【AD】Greenwave’s 10th Anniversary Promotions


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Due to the combined efforts of the entire nation, China has gotten the coronavirus epidemic under control. Many of us are now out of quarantine and going about our daily lives – but as we’ve experienced firsthand, precautions are still being taken to prevent a second wave of outbreak. This is especially so now that the epidemic has leveled up to pandemic outside of China’s borders.


It is during these tense time that Greenwave reaches its 10th anniversary. Ever since its founding in 2010, the company motto has been to put resolving a customer’s needs above all.


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Therefore, this anniversary, we’re celebrating with a sale!  From March 26 to April 30, Greenwave is providing steep discounts on virus protection gear, water filtration, and air filtration technologies.


Take a look below to see if there’s anything you need…


Masks, goggles, and hand sanitizer* are an essential part of any outing outfit lately! Be it work, visiting the store, or just taking a walk in the park, it’s best to be geared up for peace of mind.


*Prices have not been listed due to their recent fluctuation on the market. Please contact customer service for details, we’ll be sure to get you the discounted price! 



As Greenwave is primarily a water filtration company, our water filtration products have been proven effective, high-quality and reliable. We got you covered on environmentally friendly drinking water solutions, softening water to prolong the use of your fixtures, and gentling the water to not irritate any hands now that we’re all washing them 10 times a day!


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We are also licensed to sell Blueair filters. Considering a lot of us and our children are still in quarantine, indoor air quality becomes more important than ever. If you need new, efficient air filters or just need replacement filter cores, this is for you!

我们也具备销售BLUE AIR空气净化器的许可。考虑到很多客户家里都有孩子处于隔离区,室内空气质量变得比以往任何时候都更加重要。无论您需要全新的,高效的空气净化器,还是只需要更换一下滤芯,我们都为您提供服务!


Our partners are also celebrating with us! Take a look at this article to learn more about what they do and the incredible offers they have for Greenwave clients.



We hope this exceptional promotion can help brighten this gloomy start of the year, as helping you gain access to a purer environment thanks to sensational discounts will definitely improve your mood, mindset and life!


Any questions? Ask their customer service!