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Pre-order Predicament
“Mornin’!” or “Evenin’!”, depending on when you’re reading this. We’d like to address an issue that’s been brought to our attention: pre-orders. Everyone likes to order in (or order out, we’re not sure what the difference is between those terms). We know that much. So much so that we’ve made an entire business out of it. But there’s something else that’s clear to us but might not be so obvious to you, and that is the fact that pre-orders muck/gunk up our whole system. Allow us to elaborate. While we do offer the option of placing orders before a restaurant opens, or ordering hours before you actually need it, we generally can’t prioritize these pre-orders because it’s difficult to arrange with the restaurants. Telling a restaurant to make food for a delivery three hours from now– while making sure it’s fresh and adheres to our quality standards– is a tough job. We do our best, but we just can’t guarantee a speedy delivery. The restaurants want to make your meal, but since it might have gotten busy by the time you want it, there’s no assurance of timeliness. This is why we put longer-than-usual delivery times on pre-orders– especially during peak hours! So, while we’d love to sort all this out, it’s a tricky business, and until we do, you’re probably best off making your orders when you need them.

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