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We’ve just released a Sherpa’s commercial/spoof. It’s fun, it’s sexy and it’s a Davie Gravy original but it doesn’t have a title. We’re giving away an iPhone 5 with a whopping 64GB and full AppleCare worth 6,888rmb to whoever gives us the best title for said video. It’s on Youtube at or if you’re sans VPN, you can watch it on Sohu at Give it a watch and send your clever titles as a comment to this blog post or to be fore August 15th. Most creative answer wins!

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  1. 1. We Are Sherpa
    2. Baywatch – Sherpa Style
    3. Baywatch – Sherpa Thunder in Shanghai (a play off of the Baywatch movie – ‘Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay’)
    4. Just Sherpa Me!
    5. One True Love – Sherpa
    6. Sherpa – A True Hasselhoff Story
    7. Sorry (not sorry) For Sherpaing

  2. 1, your wish is my command
    2, sexy Sherpa, sexy food
    3, excelsior
    4, challenge accepted!
    5, watch out for Sherpa, he is fast !

  3. LOVE the video, Davie. “Cutest Sherpas guy ever” ^_^

    Here are some hot video titles:

    Cray-watch: Crazy for Food!

    Spraywatch: Rain or Shine, it’s Sherpas Time!

    Chinese Foodfellas: Fighting the Good Fight

  4. Heroic act of bravery by powerful and benevolent Sherpa brings an end to hunger for glamorous young couple.

  5. Sherpa Watch
    Don’t Hassle the Sherpa
    Food Watch
    Orange Koolaid Savior
    I’ll be ready, Ready to deliver

  6. Sh*t your girlfriend says: IM HUNGRY!

    Sherpas: Your Life-Saving Garlic Naan-Peng You

    Hunger Management: David Hasselhoff to the Rescue!

  7. Hi there just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few
    of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

  8. Caption for both this and the video:

    Don鈥檛 stand in the darkness,
    Step into the light.
    With Churrrpazz on call,
    It鈥檚 gonna be alright!

    Ok, that was more of a poem than a title鈥?

    How about a classic line from Chandler (friends) about baywatch: 鈥淚 say always keep them running. All the time, running.鈥

  9. 锛?锛?11&hungry=Sherpa鈥榮
    锛?锛塰i锛孫bama锛孍veryone is looking for Sherpa鈥榮 锛

  10. The title I would give it is:
    “Hotest Delivery Guys @Sherpas meet Baywatch!”
    So call me maybe!

  11. Came across your contest, would like to name the video:

    “Sherpa’s sexy hero”

    Good job guys!

  12. Hey Sherpa!

    Loved what you do for over 5 years now. You’ve saved me over and over again.

    The name of the video should be…

    “A Friend to Feed is Our Friend Indeed”

    You’ve been a great friend feeding us all over the years.

    Thank you,

  13. Hey guys! Fantastic competition and funny commerical! I’ve compiled a top 10 list of possible titles. Keep up the great work guys!~

    1. Sherpa Rescue: The Cuisine Crusaders
    2. Sherpa Patrol: Cuisine on the Scene
    3. SherpaWatch: Help for your hunger
    4. Sherpa’s Vice: Delivery 2.0
    5. The S-Team: China’s Delivery Icons
    6. The Sher-pendables: Delivery to your Door 7. Deliver to you: It’s what we do 8. Sherpa’s Food Delivery: Professionalism, Honour & Integrity 9. Sherpa’s: Real Delivery Lifesavers 10. Sherpa’s: Forever & Always

    p.s. I wanted to post this as a comment on your blog but my computer keeps telling me your site is not safe due to malware or something. Thought it might be worth telling you guys as others might be having the same issue as me. Thanks!

  14. Hi Sherpas,

    Here are my ideas:

    1 Sherp, Sherp and Away!
    2 Sherpas Wins the Hoffularity Contest: Hassel-free food delivery!

    Fingers crossed hehehe thanks

  15. ” if you like big tits, call Sherpas!”
    if you like big tits, food and beer, call Sherpas!”
    ” if you, or someone you know likes tits, call Sherpas!”
    “big titties = Sherpas!”
    “when you think big titties, think Sherpas!”

  16. Baywatch: Sherpa edition – bu hao yi si, mei you pamala Anderson 🙁

    Baywatch: Sherpa edition – bu hao yi si, mei you David Hassel-hoff

    Keep your hands off the Hoff, Keep your paws on the poppadoms

    Sherpa Watch: Getting you OUT of sticky situations or getting you INTO sticky / delicious situations

    Sherpa Watch: The fast, efficiant and excellent service edition. Sexy Sherpa’s sold seperatly

  17. You are insane. Loved it.

    Here鈥檚 my title, and film premier visual锛歋herpawatch

    You can send the winning iphone 5 to my office. Thank you come again.

  18. Good evening! I came up with an idea after I watched this advertising video. I think it shouldn’t be long or anything complicated. We want it to be catchy for each of our customers.
    So I have two ideas to share with you.
    I would like it to name this video as” Ready? Go ! ” In Chinese” 鍒?弶澶囧ソ浜嗗悧锛熷笀鍌呰?鏉ヤ簡锛?
    Or “Dating or Delivering? In Chinese” 绾︿細涓嶆垚灏卞彨Sherpa’s.
    Hope these two would be of any use to you.
    Look forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks,

  19. Titles….

    1) It’s just rock “n’ roll, order Sherpas
    2) Sherpa never sleeps
    3) This is the art of food delivery
    4) Lazy bones always need a consistent solution: Sherpas

  20. Sherpa’s to the rescue / A Sherpa is a friend indeed / Along comes a Sherpa / Along came a Sherpa / Sherpa’s-watch / Free all the Sherpas or City-Sherpas – May carry your provisions as far as you desire

  21. Since it’s a spoof on Baywatch and the theme song used is “I’m always here”, how about:
    Sherpawatch: We’re always here

  22. “surreal service, real expectations”

    “saving the day, one order at a time”

    “get your own Pamela, we’ll do the rest”

  23. Hi there,

    This is my take on the title:

    Lamest advertisement ever! (This is why we stick to delivering food on time)

    1. Did you really think it was lame? Like, for serious? Maybe you just didn’t notice all the slow motion running? Give it another watch, you know you want to.

      Thanks for playing

      1. haha my friend just informed me about your reply, I see you deliver comments on time too.



        1. Ahh Kesang, you seem like a lot of fun. The delivery guys should be quicker, you’re right. It might be all the slow motion running. Seriously though, they’re always hiring and training more couriers, the speed issue is well noted, thanks for the feedback.

          Please don’t relate my less than quick reply to the delivery team, thankfully I have nothing to do with that department. I just make lame films for a sad world in the hopes of making a Kesang sing songs.

          Cheers to you!

          1. Well you got me singing already;) Great job with the replies a little more work on the video’s and i expect to see great things from you, Mister Gravy (Gupta???).


      1. Nice one?

        Maybe this is funny for a silly YouTube video, but it is ridiculously inappropriate and sexist for a legitimate company’s advertisement.

        Do you really think it’s “nice” to make light of using your female employees as a prostitution service?

        Your video and offensive replies to comments makes me seriously consider boycotting Sherpa’s services and advocating others to do so as well.

        Shame on you.

        1. Dear Troll,
          Haha, what? The vast majority of flesh on display is that of our sexxxxy delivery hunk Mr. Xu. And the “some” that you “get” upon delivery of Sherpas is from your loving, equal partner who is no longer cranky from soul-crushing hunger.
          A Real Feminist

  24. “Sherpa’s Delivery – Saving People from Their Needy Partners One Delivery at a Time!”

  25. Baywatch without any hotness. Just like your meal, by the time we get it to you.

    Bless you Davie!

  26. That deliver guy really looks like he’s trying to be 007, plus there’s hotttt sexy girls.
    So I would use “Mission Starvingpas’s” as the title.

  27. More of the chinese guy, he’s funny. The laowai are appalling to watch.

    I think the title should be:

    ‘Terrible at TV commercials, great at delivering food’

    Or less cynically, and specifically for this commercial as requested:

    ‘Sherpas – solve the Hasselhoff food delivery’

  28. Sherpa’s eats beats the heat.
    Sherpa’s saves you from drowning and your stomach from growling.
    Stop the discuss, order from Sherpa’s!

    “Hey! I am hungry, and this is crazy, but here’s my order, deliver maybe?”

    There are 3 S’s in life,
    Select, Sherpa’s and Sunny
    You must S elect S herpa’s or you life will never be S unny.

    When I’m sad, I stop being sad and order Sherpa’s instead.

    We live in an age where Sherpa’s gets to your home before the police.

  29. crank that sherpa boy
    when hunger attacks
    the fearless sherpa’s delivery or: pardon me but your food is on your door
    one call, big belly

  30. My ideas for the title are:

    SherpaSquad to the Rescue (of extremely hungry women)
    Hes fast, he’s sunny, He’s SHERPA
    Don’t Worry, Order Sherpa
    Sherp Party
    SherpaSoliders: Here to Serve You

    Okay! Those are my ideas! Thanks for reading, David Hasselholf! =)

  31. Dear Sherpas,

    I’ve got a couple of entries for your name-the-video contest:

    “Sherp’s up!”

    “Dialing a life line”

    “Rescue in red!

    All the best,

    Fintan Monaghan

  32. ok i watcher the video/spoof/ad whatever it is.
    it funny
    its nice
    So the title it’d give it is plain and simple yet sticky and undeniably recognizable:
    “Sherpa’s Time”

    Hope you like it! (so I can win the competition hehe)=

  33. Your iPhone is mine, your video title: “Forever and always, Sherpa’s always here”.

    Cheers to Jimmy Wayne Jamison – I’m always here.


  34. HI guys! GREAT Service you provide for us is Shanghai.




  35. Dear Sherpa’s Team,

    Here are my proposals:

    1. Sherpa’s – We feed the City.

    3. Sherpa’s – Urban lifeguards for each appetite.

  36. Hi Sherpas,

    Here’s my title: “Sherpas Delivery: Xu Xue Zhuan, Journey to the West”


  37. 鈥淪herpa and the Hoff: a Love Story in China鈥?
    鈥淭he Sherpa Games: Calling Hoff鈥?
    鈥淪herpa鈥檚 Always Here鈥

  38. I think it should be called ” introduce me to the girl in the red bathing suit on the right” CHERRRRPAZZZZ!=

  39. Hi Sherpa folks,

    My title to that fun video is — Food: Just a couple of boing boing away

    Keep up the fun/humor stuff and great service. 🙂



  40. 1) Sherpas – Will rescue you faster than David Hasselhoff (/The Hoff)

    2) Sherpa’s – Faster than the Hoff

    3) Sherpa’s the movie

  41. Here are a few title ideas:

    Sherpa’s: Rescuing dinner one delivery at a time.

    SHRPS: What Can Orange Do For You?

    Sherpa’s delivery drivers: They Keep Going and Going and Going…

    It’s Not Food Delivery. It’s Sherpa’s.

    Sherpa’s. It’s What’s For Dinner.

    Got Sherpa’s?

  42. Great Commercial, Thanks For Making Us Laugh!
    Here Are My Ideas…..

    1: Sherpa’s- They’re Sexy And They Know It!

    2: Drowning In Hunger? Sherpa’s Will Save You!

    3: Sherpa’s- Hot & Spicy… And Food’s Good Too!

  43. Hahaha Great video Guys !!

    My suggestions :

    – God bless Sherpa’s

    – Sherpa’s : Every second counts !

    – You are the Sherpaest !

    – Sherpa’s : A man’s best friend

    – Better than a booty call ? Call Sherpa’s !

    – Sherpa’s : Now that’s better

  44. Hey Sherpas,

    Here are two submissions for the video’s tagline & iPhone 5:

    Baywatch Shanghai: Hunger Calls

    Baywatch Shanghai: Nan Craving


  45. Here are a few video titles for your enjoyment…

    Call me Sherpalicious

    Hungry Games

    Lunchtime Legend

    Great Food – No Hasslehoff

  46. SHERPA’S: China’s SECRET recipe
    China’s SECRET recipe

    Just SHERPA’S
    Simply SHERPA’S

    SHERPA’S: You CRAVE it, we DELIVER it
    SHERPA’S: You WANT it, we GOT it



  47. Very nice commercial, my clever title would be….

    ‘Sherpas food delivery – Chinawatch since 1999…don’t hassle the hoff’

  48. Video title:

    1) Taking the hassle off of dinner ordering.

    2) Sherpa’s saving time, relationships and lives.

    3) Cute delivery guy, keep your Sherpa shirt on.

    4) Ordering food? Keep your shirt on and we promise our delivery guys will too.

  49. Hi. Maybe people wrote many titles but here’s the best one: ‘Sherpa saves lifes! Save yours with a call!’

    🙂 original

  50. Sherpa – Your way!
    Sherpa – We’ve got the beef!
    Have it the “Sherp” way
    Have it Sherpa’s way
    Sherpa Satisfies
    Hot and Fast!
    Sherpa – Dish it out
    Sherpa – Dish it out and take it

  51. Love the video! Love Sherpa’s service!
    Here are my entries:
    1. Sherpa’s Food Watch
    2. Get Your Sherpa’s Started
    3. Run Sherpa’s Run!
    4. Sherpa’s: So You Think Baywatch is Lifesaving?
    5 Sherpa’s Redemption
    6. Sherpa’s On a Date!

  52. “Sherpa’s…delivering and feeding families one day at a time. No matter what challenges stands in our drivers way.”

  53. Im a big fan of Sherpa. I cant see my self surviving in Suzhou and Shanghai without Sherpa.
    I came accross this announcement about the “video titling game”. I watched the video. Its a wow. Really amazing.

    After looking at some of the entries, I decided to send mine.

    CHOW – means food
    Watch – coming from where the video was patterned (baywatch)

    Underneath CHOWATCH “by SHERPA”

    Hope you like it.

  54. Entries:

    A Day in the Life of a Sherpa’s Courier
    Without Sherpa’s, Life Would be a Beach
    Food Delivery Baywatch-Parody? Nailed it.

  55. I recommend the title
    “Papa Sherpas, I’m hungary!”(Sherpas鐖哥埜锛屾垜楗夸簡锛侊級

  56. Hello,

    I hope you guys enjoy my titles. Thanks for getting me some since 2011. 🙂

    Sherpa鈥檚: Ding Dong Happiness
    Sherpa鈥檚: Ding Dong Happiness鈥?It鈥檚 Sooo Easy, Order Now!
    Sherpa鈥檚: Ding Dong Happiness鈥?I鈥檓 Easy
    Sherpa鈥檚: Ding Dong Happiness鈥?eaving smiles every time (I/we) come
    Sherpa鈥檚: Ding Dong Happiness鈥?I/we) come, you smile every time
    Sherpa鈥檚: Ding Dong Happiness鈥?on鈥檛 be shy, call our hotline!

    Sherpa鈥檚: Ding Dong Dine, Tonight!
    Sherpa鈥檚: Ding Dong Dining

    Sherpa鈥檚: Keeping couples together since (year that Sherpa鈥檚 blessed us all)
    Sherpa鈥檚: Keeping relationships strong since (year that Sherpa鈥檚 blessed us all)
    Sherpa鈥檚: Getting you some since (year that Sherpa鈥檚 was established) (飪烮鈥檓 talking about food satisfaction here, not the extra action you鈥檒l be getting tonight for feeding your starving gf or bf) 😉 winky winky.

    Sherpa鈥檚: Secret Diary of a Call Boy (July 22, 2013 鈥?The Day I Thought I was the Hoff)
    Sherpa鈥檚: (I/we) make you happy long time
    Sherpa鈥檚: Happiness every time (I/we) come
    Sherpa鈥檚: You鈥檙e happy when I come
    Sherpa鈥檚: I鈥檓 Easy, Order Now
    Sherpa鈥檚: I鈥檓 Easy and You Know It. Call Today!
    Sherpa鈥檚: You鈥檙e Happy and You Know It

    Sherpa鈥檚: The Adventures of Sherpa Boy (This type of title will allow for future campaign ideas and consumer participation. For example, let us know what Sherpa Boy has been up to鈥?
    鈥? Sherpa鈥檚: The Adventures of Sherpa Boy 鈥?The Day I thought I was the Hoff (Episode 1)

    Sherpa鈥檚: We deliver more than just food.

  57. Hi Sherpas,

    Below is my bi-lingual and fun submission to show the sometimes comical, other times frustrating affects of living/working in Shanghai/China.

    Title: BA Yue WA Tao CHi or 鍏?湀鎴戞窐鍚?(In August I Seek Food)

    If you have a few minutes, I will explain how this title came about…
    This title comes about from an accidental attempt to Google for “Baywatch” after watching this Sherpas video. I was inspired by this Sherpas fun video to search Google and refresh myself with the old Baywatch starting video.

    While Google-ing that, I did not notice that I left my keyboard in Pinyin entry mode, and as I accidentally typed “Baywatch” with the Google Simplified-Chinese Pinyin application turned-on, the Chinese characters came out as “鍏?湀琚滃?鍚?.

    While hilarious, the meaning is a bit strange when taken literally, i.e.:-
    In August Sock Set Eat
    I tweaked this to a more meaningful “鍏?湀鎴戞窐鍚?. Similar intonation, with better meaning,
    In August I Search for Food

    🙂 Hope you like this dual lingual title that has fun meanings in both EN and CN.

    Cheers + best regards

    PS: Maybe you can create even more fun videos for 涔濇湀 and 鍗佹湀 too? 😉

  58. Frankly, this video is highly offensive and xenophobic.

    What was the point of the man threatening to burn the couch and the woman’s mother? And, is the message that Sherpa’s inexplicably resolves potential domestic violence with timely food delivery?

    This is NOT funny, and the creator of this video does not understand laowai or Western culture/mores AT ALL.

    Also, did Sherpa’s legal department obtain licensing rights to use Baywatch music, David Hasselhoff’s image, etc.? There are serious questions about trademark and copyright violations here.

    I think that the appropriate legal representatives holding rights to the material subject to intellectual property protections should be notified about possible IP transgressions.

    1. First of all, nobody really cares about your title or whatever (everyone on the internet is gonna smash it anyway), and even “intellectual” people (by your standards) have more say, it’s a PARODY. Parody makers such as barelypolitical/bartbaker/blahblahblah, all use music from other music videos to add to their own videos.
      It’s not for a profit or anything, so why not? It leaves more people with laughs and some might even want to watch bayside music.

    2. Good luck with your lawsuit representing the person who owns the rights to TV show from the 1990s, especially here in China.

      Oh, btw, on the internet I can be a IP attorney too: Hey look everybody! I’m a copyright lawyer!

      Go troll elsewhere American Flower.

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