Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t Get to Go Home for CNY? 春节不回家的人在干嘛?


Spring Festival is just around the corner. For most people it’s a time to travel back to their hometown and celebrate the arrival of a new year with their loved ones. However, not everyone gets to enjoy the festivities.

There’re many important roles that just can’t be put on hold, not even for a few hours. If you’re a white-collar worker enjoying a whole seven days of rest, consider yourself lucky!



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Zhang, a traffic warden in Xi’an, must stick to his post just outside of the ancient city wall during Spring Festival. His children, aged 7 and 9, have a break from their rigorous school schedule and will miss their baba, but they understand the importance of his job. “Of course I’d rather be with my wife and kids, but it’s an important job, especially during this busy time, so I’ll stay at my post and ensure others can get home safely and smoothly to be with their families. I’ll definitely make sure to send my wife a few hongbaos though – a happy life needs a happy wife.”


It’s not only traffic wardens and police officers that need to be on call through the holiday though.



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Xiang, a neurosurgeon in a top hospital in Beijing, also won’t get to return to his hometown of Chengdu for the lunar new year, “I must perform two critical procedures during Spring Festival. What can I say, I’m too busy saving lives to be at home with my family, it’s the life I chose. Without these complicated surgeries, my patients might not ever be able to see their families again. It’s tough, but my family understands my position. My 10 year anniversary is coming up though, so I’ve set aside some time for my wife and I to travel.”



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Let’s not forget the hardworking train drivers making sure everyone gets back to their hometowns. Jin, a train driver from Guangzhou, will be up and down the country for most of the holiday. This is his 3rd year on the job, and although the trains are busy at this time of the year, he enjoys the festive atmosphere and the happy faces that are eager to go home. “Although I will get to spend some time with family, first it’s my duty to make sure others get home to their loved ones safely. I love driving trains, it’s my passion, I wouldn’t give up my job for the world. Choo choo, all aboard! I’ll get everyone home first and then I can relax over a cup of maofeng tea and a game of mahjong with my grandparents in Nansha.



Although not as mission critical as police, doctors, and train drivers, we’d like to highlight one more person who isn’t going back to his hometown for the holiday – Wang moved to Shanghai from Binhai County nearby Yancheng City in Jiangsu almost 5 years ago. You guessed it, he found a job as a Sherpa’s courier! His wife and daughter are staying with his parents while his daughter finishes kindergarden. He chose to earn some extra cash during the holiday to save up for his daughter’s education. “It’s true, I’ll miss my family during the new year, but it’s great to set aside some extra money for my daughter’s schooling. Fortunately, the bus ride back home doesn’t take too long, so it’s pretty easy to visit my family. I’ll probably go back home to catch up in February.”


However you’re spending the holiday, whether it’s on a beach, with family, or staying at home, don’t forget the hardworking people who are still on duty all across the country!


We wish everyone a happy year ahead!