It’s the Final Week of Pizza Fest!


It’s a fact: Pizza is good and it’s always love at first bite. A food which origins are as old as the history of China, pizza has been loved by nations across the world for decades. And you’ve got one more week to celebrate this wondrous all-in-one magical meal with pizza deals, giveaways, awards, and more!


Sherpa’s has been delivering pizzas (and more) to hungry expats and locals alike for 20 years. With a friendly bilingual service and partnering with only top-quality licensed restaurants, it’s a better way to order pizza.


Join our Pizza Fest to win daily coupons, get amazing pizza deals, vote for your favourite pizza restaurant, and get the chance to win a pizzarific Sherpa’s pizza pillow!

Coupon Giveaway

Every day we are giving away 1000 coupons to both new and existing users to help you gorge on pizza throughout the Sherpa’s Pizza Fest.


Pizza Deals

We have teamed up with pizzerias across Shanghai, Beijing, and Suzhou to bring you some incredible deals on your favourite pizza. If there’s ever a time to have a pizza party, it’s now!


To find a list of deals in your city just open the Sherpa’s App and tap the deals icon, for all our other events going on during Pizza Fest just click the banner on the homepage of the Sherpa’s App!