Scientists Say Pizza is a Healthier Breakfast than Cereal


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You might have realised this by now, but just in case you’ve forgotten – we LOVE pizza. So we were delighted to hear the recent news from New York-based nutritionist Chelsey Amer, who claims a slice of pizza is a healthier choice come breakfast time than a bowl of cereal.


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First up, the case against cereal. From marshmallows to chocolate to just artificial fruit flavours, some cereals are packed full of sugar. Yes, they might taste good, but a bowlful of sugar is hardly the cornerstone of a nutritious breakfast. It might spike your energy levels and give you a spring in your step as you set out on your commute to work, but you’ll come crashing down soon after and craving another sugar high in no time.


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There are plenty of low or no sugar cereals, but they’re near completely devoid of protein or any sign of healthy fats. A slice of pizza on the other hand, packs in a lot more protein which will keep you feeling fuller for longer – and at roughly the same number of calories as a bowl of cereal with whole milk.


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This is of course a bit of a generalisation. A cereal packed with whole grains, nuts, and seeds, and top it off with lower fat or plant-based milk is naturally going to be a lot healthier than digging into a gloriously-greasy pizza slice. But this research should make you feel a lot better about digging into last nights leftover pizza for breakfast. Science says so.


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