The Wackiest Food Creations at Smorgasburg Festival 2019

Every year from April until November, the lucky people of Brooklyn, New York head on down to Smorgasburg – the largest weekly open-air food festival in the US. The Saturday edition is held by the river in Williamsburg, with Sunday sessions over in Prospect Park, together welcoming 20,000-30,000 visitors.



Image by smorgasburg_dcvia Instagram 图片来自Instagram

You can expect to find all the usual modern food market suspects here – comfort foods, small-batch artisan grub and craft beers and coffee – but also plenty of vendors who seem set on outdoing each other with the craziest flavour combos and colours. Here are some of the most outrageous creations seen at this year’s Smorgasburg.



Image by The Pizza Cupcake via Facebook 图片来自Facebook

Pizza Cupcakes 披萨纸杯蛋糕

Pizza? Good. Cupcakes? Good. Pizza Cupcakes? Gooooood. The aptly named Pizza Cupcake has been making the savoury treats for less than a year, but they’ve already kicked up quite a storm – and with melted cheese and tangy tomato sauce encased in dough balls, it’s easy to see why.



Image by Pop Pasta via Facebook 图片来自 Facebook

Spaghetti Donuts 炸意面圈

Keeping with the Italian-staple-meets-sweet-treat theme, we introduce the Spaghetti Donut. Traditional Neapolitan spaghetti pie is made using leftover pasta, eggs and cheese. This is prepared in a similar fashion, only then shaped into that familiar holey round – and comes in red sauce, Bolognese, or carbonara flavour.



Image by The Better Pop via Facebook 图片来自 Facebook

Kombucha Popsicle 红茶菌棒冰

Having only recently burst onto the scene itself, kombucha (a fermented slightly fizzy tea drink) is now being used to make funky concoctions. Not only do they look good, these vegan ice-pops look good too as they’re full of probiotics, vitamins and minerals, and there’s no added sugar.



Image by Dulcinea via Facebook 图片来自 Facebook

Churro Ice-Cream Sandwiches 油炸冰淇淋三明治

Now for a creation that’s definitely not quite as healthy – but just look at it. Dulcinea has taken the cookie outer layers of the traditional ice-cream sandwich, and replaced them with sugar-coated churros filled with dulce de leche, chocolate sauce, Nutella or passionfruit. Napkins at the ready – this one could get messy.



Image by smorgasburg via Instagram 图片来自 Instagram


Ube…well, anything 紫山药糕搭配各种食物

Ube is the short name for ube halaya, a Filipino dessert made of boiled and mashed purple yams, often with condensed milk added. It’s naturally a perfect Instagram-ready purple, making it the perfect ingredient to bring a touch of colour to nearly anything. The gang at Smorgasburg haven’t held back with it, adding it to ice cream, cheesecake and even burger buns.