The World’s First Cheese Conveyor Belt Exists 世界上第一个回转奶酪诞生


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Conveyor belt food isnothing new. It started out as early as 1958, when Japanese restaurant manager Yoshiaki Shiraishi took a novel approach to dealing with staff shortages in his small sushi joint. He invented kaitenzushi – translated literally to ‘rotating sushi’ – a restaurant style where the fish dishes make their way through the restaurant on a conveyor belt, waiting for hungry guests to pick off their favourite.

回转食物不是什么新鲜事物。早在1958年,日本餐厅高管Yoshiaki Shiraishi想了一种新方法来应对服务员短缺的问题。他发明了Kaitenzushi——翻译过来就是“回转寿司”,也就是一种餐厅风格,可以把餐盘放在一条回转带上,这样就可以经过整间餐厅让饥饿的客人挑选他们最爱的食物了。


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Sushi trains should all be familiar to most of you (if not, get yourself down to a kaitenzushi restaurant!), but how about putting other foods on the brilliant belts and letting guests serve themselves? Well, that’s just what one London restaurant has decided to do.



Image by Pick & Cheese 图片来自 Pick & Cheese

Pick & Cheese has just opened in London’s Covent Garden area – and it’s the world’s first restaurant with a cheese conveyor belt. Rather than the usual salmon nigiri and tuna homosaki snaking through the restaurant, you can instead expect to see the likes of gouda, cheddar and pecorino slowly gliding past you – as well as some cured meat plates added in for good measure.

Pick & Cheese在伦敦考文特花园区域新开张,这也是世界上第一家拥有回转奶酪的餐厅。没有寻常的三文鱼寿司和金枪鱼小吃,你可以在这家餐厅邂逅高德干酪、车打奶酪和羊乳干酪,他们会在你身边慢慢飘过——此外也会有一些腊肉拼盘等。


Image by @thecheesebarldn via Instagram 图片来自Instagram

The cheese chunks are accompanied by condiments, and there are waiters on hand to offer expert tips on wine pairings for the 25+ cheese options. While it might be easy to get carried away, you’re best advised to keep an eye on the number of colour-coded plates you’re plucking off the 40-metre belt – they can pile up quick! If you still haven’t quite had your fill of cheese, even the soft-serve ice cream is infused with brie.


Unfortunately, the conveyor belt doesn’t quite reach all the way to your door in China – but leave it our delivery drivers, and they’ll make sure your food gets to you just as easily.