[Sponsored] Thursday Favourite: Tequila Loca

Tequila Loca is a Mexican bar and restaurant known for its margaritas.



Design concept: the restaurant is dominated by brick and wood structure. The walls and window frames along the path are decorated with colored bricks. Wood is used to the maximum in the dining room, where you can see a lot of this shape layout. Round arches, round window frames and even wine racks were arranged in round arches hewn into the walls.


The restaurant is very rich in color, color stripe is used to make flags hanging on the wall, bright colors to decorate as the visual impact and experience between a round light spilt out of warmth and vitality, the distinctive cactus, the design of the sombrero decorated with colored square bricks, lets you feel like you’re in Mexico itself, accompanied by music, Mexico was permeated everywhere in Mexico amorous feelings.



Alcohol features: margarita cocktail series based on tequila; “Tequila Sunrise”, “Sangria” and other classic Mexican cocktails


Tequila Loca makes Salsa from peppers, red tomatoes and a variety of natural seasonings, Guacamole from vitamin-rich avocados, and Tomatillo Sauce from Mexico’s hulled green tomatoes temertino making every dish more healthy and delicious! In addition to serving popular classics like Tucker, avocado, and burritos, our creative chef has incorporated Chipotle, a traditional smoked jalapeno, into his dishes in unexpected ways, jolting the taste buds as if bathed in the Mexican sun.


Tequila Loco is now available to order through Sherpa’s