The 6 Best Hangover Foods 六种宿醉后适合的食物

We love summer! Pool parties, day drinking, rooftop cocktails, and horrendous hangovers – okay that part we don’t love! For some reason when we’re in the moment we never consider just how bad we’re going to feel the next morning, and if you don’t treat your hangover right then your whole day is ruined.



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So, here are the six best foods to cure your hangover and get you feeling like yourself again.


Bananas 香蕉


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When we drink too much alcohol our body gets dehydrated and loses key mineral and nutrients including potassium. Bananas are particularly rich in potassium contributing 12% to the recommended daily value, it’s even better if you remember to eat one after your night out!


Avocado 牛油果(鳄梨)


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It’s another excuse to eat more avocados! Like bananas, avocados also have a high potassium content. Moreover, research shows that avocados protect the liver against injury and illness so it can be especially beneficial on a hangover.


Meat 肉类


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Alcohol prevents your body from absorbing essential amino acids and too much alcohol can lead to amino acid deficiencies. So, we fully condone eating meat on a hangover as it has a high protein content, and if there’s anything we learned in science class it’s that your body breaks down protein into amino acids when digested. That double bacon cheeseburger is looking like a good choice!


Eggs 蛋类


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Drinking alcohol decreases the body’s level of glutathione, without it your body will have a hard time getting rid of the toxic byproducts of alcohol metabolism. Eggs are rich in cysteine, an amino acid which helps your body to produce glutathione, so if you’re a vegetarian then eggs are a great alternative to meat and will see you well on your way to recovery.


Watermelon 西瓜


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Do we really need an excuse to eat watermelon on a summer’s day? Not only does its high water content help you to hydrate but it is rich in L-citrulline, which can increase blood flow. So, if headaches are a common symptom of your hangovers then watermelon will help to increase blood flow to the brain.


Ginger 姜


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Whether it’s tea, in a smoothie or eaten whole, ginger is an effective remedy for nausea. As one of the most common symptoms with hangovers is stomach upset, you might want to ask for extra ginger in that Wagas smoothie.