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It’s time for a pizza party!

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Sherpa’s Pizza Fest 2020 is going strong until April 1st! The fun just doesn’t stop. You can enjoy a huge variety of deep-dish discounts on pizza, pizza combos, and even pizza and beer deals.  In addition, we’re going to try to answer one life’s most contentious issues: 
Does pineapple belong on pizza?


Sotirios ‘Sam’ Panopoulos was born in a small village in Greece in 1934. He later emmigrated to Canada and set up a small eatery called the Satellite Restaurant in Catham, nearly 200 miles away from Toronto. 
Sotirios ‘Sam’ Panopoulos出生于1934年希腊的一个小村庄,后移居加拿大,在距离多伦多200公里远的卡萨姆开了一家名叫“卫星” 的餐厅。
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After hiring a Chinese chef, Sam was introducted to the sweet & sour flavours commonly found in ‘Chinese’ cuisine outside of China. The combination of sweet and savoury fascinated Sam, and he decided to try out pineapple on pizza in 1962, a few years after Hawaii became an official U.S. state.  
To this day, Sam’s creation remains a controversial topic. Some people absolutely love pineapple on pizza while others despise it.
Let’s hear what the experts have to say about the situation:
Pro Pineapple
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First of all, it is scientifically proven that pineapple belongs on pizza. There is nothing better than a little bit of sweetness to cut through a salty snack like pizza. Pineapple adds a much needed pop of sweet to the flavor profile.  
Secondly, pineapple has many health benefits. Pineapple is a tremendous source of Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. These vitamins and minerals help with blood pressure, digestion, and overall health. You can’t hate on topping pizza with something that actually is good for your health. 
Anti Pineapple


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It’s an extremely wet fruit and too much moisture in pizza toppings will ruin the crust (saturate it and make it soggy and flaccid).
It’s over the top sweetness does not pair well with traditional skim milk mozzarella or buffalo mozzarella. Both of those cheeses have about the same salt content as other cheeses but have a much more subtle flavor than say, cheddar.
No matter if you love pineapple on your pizza or just think it should be illegal, Sherpa’s Pizza Fest 2020 has a deal for you!

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How about you? Which camp do you fall into?

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or  上或下!

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