Weather Warning: Typhoon Lekima is Coming! 天气预警:超强台风利奇马来袭!


Image via Wikimedia Commons  图片来自:维基百科

All hail Mother Nature! If you’ve been in China any longer than a year you’ll know that when summer comes, so does typhoons. The Shanghai Meteorological Bureau has warned that Typhoon Lekima is expected to hit Shanghai this weekend, bringing heavy rains, strong winds and possible flooding.


Lekima is the 9th typhoon of the season to hit China, at this moment it is just off the mainland coast in North Taiwan. According to KBS World Radio, it will reach Shanghai on Sunday and could also affect Suzhou.


Shanghai weather forecast for today and tomorrow:


Cloudy with scattered showers, tonight to tomorrow cloudy with showers or thunderstorms, rain can reach the level of heavy rain. East to northeast wind 5 gusts of 6-7, 6 gusts of 7-8 in coastal areas along the river, starting tonight 6 gusts of 7-8, 7-8 gusts of 7-8 in coastal areas along the river. The highest temperature today is 32 degrees, and the lowest tomorrow is 27 degrees. Relative humidity today is 65% to 95%.


Because of the approaching typhoon, there will be disruption in travel and several airlines have already cancelled flights ahead of Typhoon Lekima. You can change more information with the Airlines Customer Service Hotline.



As well as airlines multiple high-speed train operations will be suspended over the weekend in Shanghai. Passengers are advised to call the Railway Customer Service Center of China, 021-12306, or check the 12306 official website.


With weather being so unpredictable there is a chance it will lose momentum or change its trajectory. We suggest you keep a close eye on the weather forecast in your area and stay safe if you’re outside.