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b - inserts the <strong> tag, which makes things bold

i - inserts the <em> tag with makes things italic

link - inserts a link to another page. Either highlight the text after typing it, or click the link button, paste your link text, then type the text you want to be the link, in between the <a> tags (<a href="">Link Text Here!</a> becomes Link Text Here!).

blockquote - indents the selection, useful for setting apart a quote from another source

del - also known as strikethrough, puts a line through the selection

ins - also know as underline, underlines the selection

img - inserts an image, have the URL of the image handy (<img src="" alt="optional text when the user hovers the mouse over your image"/>)!

  • ul
  • inserts an unordered list
  • (each item preceded by a bullet point).

  1. ol
  2. inserts an ordered list
  3. (each item preceded by a number in order).

li - the items inside both <ul> and <ol>, example:
<ol> Sweet colors <li>Fuchsia</li> <li>Periwinkle</li> <li>Lilac</li> </ol>

    Sweet colors
  1. Fuchsia
  2. Periwinkle
  3. Lilac

close tags - This button closes whichever tags in your post are still open. HTML tags apply a style to the content between the opening tag (e.g. <em>) and the closing tag (e.g. </em>.

You can use the buttons above the text field to automatically insert the tags (or type them yourself, if you’re fancy).

For example:

Click the "b" to insert a <strong> tag. Type the text you want in bold, then click the "b" again to close.

Blah blah blah <strong>the bold part</strong> blah blah blah.

should come out looking like this:

Blah blah blah the bold part blah blah blah.

You can also write your message, then use the cursor to highlight the part you want to be bold, then only click once on the style you want to apply to your selection.

Happy formatting!