Burger Fest: Tons of Coupons & Burger Deals Every Day


Is there anything that can beat a good burger? They can be very simple or as complex as you can imagine – but they’re all tasty. Whether you’re out grilling a juicy beef burger, hitting up McDonald’s for the Sichuan spicy chicken burger, or chowing down on a gourmet wagyu Aussie burger with beetroot and egg, you know you’re in for a good time. Heck, black bean vegetarian burgers are awesome as well!



Our love of burgers is what led us to dedicate an entire three weeks (Sept. 2 – 22nd) to celebrate these magical meals with deals, prize giveaways, and more! Plus many of our partner restaurants are helping you wash those beefy burgers down with deals on good beer. Cheers!

我们对汉堡的热爱让我们愿意花整整三周的时间(9月2日- 22日)来庆祝这些神奇的食物,包括优惠、奖品和更多!另外,我们的许多合作餐厅正在进行一系列啤酒促销,帮助你更好地享用汉堡。干杯!

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Sherpa’s has been delivering burgers to hungry expats and locals alike for 20 years now. Our friendly bilingual service and top-quality licensed partner restaurants make us a better way to get your burger fix.



Join our Burger Fest to score amazing deals, snag daily coupons,   and vote for your favourite burger joints.


Coupon Giveaway 每日红包送出

Each and every day of the fest, we are giving away coupons to new and existing users to help you beef up. Just check your app to score your coupons. It’s as easy as that.



Burger & Beer Deals 汉堡和啤酒促销

Tons of our great partner eateries across Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou  are joing the fun to offer you some incredible deals on your favourite burgers (and beer). The only problem is trying to decide which ones to eat. Unless you can finish them all?



To find a list of deals in your city just open the Sherpa’s App and tap the deals icon, for all our other events going on during Burger Fest just click the banner on the homepage of the Sherpa’s App!



Sherpa’s Food Awards 2019 


During the course of the fest, you’ll also be able to help your favourite burger eateries achieve eternal burger fame by voting them to stardom in the following five categories:


Best Burger Restaurant

Best Value Burger Restaurant

Best Vegetable Burger

Best Meat Burger

Best Signature Burger

Slide to the bottom of the article and tap ‘Read More’ to join!