing into the more rural areas and towns then expect a tyranny of fireworks and crackers lighting up the skies and deafening your souls.

Family Reunion Dinner

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If you thought Christmas dinner was a feast, you’ve seen nothing. In many cases family members are separated for up to a year while working in the big cities, and the family reunion dinner is the most important time for all. There will be numerous dishes with a whole fish being a must at any dinner table, and just when you thought it was all over, out come the dumplings!