4 Horror Movies For Scaredy Cats 为胆小鬼准备的4部恐怖电影

It’s always exciting watching a new movie, especially one you’ve heard great things about – but what do you do when you realise it’s a ‘Horror’ movie? For some of us, it’s no worry, we like a scare and are still able to have a comfortable nights sleep, however, some people prefer to avoid horror movies at all costs.


Well, we’ve picked out six horror movies you can still enjoy, even if you’re a bit of a scaredy-cat.


It Chapter One 小丑回魂


Image via Warner Bros 图片来自Warner Bros

It’s just a bunch of kids fighting off a clown – really, how scary can it be? Unless you have a terrible phobia of clowns then It Chapter One is going to give you a couple of frights without several sleepless nights. Although it is considered a horror movie, it is much more of a fantasy/thriller movie.


Final Destination  最终目的地


Image via New Line Cinema 图片来自New Line Cinema

Even if you hate horror films, Final Destination offers a humourous and predictable set of scenarios with people escaping death. By the fifth movie you only need to watch ten minutes before writing the rest yourself – just make sure you don’t start over-analyzing every situation you face.


Get Out 逃出绝命镇 


Image via Universal Pictures

For most people it’s the blood and gore that puts them off watching horror movies, however, Get Out has little to none. What it does offer is suspense and some dark humour as the lead character tries to escape the house of his girlfriend’s parents.


Donnie Darko 死亡幻觉


Image via Newmarket Films 图片来自Newmarket Films 

Donnie Darko has become nothing less than a cult classic, and with an amazing performance by Jake Gyllenhaal, you really can’t call yourself a movie buff unless you’ve seen it. Although it might be hard to get the image of the six-foot-tall demonic bunny out of your head, it will definitely leave you with several questions and talking points.


So don’t let the genre of ‘horror’ put you off watching these great movies. If things do get too creepy just distract yourself with a slice of pizza you’ve ordered from Sherpa’s!


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