Kebabs on the Grill New Location

Arguably one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Shanghai has recently opened a new location on Fangdian Road Thumb Plaza. This exquisite restaurant serves up authentic curry and kebabs cooked in their tandoori oven.

keb1 keb2

To celebrate their new opening they’re offering a promotion on all vegetable and chicken curries at a special price of 48RMB. So head down to their new location or make an order through Sherpa’s!


Bhindi Masala


Chicken Vindaloo

Kebabs on the Grille serve mouth-watering kebabs cooked in the Tandoor (Indian clay oven), as well as creamy gravies, rice, dals (lentil dishes), and Indian desserts. Delight your taste buds and expand your culinary horizons with this authentic Royal Indian cuisine. Now at 5 locations: The Cool Docks, People’s Square, Laowaijie, Jiashan Lu and Fangdian Lu.

The new branch is:

Kebabs on the Grille Pudong Thumb Plaza – Lane 199, Fangdian Lu, Thumb Plaza, No 225, 2nd Floor.