Favorite Thursday: Joe’s Pizza – Second Store on 509 Nanchang Rd

Hi all, our old friend Joe’s Pizza has recently opened their second store at 509 Nanchang Lu.

亲爱的们,我们的老朋友Joe’s Pizza近日在南昌路509号(IAPM环贸商城后门)新开了他们第二家门店。

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Over the years, Joe’s Pizza has become widely recognized as the Best New York slice by restaurant guides and publications such as Time Out New York, Food Insider, Eater, New York Magazine, and GQ Magazine, just to name a few.

多年来Joe’s Pizza最佳纽约披萨的形象深入人心,多家餐饮指南及媒体例如纽约Time OutFood Insider, Eater, 纽约杂志GQ杂志等均有报道。

In Shanghai, Joe’s Pizza has continued that winning tradition having been awarded the city’s Best Pizza by That’s Shanghai and Best Value by Sherpa’s.Joe’s Pizza uses only the finest ingredients – tomatoes from San Marzano, Italy, mozzarella cheese from Wisconsin, USA, and a very special flour blend made just for Joe’s Pizza that gives our slices that quintessential crunch when it comes out of the oven.

Maybe that’s why Joe’s Pizza is the favorite pizza of so many international celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kim Kardashian, and Taeyang, as well as local Chinese celebrities Jackson Wang, Darren Wang, and Vanness Wu – all three of whom have been spotted grabbing slices at Joe’s newly opened location at 509 Nanchang Road, behind IAPM mall.

进入中国市场后,Joe’s Pizza也多次荣获That’s Shanghai最佳披萨奖及食派士的最有价值披萨奖为何Joe’s Pizza深受好评?原因无他,只因Joe’s Pizza选用最佳原材料——产自意大利San Marzano地区的番茄,源自美国威斯康星州的奶酪,以及专为Joe’s Pizza定制生产的面粉!这些用心严选出的原料按完美比例融合在一起,才赋予刚出炉的披萨神奇的魔力,使其面饼香脆,香气扑鼻。正是因为这绝佳的口感,许多国内外明星也是Joe’s Pizza的忠实粉丝。小李子, 卡戴珊, Big Bang的太阳以及王嘉尔,王大陆, 和吴建豪,后三位还亲自到访南昌路509号新店享用披萨哦。


We welcome you to come visit us at either of our stores, Wujiang Road or Nanchang Road, or order delivery using all major platforms. We will be open throughout the Chinese New Year holiday. We look forward to serving you an authentic taste of New York and the best slices in town.

我们衷心欢迎大家来Joe’s Pizza吴江路店和南昌路店品尝正宗美味的纽约披萨,也可以从食派士下单哦。Joe’s Pizza两家门店在春节期间也照常营业,用心为您带来最地道的纽约披萨,期待您的光临!