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8 Foods You Should Never Order On A First Date

First dates can be intimidating. You’re not sure whether your outfit is cool enough, or if the other person actually resembles his/her dating profile. At least you can count on some golden rules when ordering dinner. Next time, it’s probably better for your love life to skip on these 8 foods listed below. Unless you willingly volunteer yourself for a disaster!


We love a hearty plate of Lanzhou lamian, but have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after chowing it down? Chili oil and sauce splatters everywhere! If you want to show your fascination with local eats, opt for anything else but noodles.


Soft shell. Hard shell. Soft shell wrapped in hard shell. Whatever works best for you, be cautious when ordering tacos on your date as there will be no multitasking. It’s almost impossible to keep your focus on the person sitting across you while keeping the tacos intact.

wing sauce

There are couple of really dank wings deals at bars around the city, but you wouldn’t want to see your date, hands deep, in ranch. Save it for later when you’ve both got accustomed to each others nasty habits.

crag leg small

Chinese people seem to have superpowers when it comes to eating shellfish neatly. Have you seen how your Shanghai friends eat stuff like prawns? Mad skills. But you, my fellow laowai, forget about it.

ate the sun

Indian food can be somewhat tricky on a first date. The cuisine is absolutely divine, but it involves a lot of spices, beans and lentils. Probably a lot more than your tummy could handle. Chat over curry and naan when you’ve already gotten past the awkward phase.

julia dreyfus

Hot dogs pose an interesting dilemma. Do you bite it just a little? Squish the damn thing in your mouth? Lick the condiments first to stop the dripping? Things might get too graphic, you’ve been warned!

sushi mouth

When sushi is poorly made, it can result in sloppy rolls with all the fillings falling out. Another dreaded scenario – oversized maki rolls that hardly fit in your mouth. Oops!

liquid dinner

Liquid dinner. Need we say more?