5 Coolest Movie Theaters in the World 世界上最酷的5家电影院

Going to catch a movie with friends or loved ones can be a great night out as it is, but there are some movie theaters that have taken things up a notch. We’ve listed six of the coolest movie theaters in the world, surprisingly nothing from China yet but we’re sure it won’t be long, so stay tuned!


Alamo Drafthouse, Texas, USA

美国德克萨斯州的Alamo Drafthouse


Image by Nick Simonite via CNN Travel 图片来自CNN Travel

You’re probably wondering why this movie theatre looks more like a lecture hall, well that’s because not only does Alamo Drafthouse wait alcohol to your seat but also a selection of hot meals! Every foodie-cinephile’s dream! They also have four strict rules, no children under the age of six, no advertisements, no phones, and no talking – just lot’s of chewing mouths instead – we can live with that!


Rajmandir Theater, Jaipur, India



Image by Robin Hickmott via Flickr 图片来自Flickr

For the ultimate Bollywood experience, there’s only one cinema to visit, and that’s this fascinating movie theater in Jaipur, India. It opened in 1976 and the pink exterior is just as spectacular as the theater itself that seats an incredible 1,200 people – expect roaring applauds from the locals and huge portions of snacks!


Kino International, Berlin, Germany

德国柏林的Kino International影院


Image by a_marga via Flickr 图片来自Flickr

Not as aesthetically spectacular as the Rajmandir, but with a rich history, this 1960s cinema is pretty cool. It is situated along Karl Marx Allee and until 1989 it was the main theater for premieres in the GDR, now it continues to boast a well-rounded program and continues to host a strong list of premieres, festivals and parties.


Electric Cinema, London, England

英国伦敦的Electric Cinema


Image by Electric Cinema via Facebook 图片来自Facebook

Incase VIP seats aren’t enough for you, then take a trip to London and lounge out on one of the velvet red front row beds at Electric Cinema, complete with cushions and blankets. If you’re not willing to splash out then there are plush armchairs or back-row sofas to kick it.


Hot Tub Cinema, Worldwide



Image by Hot Tub Cinema 图片来自Hot Tub Cinema

This London-initiative sets up their hot tubs in amazing locations across the world and shows favourite films while you chill in a bubbling pool with up to eight of your friends. Sounds pretty awesome if you don’t mind looking like a prune at the end of the movie.


Have you been to any of these cinemas? Is there one you think should’ve made the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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