Mid-Autumn Festival Food You Have To Try! 一定要尝尝的中秋节佳肴!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We hope your long weekend is off to a good start. Like any Chinese festival, food plays a big part in the celebrations of mid-autumn festival, the most popular being mooncakes, but what other food is enjoyed and why?


We’ve put together a scrumptious list of popular food you can eat over this glorious festival that celebrates the season’s harvest.


Duck 鸭肉


Image via Unsplash 图片来自Unsplash

You don’t need to go very far to find this delicacy, especially in Mid-Autumn Festival as it is the most popular food after mooncakes. Chinese people believe it plays an important part in keeping the yin yang balance in our body, thus to enhance health.


Pumpkins 南瓜


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Much like western countries, the pumpkin becomes a popular vegetable through the autumn months. Eating pumpkin on the night of Mid-Autumn Festival is believed to bring good health because of its round golden appearance.


River Snails  田螺


Image via Wikimedia Commons 图片来自Wikimedia Commons

In the south of China, particularly for Cantonese people, river snails are an important dish and is thought to help brighten the eyes. Because of its strong odour, it is often cooked with medicinal herbs.


Taro 芋头


Taro cake – image via Max Pixel 图片来自Max Pixel

People love the fresh and soft texture of taro and it becomes a versatile vegetable during Autumn used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Since the Qing Dynasty, it is believed that eating taro during the Mid-Autumn Festival will dispel bad luck and bring good luck and wealth.


Hairy Crab 大闸蟹


Shanghai Hairy Crab – Image via Wikimedia Commons 图片来自Wikimedia Commons

Eating hairy crab has become a popular delicacy in recent years and they’re at their best in September and October, being richest in protein and amino acids. The custom of eating them originated from Jiangsu and Zhejiang but is now popular across southern China.