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Join the Hutong Races

The next Hutong Races takes place Sunday 7th July, starting ShiChaHai Station 2 pm. Sherpa’s is now the major sponsor for the next game, offering 1000RMB in prizes.


What are the Hutong Races? It’s a chance to explore Beijing like you’ve never done before. In teams of two, three or four, discover the narrow alleys, hidden corners and small hutong shops in the heart of Beijing.


This latest adventure will have you rushing about the mysterious hutongs around the beautiful Jade Canal. Each leg of the race has four questions and a unique challenge: Remote Control boat racing on the river. Devouring a crazy new dessert. Learning to make fermented kombucha. Discovering hidden imperial architecture. Visiting the PingyaoTheatre and be blessed at the Fire God Temple.

races3 races4

The game is ingenious but simple. Choose one of ten hutongs with your mobile phone. Start the clock and race through as quickly as you can, answering historic questions and taking a pic of your team completing the challenge. Then stop the clock. The winner is the fastest over seven hutongs.


Entry is just 50 RMB plus everyone who joins Sherpa’s during the race gets a 50 RMB voucher, so everyone wins! The prize ceremony is at 4 corners in Houhai for a well-earned cold beer, Vietnamese delicacies and Canadian fries.


So see you at the start: ShichahaiStation (line 8) exit A1, near ICBC, Sunday 7 July at 14:00 🙂

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2019, Tue




Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai(MoCA Shanghai) and SenseTime is going to hold the exhibition “Art×AI Series —Elementary World: SmartArt” from 14th June to 14th July at MoCA Pavilion. ArtistElement Lee is cordially invited to create the whole series of artworks for this exhibition. The exhibition news conference will be held at the MoCA on 19th June. There will be three more Art×AI Series exhibitions, which are “Lesson of Practice” by Zhang Ying, “Art Expression of the Shanghai Sky” by Liu Jia Yu and “Interaction with the statue” by Zhou Ho Ho, coming after Lee’s Elementary World: SmartArt. The advanced AI technology of SenseTime such as facial recognition, joint 3D face reconstruction, neutral style and data visualisation are merged with the artworks in the exhibitions to allow spectators to understand AI technology while feeling art. Through mixing art with AI technology, it is hoped that people can sense the beauty of life profoundly.


As said by Miriam Sun, Executive Director of MoCA, “Art is a communication platform without boundary”. By cooperating with SenseTime, a technology company, MoCA aimed to motivate the connection between art and technology, lead viewers to experience and explore art differently and open up a new journey to interact with art and high tech at the same time. Eventually, it could raise awareness of the medium of AI art.


Art and technology seem to have no connection, but actually, they are not. Zhang Lin, general manager of SenseTime, said “SenseTime has opened up the door of technology by AI. MoCA is a window of art. By combining the advantages of both of us, it makes a chemical reaction. I believe that it would bring a lot of surprises when art and technology mix together. Thus, more people can feel “The Art of Sensible AI”.”


In the viewpoint of artist Element Lee, the technique of AI can make art become an automatic art of AI.  The exhibition of ”Elementary World: SmartArt” by Element Lee is now opened for public from 14th June to 14th July in MoCAPavilion, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai. In this unique art space of AI, every visitor can enjoy an all-rounded experience of AI art. By using acrylic, stickers, and recycled device, Lee mixed it with digital as well as hand drawing to create a mysterious wall painting, “AI Adversarial”, which attracts lots of people. The audience can also come and experience the interactive games “West Nanjing Rd. Neural Style” and “AI Adversarial”. For this exhibition, Lee explained that under the theme of AI, the three pieces of artworks contain different experimental intentions. It is a kind of conclusion for technical art history.

art5 art6

Furthermore, not only“Elementary World: SmartArt“, other exhibitions in the Art×AI Series have incorporated the advanced AI technology. For example, in “Lesson of practice”, Zhang Ying reconstructs the actual Vincent van Gogh, and Edward Munch’s 3D faces to allow viewers to interact with the two masters of painting in the exhibition hall. For artist Liu Jia Yu, in their work of “Art Expression of the Shanghai Sky”, she is going to utilise the glass of the Pavilion building to correspond with a window on the other side of the world and let visitors to see the variation of the clouds live in Argentina by using AI remote sensing technology. On the other hand, artist Zhou Ho Ho is trying to turn the statue into a 3D image by using 3D reconstruction technology in the work of “Interaction with Statue”. It leads spectators to see through the inner structure of the sculpture and observe the sculpture in a different dimension.

Moreover, visitors can experience the AI technique by interacting with the artwork. When one successfully having the same posture as the statue in front of it, the digital screen will display the effect “Correct Movement”. The more chances for art and technology incorporation, the higher opportunities people can understand and experience both in daily life.

For the crossover of MoCA and SenseTime in this time, it plays a fundamental role to investigate the direction of blending art and technology. Also, it acts as a bridge between art and technology to let people discuss and explore the two.

Artist information:


Element Lee

Born in 1987 in Henan, China.

From 2012 until now, he is working in Shanghai and focusing on electronic art, wall painting, interactive program, and so on. He mainly concentrates on game design, visionary architecture, landscape aesthetic design, and reconstructing traditional culture in a generation of numbers.

About MoCA Shanghai

Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA Shanghai), founded in 2005, is the first non-profit private contemporary art museum inChina, located in People’s Park in Shanghai. “Gather excellent artworks from all over the world” is our vision when we create the museum. MoCA is also a platform for artists from home and abroad to display their works. As an opening window, it shows the avant-garde art and design from the mainland and the world. At the same time, we are actively engaged in the changes of the contemporary art, exploring the artistic development of China and the world, and continuously enlarging the influence and popularity of the museum itself. As we witness the new waves of museums development, we still look at ourselves and hope to keep improving and continue to broaden the boundary of art, lead the trend of the Times. “Cross+” will become the important direction for the future development of MoCA, we hope that with the vision of the new generation, a fusion of modern technology, integration of multi-cultural field, make MoCA a real sense of “museum of the public”. The year 2018 is the beginning of the next 12 years, and the crossover of arts and technology and other fields will lead MoCA to a new milestone.

About SenseTime

As a world-leading AI company, SenseTIme is assigned by the technology department of China as the new generation to initiate the innovative AI platform. Besides, SenseTime is one of the most valuable innovative AI company with high total financing amount and valuation.

SenseTime takes “LeadAI innovation, Power the future” as their mission. Therefore, they have set up a deep learning platform and supercomputer centre. Also, SenseTime has released a series of leading AI technologies, including facial recognition, autonomous cars, optical character recognition etc. From time to time, SenseTime has become the biggest Artificial Intelligence Algorithms provider inChina.

SenseTime has already cooperated with over 700 well-known international company. For example, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Alibaba, China mobile, Vivo, and so on. Also, it has the highest market share in plenty of the fields, including commercial, finance, retail etc.

SenseTime company is now set up offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Jingdu, Tokyo and Singapore. For more information, feel free to visit the SenseTime website https://www.sensetime.com/?renqun_youhua=389112, Weixin or Weibo account.

Contact us:

Museum of Contemporary ArtShanghai:

Karen  Tel:15601746196;email:karen@mocashanghai.org


张驰 ZhangChi Tel:18616370426; email:zhangchi@sensetime.com

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2019, Sat



[AD] The BREW Beer Launch Party


The BREW has been hard at work in the lab and is soon to unveil their latest craft beer, called Hop Gangster and will be on BREW MASTER’s Local tap soon. Make sure you attend the launch party on Jun 28th Friday night from 6 pm to 7 pm for a one-hour tasting.


It is a very hoppy IPA with over 14kg of hops for 1200L beer used. 95 IBU. 7.6% Alc.

It has floral, citrus, melon and litchi aroma. You also can taste pine, resinous at the start and grapefruit, passionfruit and Tropical fruits after taste with a good balance at the end. A super clean note and perfect for hop lovers.                                                                                        

The BREW Kerry Hotel 1st floor, 1388 Huamu Road Pudong, Shanghai


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summer market1

2019, Fri



summer market1

Join Sherpa’s this Sunday to relax inside and around GoEast’s Shanghai Library campus. Come to shop, eat, drink and play. We’ll be there serving up some ice cold beers, so come and have a chat with us!

summer market2

Aside from Sherpa’s, there will be a variety of international vendors and lifestyle brands with products and services for our beloved expat community! Stroll through our cozy alley, relax on our roof patio or chill inside our shikumen-style house listening to live music.

summermarket3 summermarket4


13:00 to 16:00: Open air market with brands for expats + summer games

14:00 to 14:10: Few welcoming words

14:10 to 14:45: Live music

15:00 to 15:30: Live talk about modern-day Shanghai



Lane 147 Yongfu Road, Building 63

Xuhui District, Shanghai

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