New Regulations Outline for Foreign Teachers

Last week the Ministry of Education announced in a draft that foreign teachers employed in China can now take up part-time work legally.

That’s great news for all the English teachers out there that have been wanting to take up some extra hours but haven’t because they’re honest law-abiding citizens…


But of course, it’s never as easy as just finding a second job. A signed agreement must be made between the foreign teacher, employee and part-time employer, before being submitted to the Exit and Entry Administration Department that we all know and love.


the draft [Chinese]:

It’s also worth noting that your part-time hours cannot exceed the hours contracting by your current employer.

As well as this change, there will also be stricter system in place to punish and dismiss foreign teachers who commit crimes whilst employed, but also reward good teachers by establishing a foreign credit system.

The State Council listed crimes including taking drugs, sexually assaulting or abusing minors, sexually harassing students that could result in immediate dismissal.

The draft also stated that the education institute will need to conduct a minimum 20 hours of training to teach foreign teachers of China’s laws.

These regulations announced in the draft have been published for ‘public feedback’ until August 21st, then authorities will have the option to revise the draft before formally adopting it.

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Government website link [Chinese]: