Thursday Favourite: The Isles

Don’t pay attention to what they tell you about British food, for this Thursday Favourite we’re going to convince you otherwise with The Isles. It offers an authentically British experience to Shanghai diners, so much so it has even applied to become a member of the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF), to ensure training and quality assurance for their fish and chips.

If fish and chips really isn’t your thing, then fear not, there’s plenty more to choose from and even some new 2019 additions to their menu, which we went to try out.

Mini English Breakfast


A Handmade Bread cup with cherry tomatoes and Portobello mushroom, fried eggs, grilled pork sausage, grilled bacon, baked beans and salad. It’s not the full English you’ve been craving but certainly hits the spot and filling enough to start your day off well!

Cod Fish Wellington


A take on the classic Beef Wellington, the Cod Fish Wellington has a rich flaky pastry with freshly baked cod fish inside. It’s a hearty meal and something a bit different while still incorporating some classic British flavours.

Roasted Tilapia


If you’re looking for something a bit healthier and nutritious then the whole Roasted Tilapia is the fish for those who aren’t fish fanatics. Mild tasting but well seasoned with lemon, spices and herbs it’s an alternative from the heavier fried fish and chips.

Snack Platter


Some people like sharing their food, and that’s okay – the Snack Platter is created for that. A range of unique tastes and flavours including meat skewers and nuts, it goes down well it a summer beverage.

what3words (三词地址) has divided the world into a grid of 3×3 metre squares, giving each square an address made up of 3 words from the dictionary. Now, hidden gems across the world have a 3 word address which people can easily find, share and navigate to.

isles5 isles6

The Isles has two locations and can be found at:

Wujiaochang Wanda


Chinese: ///优待.初学.雪花

Raffles City

English: ///topmost.sleeping.parrot

Chinese: ///开门.对外.入眠

Using these addresses in the what3words app will help you to find The Isles with great ease.