[AD] The BREW Beer Launch Party


The BREW has been hard at work in the lab and is soon to unveil their latest craft beer, called Hop Gangster and will be on BREW MASTER’s Local tap soon. Make sure you attend the launch party on Jun 28th Friday night from 6 pm to 7 pm for a one-hour tasting.


It is a very hoppy IPA with over 14kg of hops for 1200L beer used. 95 IBU. 7.6% Alc.

It has floral, citrus, melon and litchi aroma. You also can taste pine, resinous at the start and grapefruit, passionfruit and Tropical fruits after taste with a good balance at the end. A super clean note and perfect for hop lovers.                                                                                        

The BREW Kerry Hotel 1st floor, 1388 Huamu Road Pudong, Shanghai