Discover Sherpa’s Family Sets That Kids Will Love

All parents know exactly how important it is to feed their kids healthy meals. That means keeping fruit and vegetable snacks on hand, substituting refined products for whole-grains, and keeping Happy Meals out of sight. Easier said than done. Little humans are all new-food-phobic at some point. Just think back to your own childhood. Peas? Ew. Mushrooms? Never!


To give a helping hand to the busy parents of Shanghai, we’ve teamed up with our partner businesses to bring you kid friendly meal sets that are perfect for weekday dinners. Instead of spending time on grocery shopping and cooking, why don’t you relax with your loved ones at home while feasting on restaurant-quality food.

Here’s a selection of deals on offer:

pizza street family set

Pizza Street‘s Family Set B: 2 Pizza + 1 Salad + 4 Soft Drinks (¥198)

dodo whole chicken set

DODU‘s Promotion: Whole Chicken + 4 Soft Drinks (¥320)

hop project set

The Hop Project / Co. Cheese‘s Family Set: 2 Gourmet Cheese Melts + 2 Classic Grilled Cheese + 750ml Sendero Wine (¥250)

southern barbarian set

Southern Barbarian‘s Family Set C: Stir-Fried Spicy Chicken + Braised Pork Rice Noodles + Tofu Sheet + Braised Sweet & Sour Pork Spareribs + Mashed Fava Beans + Stir-Fried Broccoli + 4 Rice (¥198)

To check out the deals near you, click on “Read more” below. Wishing you very satisfying and timely food deliveries!