Whiskey Capsule 威士忌胶囊


 image by The Glenlivet Capsule Collection 

图片来自The Glenlivet Capsule Collection

Let’s set the scene. You’ve had a long day. Your boss has just put a fresh pile of paperwork on your desk as you got up to leave; you’ve been asked to draft up a last-minute WeChat article; or the naughty kid in class who probably has an obscure English name like iPhone or Ferrari is up to his usual tricks. One thing’s for sure – you’ve had enough.



Image by Dylan de Jonge via Unsplash 


After successfully negotiating a gruelling journey home on the rush-hour metro, you start to think of the one thing that can make your day feel that bit better – being sat on the sofa, with your favourite whiskey. You get home and to your horror: no glasses. A couple got broken at last weekend’s flat party, and you’re in no mood to go into your flatmates’ room and wash their hoarded glasses up.



Image by The Glenlivet 

图片来自 The Glenlivet

Have no fear: Glenlivet are here to save the day, with the release of their limited-edition Capsule Collection: a serving of whiskey, contained in a soft and edible container made from seaweed. That means no ice, no straws, no stirrers, and of course, no glasses.



Image by Adam Wilson via Unsplash 


Now, immediate glassware-related benefits aside, these clever capsules could do plenty of other good too. Seaweed is one of nature’s most renewable resources -so pesky plastic cups wouldn’t be needed in bars and capsule-serving restaurants – and they’re a whole lot lighter than packaging and sending glass bottles, reducing the carbon used to transport Glenlivet’s goods.



Image by The Glenlivet and Alternative Obedience via Twitter 


The idea hasn’t been positively received all over though – some online users have compared the capsules to Tide Pods (laundry tabs which endured the rather ridiculous trend of being eaten), and others who think the scent, taste and overall whiskey experience just won’t be the same in capsule form.



Image by The Glenlivet via Twitter 


The tabs have got the go ahead for London Cocktail Week in the UK, and are patiently waiting for approval in the US, but if this is the way forward for a more sustainable drinks industry – we’ll ganbei to that.