Now Delivering: Sina’s Fine Food

If you like authentic German food, look no further than Sina’s Fine Food.

Sina is the owner of her namesake restaurant. She ensures that all delivery orders are sent out with the utmost care. The chef Hans creates all the dishes and makes sure they taste great. The menu is divided into three sections: starters, mains, and desserts. There’s also a top-notch selection of beverages along with sausages for bbq season! Not only do they offer a big selection of “Bratwurst” from pork, but also made with chicken and beef.

sina1 sina2

You might’ve already seen the couple at your local food market selling cured meats, sausages and other western delicacies. Now, you can enjoy chef Hans cooking up some German delicacies with Sherpa’s delivering it straight to your door.


And as the summer gets in full swing you can also enjoy barbecued meats, like Thuringia sausages, and the south German bestseller Munich White Sausages with a side of sweet mustard.


That’s just the German traditional food that we’re all familiar with, but for Germans, there is more to enjoy when it comes to hearty meals. The schnitzel is a popular dish for most Germans and it’s often served with potatoes and steamed vegetables.


If pork or chicken is not your thing and you’re craving some roast beef then Sina’s Fine Food has your fix. Their roast beef with dumplings (Klöße in German) and red cabbage is about authentic as you’ll ever find in China.


But what good is good food when it’s not packaged properly? Sina´s Fine Food take the utmost care in the packaging of their food, with a ‘Top’ sticker on the lid and well-packaged means it can arrive to you intact and still hot. As well as classic German main dishes they also have a range of starters and desserts, open the Sherpa’s App to see their full menu!